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We Need Your Input


Hello Fabulous Readers,

After much thought, it has come to mind that we have been following the same rules regarding what we post here on Fabulously Free in SL for 6 years.  SL has changed MUCH in the last six years, along with the bloggers and organizers who devote their time to keep FabFree running.  We thought perhaps it was time to re-think how we, as a group would like FabFree to be.  As we care very much what our readers think, we would love to consider your input in our decision making process.

Currently at FabFree we consider the following to be free:

FREE = Under 10L items

FREE = Items that are group gifts, no matter what their join fee.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the poll 😉  Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Author: Love Trill

Hey, :) I'm Love and have been a resident in SecondLife since March of 2010. I love to shop and explore in SL - and share my adventures with you! I am currently blogging at Fabulously Free in SL and on my personal blog - Slovesadventures

18 thoughts on “We Need Your Input

  1. What a wonderful and thoughtful idea to ask the FF community to vote on this…thank you. I like the idea that FF is giving us the opportunity to see even more items, reasonably priced under 75L, that we would otherwise miss out on. ❤ ❤


  2. I think if something is going to be posted on here it should be absolutely free, most that use this site don’t have the means to join groups that cost money. Groups that cost money to join but have a free gift are not free you are still paying for the item buy paying to join the group.


  3. Free means free, as in PAY NOTHING, no group fees, no L$1 to L$10 amount. I’m tired of weeding through all the over-priced items just to view one freebie. If I want to spend money, I will go into the shops at my own leisure. Everyone appreciates a bargain, and FREE items are an excellent tool for advertising.


  4. Okay maybe it is just me but since when is 75L considered free. Did we all forget what free means, the website is called ‘fabfree’ not ‘fab sometimes free weed through our posts to find free’. There are plenty of other sites you can go to that post about non free stuff lets keep this site in the spirit it was intended please.


  5. I think raising it to 75L dilutes the idea of a freebie blog even more than the 10L posts (which I tend to stay away from since I go to freebie blogs for free stuff.)
    It sounds like you want to do a bargain blog instead of a freebie blog?


  6. JD and Bianca have a valid point. Back when I didn’t have the RL income to buy linden, I would get flustered when FabFree would showcase a gorgeous outfit – and me, thinking it was free, logged into the viewer and went to go get it – only to find out that it WASN’T free and was actually L$10 – again, I did not have income for either-world so Ten Linden was actually very painful at the time.

    But now since I have the linden to spare, I actually want to know about the non-freebie gifts, too.

    Perhaps showcase the freebies first, and then the non-free following thereafter in bold and red?


  7. My biggest issue with freebie blogs is when they mark something as free when it really isn’t, even if it’s only 1L. For some people, 1L can be a big deal for a variety of reasons. I have no problems with people blogging about whatever they like, at whatever cost it is, so long as things are properly marked and easy to read. So, posting items up to 75L or items from groups with a fee to join doesn’t bother me at all because, almost always, you all do a great job of keeping things properly marked.

    As for the site being called Fab’FREE’, I think everyone has the right to change their own blog as they see fit, just the same as any shop owner can. The fact that they are asking us for our opinions is a complete courtesy. Keep in mind that the people who run this blog are providing you a service, one they don’t have to provide, so don’t start feeling entitled and act like they owe you something, Indignation over losing something that was freely given out of the goodness of someone else’s heart is rather repugnant. Also keep in mind that the full title is actually ‘Fabulously Free in SL’, which could be taken a million different ways and not just in dealing with free items. Sorry, but I just don’t see why the good people of this blog should have to be restrained in what they do -as a kindness to the SL community- simply because other people are being selfish and want their ‘freebies’.

