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Love’s Photo Challenge Entry – #4 – Then vs. Now


If you haven’t been to Somnia lately, make sure you stop in and take a walk up the stairs as there are two very long rows of lucky boards with new releases as prizes.  They have a two minute turn over, and there are a ton of wildcards!  I was lucky enough to snag the Oh La La Sweater last night.  The jeans I am wearing along with the sweater are Cynful’s Skinny Jeans in Stripes Blue.  This was available at the last round of The Dressing Room Fusion as Tiana showed them in her post (here).  They are no longer available at TDRF, but may be available at the Cynful Mainstore.

I am going to hijack this post and show you my FabFree Photo Challenge #4 Entry for Then vs. Now.  I had a hard time coming up with old photos, as I try to delete all of that old stuff, in order to make room for the daily flood of incoming inventory, but I found an old photo in my Facebook account.  I need to apologize straight off for the horrible photo quality lol.  Fortunately my SL photo skills have improved somewhat over time too.

Love’s Photo Challenge Entry – #4 – Then vs. Now

When I look back at my old photos, I think… “That girl looks like trouble!”.  It was a different time, and place in my SLife.  Back then my avatar was a whole different woman.  She was new to Second Life and explored all kinds of avenues.  At one point she was even a dancer at a club, and a lingerie model.  I think after I found blogging, I became an avatar that is much more a reflection of my real self.

If you would like to participate in this challenge, you can find more information at THIS LINK.

Love is wearing…

Skin – PXL Creations Sophia
Eyes – IKON Ardent Eyes Glass
Hair – Truth  Coral 2
Hands by Slink
Shirt – Somnia Oh La La Sweater (free / 0L / lucky board)
Jeans – Cynful Skinny Jeans Stripes Blue (previous TDRF)
Boots – Intrepid Winged Sneaker Heels
Some poses were provided by Glitterati
Sim – Bonne Chance


FabFree Designer of The Day – 01/17/14 – Park Place Home Decor

[Park Place] FabFree Designer of The day

Park Place Home Décor City Chic Mesh Cabinet with Accessories (10L) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Loring%20Park%20Place/42/107/31

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Photos are work of the designers.**


Fab Advice – Edition #2



QUESTION #1:  I currently joined a role play sim that is a Post-Apocalyptic sim. I have scoured marketplace as well as looked in-world and I am having no luck in finding appropriate attire. Any suggestions on Post-Apoc type clothing and gear?

Serena Says:  Honestly, I’m not very familiar with designers of this type of fashion. The closest I’ve come is Steampunk and maybe a little goth. I tried Googling the topic, and found several places to RP, but not really any places for fashion. Hopefully one of our other bloggers will have a better answer!

Care Says:  I think quite a bit of that Post-Apoc gear comes from different spots because when you think about it, it’s going to be a mix of old and new.. pretty much whatever you can use to protect yourself from the elements.  I tend to get some leather goods from GRAVES and maybe hit up TONK as well… Might also be able to hit up some of the Steampunk merchants to see what you can dig up there.   with RP there is always that element of fantasy… so find the you you want to play, and work it 😉

Pru Says:  I just scored a cool pair of goggles for $50 lindens at the Oh My Gacha Event. Goggles are very cool for post-apoc. role-play in my opinion. The goggles are from The Forge. I’ve also seen cool boots and armor at Dirty Lynx. I hope that helps!

Tiana Says:  I think it might be more of a case of having to put together clothing from seperates that might at first glance not look very Post Apoc. I used to wear Post Apoc clothing a few years ago
and used to RP in the Wastelands.. there was certainly more clothing in that theme back then than now so maybe it is also that fashions have changed that make it a little more difficult to find. Try places such as F.A.D, Corvus, Razor, Revolt, Grim Bros, Contraption, Death Row Designs, Bytegang Worlds, Xeno Cyber Wear, TonkTastic. Hopefully those will be a good start for you!


QUESTION #2:  Hello! I’m actually quite excited you are answering questions. You have such great taste that I’ve always wanted to ask you all for advice!  Believe it or not, I escaped the gacha craze until recently, but then I went to The Arcade and caught the bug there.  I fell in love with that flour-covered  bakers table (Happy Baker) from Pixel Mode.  I plugged that machine full of my money but I never got the coveted table.  Now I have five Egg Bowls, 4 sets of Wisks etc and even a handful of the rare Pastry Bag with Gingy BUT NO TABLE!  What does a Fabulous Gacha Addict do when you’ve got mulitples of items but not the coveted rare piece?

Love Says:  Gachas can be so much fun, addicting and frustrating all at the same time!  I am sure the other bloggers will tell you that there are several yard sales, and groups available in SL.  I would personally suggest doing a search inworld for “gacha yard sale” in places and “gacha” in groups.  One thing I need to stress about yard sales lol…  When I started going to yard sales, I was so excited that I could purchase these items without trying 10 times to get the right colour, that I was running from table to table snatching up everything in my colour…  and… realized after about 7-8 items that I forgot to “take them”!  After you purchase an item at a Gacha Yard Sale, you must physically take it into your inventory – it won’t be auto sent lol.  Good luck finding that elusive piece!  If all else fails contact the creator and see if they can help.

