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Fab Advice – Edition #3




QUESTION #1:  I am in an ever-waging battle against my inventory.  I try to keep the numbers as low as possible.  However, I love mesh clothes.  Since mesh clothing items typically come with at least 5 different sizes, I’m stuck about what to do with the sizes I don’t wear.  So I wondered what everyone does.  Do you stick them in a box and forget about them?  Do you lug them around in your inventory?  Or do you just delete the sizes you don’t need?

Love Says:  My inventory is actually not as bad as one would think…  I am at about 36,000 items now, but that isn’t too terribly bad considering the amount of items that I receive or pick up in a day.  I try to take a little bit of time each day to delete.  In regards to mesh sizing packs, I keep all of the sizes just in case I decide to change my shape, which is a little silly since I really haven’t changed my body shape all that much in three years lol, but you never know!  I really, really appreciate those shops that have HUDS that hold all of the clothing sizes and colours.  That puts one item in my inventory instead of 25 at a time!

Serena Says:  Honestly, I am not the person to give advice on this subject! My inventory is currently bulging at over 80K items… down from over 100K after I emptied the trash for the first time ever! I’m basically a hoarder and save everything because, you just never know when you’ll want to be a size XXL or XXXXXS, right? So my answer would be that I do nothing and my inventory is out of control. I wish I could be of more help!

Care Says:  I’ll be honest, I am probably the LAST person one should ask about inventory issues… I delete roughly 1000 items a day and still have an inventory +/- 130K.  As for these extra mesh sizes, I just tend to keep everything I “wear”….

Satu Says: I am horrible about cleaning out my inventory if I don’t sort things right away, especially hunt prizes. After doing a hunt, I look through what I have collected, and make myself do the keep or toss before even filing things away. I have gotten better as time has gone on about feeling the need to keep things “in case I will need them later.”  I will admit that I keep the spare sizes of mesh clothing items just in case I decide to wear a different shape. I rarely if ever box up anything, I do however set aside a day occasionally to purge my inventory of things I no longer want, and no longer see myself wearing.  If boxing things works for you, I would say label the box with the date. In a few months to a year, you can look through the items in the box and decide again if they are something you want to keep. If they don’t seem to be something you’d feel like wearing again, I would say that is a good time to delete them, or recycle them to help new players if they happen to be transferable.


QUESTION #2: Hello Fabs and Frees! A friend and I are doing an experiment in our Second Life and I need some assistance in finding some goodies!  What we’re wanting to do is create realistic avatars – based off of ourselves. As interesting as this will be, it has been very difficult for me to find what I need.  I am overweight in RL and when I would browse the Marketplace all I find are grotesque avatars that I feel are leaning more towards the fetishism of BBW.

I do not wish to roam in one of these avatars.

So I come asking, where would (if you know) I find an overweight (or chubby if none is applicable) avatar shape – AND skin!  I don’t have the taut belly lines so why use my LAQ skin, right? – for females? I already know about RUBY’S but I wasn’t sure if there was anything else out there. ((If you know of a place for overweight males, too, let me know please!))

Care Says:  I would say Aeva – Heartsick does a good job with this line.  By Snow has a couple cute shapes. But…. my advice on this would… find a modifiable shape that you like the FACE on….. then play with the sliders…. Body Thickness – Leg Muscle, Hop Width, butt Size, Saddle Bags,  Torso Muscles, etc. This is YOUR shape…. find a face that makes you feel like the “YOU” you wanna be, and work the sliders to how you want to look.  It literally took me years to get Caresia how I want her…. and thank god with the evolution of mesh comes the end of standard sizes so you can be who and what you want to be…