    Owners, do whatever you like with your blog, it’s yours. Freebies or slightly more expensive items… I don’t care. Sure, I come to browse the freebies, just like tons of other people, but this is also a great place to see what’s happening around the grid. The bloggers are quite fun and enjoyable too, I often enjoy reading the posts just the same as I enjoy the items. And, many make lovely images that I appreciate as an artist myself. This is so much more than just a ‘freebie’ blog. Don’t forget that, and don’t let it bring you down! 🙂


  8. Free means free and really considering it free if only you spend 500L to join a group is not free to me. Nor is 10L for that matter. If I wanted to spend linden I’d go look at the other SL fashion blogs. Kinda glad you posted this asking for comment because was about to make a rant post reminding Fab Free what free was to most of us. Really do not mean to sound rude or anything by saying all that but it is a bit annoying checking out this blog and seeing these great “freebies”.. only to find out they aren’t unless you spend a certain amount of linden to join a group!


  9. From me personally, I just wanted to say thank you to Novadestin for their kind words and compliments! All of the replies have been great to read so far, and I too am glad we were able to give the readers a moment to “speak up” . Thanks also to Love for putting this proverbial ball in motion!


  10. Hi! I really wanted to say something so bad that I was tiying my fingers not to do it. 😛

    I really wanna thank you all for all your comments, all are very valuable.

    Second, for me fashion in SL is something that I’ve always enjoyed, when I didn’t have any lindens I used to (and I still do) look for freebies always and yes I get discouraged by the ones that were group gifts with an entrance fee. I actually don’t agree at all with groups that have entrance fees, but in the other hand there are some groups that are worth to have, even if they cost you something. For example (I’m not gonna give store names) there is specially one store group that even that costs less than 50L they give out shoes that are valued at 700L or groups that cost you probably 300L and they not give out just one group gift but 5 and they are always giving out stuff so you’ll probably get “gifts” for a total of 1000L or more.

    On the other hand, it is good to support designers. Just for you to know, they spend about 4500L on a mesh model and after that they have to do the texture and so on, not counting on how much they spend on renting a store. And what about if they just started their business? Sometimes they start giving out stuff for 10L so people start going to their stores. Oh and I know designers that get all their RL income from their business in SL.

    Finally I wanted to let you know that all of the bloggers will keep bringing you the best on SL Fashion.

    Thank you so much for reading our posts and support this blog. Xoxo 🙂


  11. To Novadestin fabulously ‘free’ in sl means free how else do you define the word free except not spending any money and getting something free. We are not greedy for wanting to see a freebie blog keep things totally free. If you want to spend money on items go ahead there are plenty of sites you can go to to get stuff that costs lindens. But some of us poor or frugal don’t have the money to pay for items hence why we use this blog. I find it quite rude you have to call us all selfish or entitled who do you think you are. Please’ fabulously FREE in sl’ keep things free.


  12. Personally I love it all. Through this blog I’ve enjoyed a lot of freebies, but also been introduced to hunts, designers and groups I would never have discovered on my own otherwise probably, and mini tutorials. If I’m not interested in an item, I can keep scrolling; no skin off of my nose, as they say. “Fabulously Free” isn’t about freebies for me – it’s about exposing me to all of the options available in SL to free/unleash the avatar that is hiding in the shy RL person. Thank you bloggers for all of your artistry and hard work, no matter what you decide. I also agree with the previous comment that it’s your blog, so your decision, and it’s extremely kind of you to ask for input in your decision making.


  13. I would like to echo what Novadestin said so well and to thank the people who work extremely hard to coordinate this blog. Most people do not know what it takes to put together one blog post, add to that working within VERY tight criteria of 10L or less and it is a miracle they can pull off the beautiful styling they do. There IS more than one way to interpret “Free”, the next time you are at the grocery store and you are offered buy one get one go ahead refuse that free item because it isn’t “absolutely” free…tell that BIG shoe store that you DEMAND only the free shoes, they advertize on their BOGO; see how that works out for you.

