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It feels like Reindeer…


Oh my, I have to apologise because that was probably the worst pun ever haha!

Its got even colder here in the last few days and it surely has been raining! Snuggling up in warm knits and cosy hoods are the best thing to do.. particularly if going outside for a wander! Thankfully here in the winter wonderlands of SL, we can escape the rain and go play in the snow!

.HOOD. Reindeer Hood by XIAJ [FREE / Group Gift / Free to Join – Find in Notices]
.HAIR. Plenty by Magika
.SKIN. Kaeylyn “A Cold Day” Skin by Glam Affair [L$50 / Fifty Linden Friday]
.EYES. Chocolate Vanity by IKON
.SWEATER. Off Shoulder Sweater by M.Motion [FREE / Lucky Board]
.JEANS. Skinny Jeans by COCO Designs [FREE / Group Gift / Free to Join]
.HANDS. by SLink
.BAG. Peace and Love Bag by LavandaChic [FREE / POE6 Prize]
.SHOES. Suede Boots by COCO Designs [FREE / Group Gift / Free to Join]

.POSE. by Label Motion

Be sure to grab the L$50 skin from Glam Affair that has been their contribution to Fifty Linden Fridays! It will only be available today until Midnight SLT so make sure you pay a visit before then!

.SKIN. Kaeylyn “A Cold Day” Skin by Glam Affair [L$50 / Fifty Linden Friday]
(Only available today)

Author: Tiana Omizu

Hi! Feel free to add me on https://www.facebook.com/tiana.omizu and http://www.flickr.com/photos/tianaomizu/ ! Say hi <3

8 thoughts on “It feels like Reindeer…

  1. Could you please give credit to the poses you use….thank you.


  2. It was something I had been doing actually.. it seems I have been clear forgetting these days. I do apologise and I will rectify over the next few posts.


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  4. you’re my favorite blogger on fabfree! thanks for posting!


  5. Aww thank you Alura 😀 Im really happy you like reading my posts! Thank you for reading ❤


  6. Here’s the thing….those who create poses work equally as hard as those who create “design”….so “sometimes” giving credit is not ok. ALL creators/designers deserve equal credit…for EVERY post you do.


  7. Yes Im very aware of that, understand and I agree with you wholeheartedly, I am not disputing in anyway with you Xiu. I have had friends who are pose creators and I know how much effort goes into them. I’ve tried making them myself and didnt succeed so Im aware of the process also.

    I will say in my defense, that I do have a medical issue that means my memory is not entirely perfect and so as much as I do try my very hardest to remember everything, things do often slip my mind which I apologize deeply for.. to ANYONE who I forget to mention sometimes in ANY of my past posts. I mean no offence to any creator nor do I take their creations lightly. I just simply have issues with remembering everything due to my brain that does not function properly.

    I would like to point out though that if you check all my recent posts you will notice I am making a concerted effort to amend this issue. I will make time to go through my past posts and try to match up previous poses used.


  8. Tiana…I apologize if I sounded too harsh. I am not a pose creator but I do make poses for myself and my friends…so I know how hard it is to get them just right…without something crazy happening to the avatar skeleton. Anyway, I understand where you are coming from and I absolutely adore your posts. To your credit, I do see that you have been listing them lately and even though the poses makers may not see every time a blogger gives credit for their work…they experience it through the added traffic that goes to their store and makes a purchase. Thank you so much for working as hard as you do on every post…your work is wonderful. ❤ ❤