Satu Says:  The best thing to do is to find a shape with a face that you find pleasing, one that seems to look nice with the skin makers whose skins you enjoy wearing. Most of the time it is easier to modify a shape to suit your needs than to find one that is exactly what you are looking for. Make sure that the shape you get has both modify and copy permissions. Everyone has their own style, and it is great that we can have a great variety of looks and not be cookie cutter images of one another.  Once you have your desired face shape, make a copy of the shape, and just start experimenting. Proportion is the number one thing to keep in mind. Most importantly always keep a copy of the original shape untouched as it came. That way if you mess up, you can always make another copy and start over again. Curvier avatars look better when they are done on the shorter side height wise, especially if you still wish to be able to easily wear mesh clothing. Pay attention to details such as the belly size, body fat, and adjust accordingly. Curvier girls are going to usually have a fuller bust, thicker legs and hips, and a little more junk in the trunk, but the key is not to over-exaggerate those “assets.” Practice, tweak and practice some more.  I don’t have much advice to give on finding a shape maker, because I have always made my own, and over time my avatar keeps evolving, and changing as I learn more and fashions change. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and experiment those things are as important here as they are in the real world for learning.


QUESTION #3:  First of all: thank you and your fellow bloggers for this awesome work on the blog. I read regularly since I joined SL years ago. I have a few alts – and one of them is always in fabfree. You guys are great!

Since 2009, a lot has changed. But lately I realised that many noobs wearing old avatars that are not outdated and not modifiable. Those I asked claimed to have bought those freebies from marketplace for a few L$s. Even if is not that much money, it is unnecessary. I feel betrayed on their behalf. Even if you search for items that are added recently, the old freebies show up for few L$s. So not fair!  They do not know better. Maybe you could blog the difference between those old freebies (also there is a lot of hair around and clothes, too!) and newer ones.

With all those hoaxes going around, I do not even give out your landmarks to the headquarter no more, but tp in all my alts around there.

It’s a shame that the deeds meant once for good are now seen as a suspicious act containing possibly a hoax… I include myself in the group of suspicious people!

You guys rock!

Serena Says:  Hello, and thank you for your kind words about the blog! 🙂  When I was new and finally figured out there was more to SLife than what was in my Linden Library, I also wore freebies – many of them old – from the Marketplace. I had no clue about in-world stores or shopping, and thought the Marketplace was the ONLY place to get new clothes. My guess is that many other new residents think the same thing. Unless one has the time and interest in updating one’s look, they’re probably not going to take the time to find out. As for hoaxes going around, one can never be too careful. Never click on a link unless you know and trust the person who sent it to you. You’re wise to be cautious!

Satu Says:  I remember long long ago when I first came to SL, being sent to may of those god awful freebie islands. I didn’t know at the time that most of the stuff they gave away or sold was likely copybotted mall in a box stuff. I do remember most of it was awful, and cheezy and it always makes me cringe when I still see new players wearing those same outfits and horrible burnt orange looking skins, because there is no need for it.  Second life has many wonderful and generous designers, and blogs like this one that there really isn’t need for those awful old “freebies.” I rarely buy even inexpensive things off marketplace unless I know the seller is legitimate and has an in-world presence. Marketplace makes it far too easy for copybotters to re-sell stolen designs to unsuspecting customers. If you want to help new players avoid those kinds of pitfalls, the best thing to do is befriend them. Link them to blogs, take them to your favorite places, such as FabFree Headquarters, and in world stores that offer good free and low cost things. I know many new players have told me the worst thing about being new here is the fact that hardly anyone befriends them at first. I am still friends with two of the people I met on my very first day. Do your best to be someone else’s good memory.


QUESTION #4:  I am a four month resident and I LUV your blog.  You have filled up my inventory for free.  \o/ My question for you is: How do I earn Lindens here because I do not have a credit card to buy them.  Sometimes you show gifts that require join fees, or dollarbies.  I want them too.  Thankyou!

Love Says:  I did have paying jobs in the past…  I was a store model, and also a dancer/hostess at one time, but after a while I got to thinking…  You know… I could spend hours and hours, several times a week dancing at a club, or hosting events, and I would come away with a few hundred lindens, or I could just work an extra hour a week at my RL job, and budget myself a weekly allotment.  This freed up a lot of my time in SL for blogging 🙂  I do use a credit card to purchase my lindens, however you can pay cash for a prepaid credit card (I have seen them at Walmart, etc), or even use your bank account funds through paypal.