Serena Says: I think most people take their extra items to one of the gacha yard sales to sell them. There are many, MANY of these around the grid, and a few even stay open after the gacha events are closed. The biggest, always-open yard sale I know of is The Red Barn. Be warned that people who sell rare items often raise the prices significantly, so if you reeeeeally want an item, be prepared to pay for it!

Care Says:   Gachaing…. Let me tell you… I have the WORST luck when it comes to gacha’s…. thus why me and the yard sales are such good friends… I know that the rares tend to be put up at higher prices there, but yeah, knowing what I go through to get which one I want, I am probably spending about that anyways. here are a few SURLS for some of the yard sales I hit up after I spend some of my well earned Lindens trying myself..




I’m pretty sure there are most composite lists out there.. these are just some I hit up often ❤

Pru Says:  There is an awesome group called ” Gacha Addicts Trade and Chat ” The group is free to join and the people there are true gacha enthusiasts looking to trade and or sell their gacha extras. Some members even have shops specifically for selling their spare gacha prizes. I’ve traded within this group before and had great success.

Nanny Says:  There are places where you can exchange your gatcha prizes, maybe in the The Arcade group you can ask where is the place for that specific event.

Tiana Says:  I usually either give multiples out to friends or play swapsies with other people at the events.  If I don’t have the rare piece, I do often scour the Yard Sales to see if I can find them. The rares are often priced higher to buy outright at a Yard sale but then if you consider how much that person may have fed the gacha and indeed how much YOU might feed the gacha to get the item, its not surprising it is priced higher to buy from a Yard Sale!


QUESTION #3:  Thank you for taking my question.  I am new to SecondLife and when I joined someone sent me a notecard filled with boxes of hair from XXX Hair store.  I was excited and shared it with a new friend who yelled at me and said it was stolen and not to wear it or share it.  Is this true?

Love Says:  I believe I have been passed that very notecard a few times over my time in SL, and most by people who had no idea they were stolen items.  It contained several stolen hair styles from a few different popular hair creators as well as a few ripped skins and a couple of AOs.  I knew that it was stolen when I received it, and contacted as many of the creators involved as I could, before deleting.   Unfortunately there are means to copy content in Second Life, and there are residents willing to take advantage of those means.  We just need to do our best to inform others and keep the stolen content from being passed on.  There really is no need to use this stolen content, as the very same creators that are being ripped often offer free gifts which we can wear guilt free.  That’s what we are here for – to help you find those fabulous free items!

Serena Says:  Well, if I heard that XXX Hair Store – or any other store/designer – was selling copybotted/stolen items, I would Google it, and see if there was any chatter about it. Typically, once word of something like this gets out, it spreads like wildfire among other designers and bloggers, so someone, somewhere, is bound to have posted about it. Did your friend tell you where she found out about XXX selling stolen hair?

Care Says:  I swear this box of old hair has been out there since I started the game… there are soooo many places for you to pick up free hair now whether it be hunts or group gifts or lucky boards, or subscriber gifts…. Do yourself a favor, chuck the box and give your friend the link to our site or any of the other great Freebie sites for the grid.  They will appreciate it, and you will feel like a winner.  Also,  If you find someplace that you know always gives out great “goodies”, make a folder in your inventory and name it “Great Newbie Spots” and when you meet someone  you want to help out, hand the folder while telling them about all the wonderful stuff you would while exploring the wonders of SL ❤

Pru Says:  More than likely, it is true. Sadly there are people out there who would take advantage of new-comers. If it seems too good to be true like a box of completely free, really awesome looking hair, it probably is “stolen”. Not to fret, I’d just delete the hairs.

Nanny Says:  Usually when you are new people send you bunch of stuff, but yes some of them are copyboted. Anyway if Linden Lab knows about a copyboted item they delete them from your inventory. It’s better not to share or wear them, you can find tons of free hair available, personally I don’t like copyboted items, designers put a lot of effort doing their stuff and it’s not right for them to people copy their items.

Tiana Says:  There has been alot of instances through the years in SL that people have copybotted both skins and hair and put them in huge boxes as full perms and then sent them out into SL for people to pass around. Most of the time new players arent aware that they are stolen when they are given to them by people who are trying to be helpful, so new people get confused when they are told  not to wear it or to share it.. Of course the people giving the items to you might not even know or understand the concept of stolen or copybotted items.. or they may not care. However, your friend is correct to tell you not to wear or share these items as it  is damaging to the content creators in SL who work tirelessly to provide us with amazing items for our avatars.. we should honour and support them by only going to them to get their creations, whether they be free or whether we purchase items from them! This is the best way to assure people continue to create in SL and make it an amazing place to be! Besides there is certainly enough freebies, hunt items and discounted items around that no one NEEDS to wear stolen items!