    There is a thing called balance and being reasonable…the people who work their fannies off for the FF blog, above anything, deserve our respect and our gratitude for their dedication…lord knows they don’t get paid and I haven’t seen a whole lot of readers take the time to “like” their posts or go out of their way to say thank you for your hard work; yet feel “free” (see there’s that word again) to criticize pretty harshly. Nanny also pointed out that designers often pay a lot of money for their mesh…I know some who pay 20-30K for one template, not to mention the upload fees; which are priced according to the land impact size of the mesh…not just a flat 10L. The creators are NOT obligated to give anything free and many simply cannot afford to just give their things away, but will price them under 75L to try to attract business and still keep their doors open in SL. Oh, and let’s not forget just how much it costs to keep those doors open in SL, it is very very expensive to have an actual store in SL; that is why so many have had to close their doors. Again, I ask, how many creators have you actually taken the time to write a thank you to for offering these free items, courtesy is “FREE” and yet it is all to often a one way street…gratitude is equally “FREE” and it is often a desolate empty street; because no one takes the time to reside there. So you see…there are many ways to interpret “FREE”, we are “FREE” to move on if we are not happy with something and “FREE” to show kindness and gratitude for what others go out of their way to give us…it’s all about balance.

    Whatever the outcome, I shall continue to be a loyal reader who is grateful for all the hard work from the bloggers AND creators who give so “FREELY” of themselves, their time and their creativity…that is a LOT of “Free” that deserves appreciation and respect.


  14. Personally, I agree that Free isn’t 1L or 10L. SL has a lot of free stuff going on daily. Hunts, group gifts, etc etc. I would like to see more from that stuff, hunts especially. That said, I don’t think that cheapies should be ignored entirely either. Maybe have blog posts which cover cheap events or whatever be marked with SALE, or Cheapies or whatever to differentiate them from normal FREE stuff.

    Also, that said, in regards to the Xiu, for the most part, I view Free stuff from creators as a marketing strategy. Give out free stuff to people so they come to your store. Good quality items makes people wear them more often, even looking around the store. By wearing them, they cause other people to show interest and check out the store as well. This encourages sales and is honestly a good investment from the creator’s perspective.


  15. Ribs…
    I wholeheartedly agree that the “free stuff” is obviously a marketing strategy and one I often encourage the creators/designers I work with, as their SL PR/Marketer. My point wasn’t really focused on it being a good marketing strategy…it was more about balance, being mindful that “free stuff” is still a courtesy not a right, and showing gratitude for everyone involved with the process of getting those items out to the general public. It is always a two way street and I wanted to show my appreciation for all that the FF bloggers and creators do…marketing strategies or not. ❤ ❤


  16. My point was more that they’re not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts usually. Its a tactic to get bodies in their stores. Heck, you can often tell how much someone really cares bout it by the quality of goods they put out. That said, I’d also feel that thanking people for free stuff would get annoying. Imagine how many IMs someone would wind up getting. Making it even harder for them to handle customer support if they have to deal with weeding out such replies. That said, for creators who do put out good stuff, I am grateful, as I think most people tend to be.


  17. Thank you very much to all of the readers that took the time to write in with their input on this matter. I appreciate the very valid point of views that I have seen from all three sides, which just makes it that much harder to decide! After talking to each of the bloggers, and reading all of the comments here, along with the poll results… I have decided it is time for a “bit” of a change here at FabFree. Stay tuned for news 😉


  18. Ribs…

    Bless your heart…

    I tend to view things in a more positive light, to think the best of people and, having worked closely with several creators, I can attest to them “doing it out of the goodness of their hearts”; in addition to it being a marketing tool to increase their business…both very good reasons to do what they do and it is about balance…nothing is all black nor all white. I also very much disagree about it getting annoying to hear thank you…again, having worked very closely with creators, I can tell you that they hardly EVER hear it and are deeply appreciative when they do. I can also say that I have developed very good relationships and some wonderful friendships…with a simple sincere thank you. Thank goodness they don’t feel “weeding out” those few and far between thank you notes/ims as a nuisance…I’ve actually never heard anyone say they were annoyed that someone went out of their way to express gratitude. Apples and oranges, I guess…I’ll continue to go out of my way to express my gratitude…you never know how much you can make someone’s day by doing so.

    That said…I’m off to annoy some creators with my gratitude and my business…and to pay my own blessings forward.