Serena Says:  I can’t say that I’ve earned many Lindens in SL, so I’m no expert, but here’s the Second Life Wiki with some advice on this topic: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/How_to_Earn_Linden_Dollars_in_Second_Life.

Care Says:   Couple of ways to earn Lindens. I know when I started I refused to put in my credit card information.  I ended up working as a model in one of the stores since I was online anyways.  It gave me some lindens as well as allowed me to meet people.  I know you can find many jobs like that in SL to pick up some lindens.  When I first made an ALT, I wondered about those Money Trees by Wolfhaven Productions… so I ran around to different ones around the grid and “picked” lindens off the tree.  Money Trees Money Trees were created by Wolfhaven Productions and allow players to earn linden by plucking dollar bills and other game items from trees that are planted in sims all around the grid. There is a HUD you can wear to tell you where to find new trees. However, many trees are age-limited, so only very new players can use them.  (as per the Wiki site – http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/How_to_Earn_Linden_Dollars_in_Second_Life)

Nowadays I keep a card with an allowance for myself each month on it.  (Mine is a greencard visa that I picked up at some convenience store), it allows me to have lindens during the month, but keeps me in check as to how much I allow myself to spend… *laughs* I know… I am like a child.. but Hey, I have a shopping fetish ❤

Satu Says:  There are a few ways to earn Linden Dollars legitimately. Probably the most common is to get ye olde “SL Job.” You can work as a host at a club, a DJ, or as a store model, and the modeling jobs can sometimes also come with free things the store owners will pay you as compensation. SL jobs however are notorious for low pay unless you get very very lucky working at job that pays tips. If you go this route be prepared to put a lot of time into it, and make sure the job is in a place you would enjoy being. I would not suggest accepting adult related employment unless you feel it is right for you, and any real life partner you may have is alright with it.

That being said, there are other ways besides a credit card to purchase Lindens. Paypal is also accepted, as are most non-prepaid debit cards that are linked to checking accounts. I hope this helps.


For more information – see THIS POST.

How to send in a request:  Name your Notecard “Fab Advice Request”, and send it to LOVE TRILL (who will never share your personal details, promise!)

** Note – Names have been XXXed out, and small edits were made to protect privacy.

Author: Love Trill

Hey, :) I'm Love and have been a resident in SecondLife since March of 2010. I love to shop and explore in SL - and share my adventures with you! I am currently blogging at Fabulously Free in SL and on my personal blog - Slovesadventures

6 thoughts on “Fab Advice – Edition #3

  1. Question number two: Ruby Sklins


  2. Hi!

    There is another way to earn linden, but it requires time and patience and maybe even a bit of junk mail, unless they stopped doing that.


    It’s a site that uses surveys as a method of earning Linden – plus it is legit – I used it in my EARLY Second Life days to buy a LAQ skin and shape combo. 🙂


  3. I’d like to contribute with my 2 cents 🙂

    #1: I box the sizes I don’t need, but I keep them, because I agree that I never know. So usually I have only 3 items per mesh outfit: my size, the alpha layer and the box with the extra sizes (this can be the original box too, if it came boxed).

    #3: I agree. I begun with people taking me to those old freebie malls. Most of that stuff is fairy obsolete now and you could get much better clothes for free elsewhere. Then I discovered the market: there are some nice freebies there too, it depends. The best thing was when I found out about hunts and blogs like this one (which is sill one of my favorites BTW). That helped me to know new shops, and I came back in some of them later, to buy their products, when I started to have some L$ in my pocket.