QUESTION #4:  I have been dating a man in SL for five months now, and it has been going swimmingly.  We have moved in together and are talking about getting partnered.  After a messy RL break up I had last year, it was a blessing to find joy again.  A friend of mine told me last week that she thinks he has several other alts that I don’t know about, and is dating with one or two of them.  My friend thinks I should be upset that he is “cheating” on me, but I am not so sure he is if he is using a different avatar.  What do you think?

Love Says:  This is a tough one for me to answer because really… It’s up to the two of you to make the “rules of your relationship”.  I need rules in a relationship (lol, actually I like rules everywhere!).   I need the lines of communication to be completely open and upfront regarding what is ok, and what is not ok.  That goes for  both sides too, so I know what I can expect of him, and what he is expecting of me.  good luck  🙂

Serena Says:  I’m married in RL, and stay far, far away from SL romance and drama. That said, if you care enough about a man to move in with him and consider making your relationship more permanent, then you should feel comfortable enough to ask him if he’s being true to you. Just like in RL, whether or not you believe his answer is ultimately your decision, and you have to live with the consequences. Hearts do get broken in SL.

Care Says:  Like with any relationship whether it be online or in the real world, there is always that element of trust.  If you are uncomfortable or feel something is going on, you have to be able to talk about it freely with the one you care about.  In the end your friend is trying to look out for your best interest, as you would hers… if you are happy be happy…  Honestly I can’t judge anyone else’s relationship all I can do is hope that you find the nurturing and compassion that you need for you. ❤

Pru Says:  Dating in SL is a touchy subject in my experience. Second Life and Real Life while obviously related, often hold very different rules. My advice would be to talk to your boyfriend, find out from him if he has alts and is or plans on dating others. If it is true, and he admits to it, then the two of you need to discuss what is and is not acceptable Second Life behavior between the two of you. It really is a personal decision. Be clear about what you expect and what he can expect from you. There are lots of valid arguments that could go either way to say “yes he is cheating” or “no he is not”. Ultimately clear honest open communication is the key here.

Nanny Says:  If you have a relationship in SL, it is better to not to listen to other people and enjoy your relationship as it is. Remember this is Second Life and personally I think most of us come here to do what we cannot do in RL.

Tiana Says:  I think you should ask her to provide more information and not make any decisions until you have more to go on. Unfortunately in SL, some friends do not always have our best intentions at heart. Is it possible that she likes your partner and is seeking to rock the boat with hopes you may break up? What does your gut say to you? Personally I would seek to find out more on what HER suspicions are based on before confronting your partner.


QUESTION #5:  This may be a silly question, but I am curious. What do you bloggers do in SL when you aren’t blogging?

Love Says:  I am almost always blogging when I am online, but there is a lot more work involved in keeping FabFree organized.  I am either visiting new stores for designer approval, or helping people at FabFree Headquarters.  If I am taking some time for myself, you might find me zoning out in a coconut tree somewhere, looking for new sims to take pictures at or… out shopping, because I am a huge shop-a-holic.

Serena Says:  Lol, when I’m not blogging (or preparing to blog), I’m usually shopping for new stuff to blog. Or decorating one of my houses. Or shopping for houses. Or shopping for stuff to put in my houses. It’s true: I have a little-known home decorating addiction in SL, probably because I love having a place to escape to that isn’t decorated in LEGOs and My Little Ponies!

Care Says:  When I’m not blogging, I am usually on the hunt for something TO blog… or I’m doing a hunt, or working on the business end of my own store.  I’ve recently started designing so I spend quite a bit of time in Blender and bounce back and forth from my sand box to my house.  I will say that I really love exploring Art Exhibits and beautiful sims which is why the main pictures in my posts are usually someplace pretty because it allows me the opportunity to find those spots…. Hope that answers your question *laughs* i’m afraid I’m not at all that interesting ❤

Pru Says:  I personally spend a lot of time “hunting” for things to blog, I genuinely try to find freebies and cheapies that I would wear or use myself. I love to play “dress-up” with my avatar! That aside, I do like to Role Play (which I think shows in my posts) and I enjoy spending time with people I’ve become close to here in Second Life.

Nanny Says:  I try to spend time with my friends, I love getting together with them and talk about anything or party with them. I have a very close group and we have a lot of fun when we are together.

Tiana Says:  If Im not blogging, then I am usually out exploring sims and taking pictures for my own personal enjoyment. I occasionally go out to a club or two but not often.. sometimes I go to one of my friends homes and hang out… or I spend hours organising my inventory and playing dress up! I love playing dress up to come up with new ways of wearing things. Im not a very social creature in SL as I can be very shy but I do enjoy meeting people.


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