    #4: When I needed just few L$ I used to go to follow traffic enhancers (cones, xploders, treasure chest etc), where they give you few L$ (1 to 10, usually, a bit more with the xploders) for visit a place and/or to stay there for few minutes. In that way I discovered new places too, so it was a win/win scenario to me. Another way was to go to clubs, where there are clothing contests. It was fun, if you like to play with clothes and you liked the music, while you had a chance to win a prize. Nowadays most of those are exploited, as anyone comes there with a “vote partner”, so nobody will vote for you, unless you come with a friend, but everyone would win a share anyway, so it is not too bad. It is about 10-100 L$ per 2 hours, usually.
    I tried some job too, but it is true that you can get only few L$ per hour. You can also start your own shop, but unless you are very skilled and very lucky, don’t expect too much, among brands that are well established for many years.
    So the above worths your time only if you have some fun in doing that at least, else I think you would invest your time better in a RL job to pay your SL.


  4. Well I was completely a day behind myself and thought it was Thursday so I didnt get my answers in to be able to respond on the actual post! I have been completely lost with the days this week! However here are my responses!

    #1… I always box up the sizes of things I don’t use and I also make sure to make a copy of the size I do use and put it in the same box so I always have a back up. I make sure to label things fully with the name of the store and the name of the item. I do the same with old furniture, old buildings, old landscaping stuff.. infact everything I don’t currently use is boxed up and put in a seperate folder named “Boxed Stuffs”. I also make sure to go through everything once every couple of months to see if anything needs deleting and I remember to empty my trash once a week at least.

    #2… I agree with Caresia, Aeva Heartsick do some really great curvy and plus size shapes and I would highly recommend them. Their shapes are all modifyable too so you can play about with what they have already achieved to see what you can make. It is difficult to make a truely plush size shape as the mesh goes all angular and weird and there isn’t such a thing as making flesh rolls so you end up with just a strange shape instead of an attractive fluffy one. As for skins, the best thing to do is to look for skin makers who do softer shaded tummies. I know Essences has tummys like that and so they might be good to try out.

    #3… It is unfortunate that copybotters and people who have stolen other peoples creations use Marketplace to sell them on. If you are a newbie then you probably won’t be savvy to this.. it is also unfortunate that because of this, alot of Marketplace sellers get overlooked because people mistrust them due to them only having a Marketplace presence due to opening a place in world being too expensive for someone who is just starting out. The good thing about the FabFree HQ is that the stores are vetted by people with alot of experience on spotting stolen items before they are allowed to become designers and offer an item in the HQ, so you know that the Freebies in there are from trusted creators! Also as writers we are very vigilant on blogging only legitimate content so you can trust the finds we write about!

    #4… I know several friends who have jobs as dancers or DJ’s or who host at clubs. One of my friends has been a store model before but they were paid with items from the store rather than Lindens. I know some clubs have contests where you have to dress in theme and then other people vote for you.. the winners then get the cash prize. The only other ways I know of are if you are able to start your own store.. but then this can take along time to get noticed and get any kind of return from the investment made to start up with land fees etc. Personally, I have always allocated myself a weekly allowance from my RL money and then used a prepaid credit card attached PayPal to transfer funds.


  5. I hate those giant freebie places filled with copybotted and old crap. I volunteer at New Citizen’s Inc, where a lot of new residents come their first time in world. “Where can I get new clothes?” is a very common question so I made Rowan’s Guide to Freebies and Cheapies. It’s a notecard with landmarks and hints and even a link to the FabFree HQ and blog. It’s copy and trans and I love passing it out. Just give me a yell in world Rowan Carroll and I’ll pass it over to you. I also have notecards on how to get a job and other basic skills.


  6. #2 – Pink Fuel actually has a stomach tattoo for “Curvier” girls that works with their skins. Might be something to check out.

    #4 – I just wanted to comment about this because of personal experience. I recently got what was called a Vanilla pre-paid Mastercard and I was unable to purchase linden with it. I even called their customer service line and was told that they do not take that form of payment. So just be careful about prepaids. If you can link your bank account to a Paypal account that is the easiest way to purchase, in my experience.