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Moda group gift


Hello  here full mesh outfit from Moda  , it’s a sweater and pants they are not separated but presented on one piece outfit

it come’s with hud with 4 multi colors  gray green red and blue for the shirt  only .

they also have  Lucky chairs with lot of mesh shirt’s and jackets i was going to  post it but i had no luck maybe you

will have better luck than me  , ^^ go there and check it ,

for all thoses amazing gifts you need to join the group  it cost 200ls but i guess it Worth it for all what you get .

Here the  link  Moda  or  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MODA/72/111/36


PIXELS Group Gifts!

I have always had a love of both the unusual and the ridiculously cute. While reading through my daily bloglist, I came across a store that I couldnt resist visiting.. whats even better is that when I got there I found a wealth of group gifts and a few freebies!

PIXELS is quite possible one of the cutest stores I’ve been to in a little while. The group isnt free to join but for 100L to access the gifts is a huge bargain if this is your kind of thing!

.’lil Witch Avatar Base by PIXELS [Free / Group Gift – L$100 Join Fee]
.DigiEgg Backpack (Friendship) by PIXELS [Free / Group Gift – L$100 Join Fee]
.Looong Sleeve T by Ribbon [Free / Kawaii Hunt]
More coverage of the Kawaii Hunt is featured in Xantheannes posts here and here and here!
.Stacy Mesh Pants by Ricielli [Not Free / L$15 – Halloween 2013 Hunt]
Covered by Love in this post!
.Worn Mesh Boots by Death Row Designs [Not Free / L$10 – Marketplace Promo]

There are 2 base avatars that come with heads, shapes and skins as shown above.. there is a third head as part of the GLaDOS avatar that can be worn seperately and with any hair that can be resized!

.KAT SKRATCH Avatar Head by PIXELS [Free / Group Gift – L$100 Join Fee]
.Lil Witch Avatar Head by PIXELS [Free / Group Gift – L$100 Join Fee]
.Android GlaDOS Head by PIXELS [Free / Group Gift – L$100 Join Fee]

.Halloween 2013 Hair by Dura [Free / Group Gift – Free to join]
Originally shown in Caresia’s post here

.Whore of Babylon Mesh Avatar by PIXELS [Free / Group Gift – L$100 Join Fee]

.LolFace Mesh Head by PIXELS [Free / Group Gift – L$100 Join Fee]
.GLaDOS Mesh Avatar by PIXELS [Free / Group Gift – L$100 Join Fee]

.DOKI Pack Pink and Blue PIXELS [Free / Group Gift – L$100 Join Fee]

.Wot Mesh Avatar by PIXELS [Free / Group Gift – L$100 Join Fee]

.Lil Alpaca Mesh Avatar (Colour Change) by PIXELS [Free / Group Gift – L$100 Join Fee]
Isnt this just the cutest lil thing! Squeeeeee!

You can also get these amazing Gloves from the Lucky Board!

.Demon Baby Gloves by by PIXELS [Free / Lucky Board]

More FFHQ Gifts For You to Love

Hello Everyone! Today I wanted to share with you a few new goodies now available at the Fab Free Headquarters! There are always fun new finds there, so it is good to check back often. There really is a ton to choose from, so I just picked out a few items that I liked best to show here on the blog! I hope you like them, I know you will!

FFHQ New Gifts 2

To start, don’t you just love this sweet looking red-lipped skin? I thought it was too cute! This skin from Style by Kira is named “Jessica” and is one of the many new gifts at Fab Free Headquarters. The outfit to the left is also one of the gifts, this one is from dirty.little.secret and I love the paisley pattern! Paisley is almost always a hit with me. Next, you can also pick these two vest-like tops as  part of the gifts from Lucifer’s Heart. The textures are very well done, I could easily see wearing them with a cute fedora and some tailored pants!

Here are the details:

Hair – >TRUTH< Ramona –  Not Free

Skin – Style by Kira – Jessica Skin – FREE Gift at FFHQ

Outfit (Dress, Leggings, Shoes) – [dirty.little.secret] @ FabFree – FREE Gift at FFHQ

Jewelry (shown with outfit) – ELEMENTAL JEWELRY DAISY DAZE NECKLACE & EARRINGS – FREE Gift at FFHQ (earrings not shown)

Shirts – .:LH:. Jewel – Blue / Berry – FREE Gift at FFHQ – This gift also includes several other clothing items, including the dresses pictured below. Don’t miss out on this one!
FFHQ New Gifts 1

I know, Halloween is over, but I just couldn’t resist this zombie skin from Miasnow! It’s sooo beautifully done, if ever you thought of a zombie as pretty, this one would be! Care also showed this skin in one of her posts, here. Even re-animated dead girls need a wardrobe, so I picked out a few more things from the giant pile of freebies at FFHQ, and I think she’s adorable. hehehe

Here are the details:

Hair – >TRUTH< Ramona –  Not Free

Skin – MIASNOW Skin – ZOMBINA brainlicker – FREE Gift at FFHQ – This gift also includes a male version of the skin, and a few other little gifts not shown.

Outfit (shirt and pants) – .: Somnia :. Plain Tee {Pale Pink} &.: Somnia :. Bow Tied Leggings {Gray} – FREE Gift at FFHQ – This gift also includes another mesh shirt that is also adorable, but  not shown.

Dresses –  FREE Gift at FFHQ

  • .:LH:. Dubya – Pink
  • .:LH:. Madison – Pink
  • .:LH:. Aria Bronze

All 3 Dresses are part of the huge gift from Lucifer’s Heart. The gift also includes several other clothing items including pants, skirts and undies (not shown)!



Eye candy

Eye candy

Skin: Glam affair – Elvi
Hair: Truth – Renata
Lips: Loud mouth – Alli
Lipstick applier: The sugar garden – Lovely sheer chapstick
Horns: Candy mountain – Strawberry horns (Group gift)
Shirt + Cardigan: Candy mountain – Scruffy girl (Group gift)

I hope you guys are ready for a big post! Because I have a lot of awesome freebies to show you today!

So in one of my Kawaii mini hunt posts I mentioned a store called Candy Mountain that had just set out some eyes as their group gift. Well as it turns out, Mynx has just put out yet another gift for you all! But that’s not all, the entire store is choc-full of goodies of all kinds as well as a number of luckyboards on the walls! With all these amazing gifts, you definitely won’t regret spending a measly 75L$ on the join fee. In this post I’ll try to show you as many of the gifts as I can but there are still more that I haven’t covered, and Candy Mountain puts out new gifts extremely frequently so don’t be surprised if by the time you read this post there’s another gift out!

Eye candy

Horns: Candy mountain – Banana horns (Group Gift)
Mask: Candy mountain – Kietsu mask (Group gift)
Dress: Candy mountain – Dolly star pinku (Free)

In the strawberry horns box, you also get these cute chocolate-dipped banana horns as well! I thought it went really nicely with this freebie dress, you don’t even need to join the group to grab this one! Just buy it for 0L$ and it’s yours.

Eye candy

Mouthie: Candy mountain – Fruity Sucka (Group gift)
Top: Candy mountain – Tied tops (Group gift)
Shorts: Candy mountain – Shawtz (Group gift)
Stockings: Candy mountain – Stockings steal (Group gift)
Socks: Candy mountain – S0x (Group gift)
Frame + Pose: Everglow – Pop frames (Free)

I found  this great pose prop for free on the marketplace by Everglow. It comes with three different coloured frames all with various poses. Great for bright, colourful shoots!

Eye candy

Eyes: Candy mountain – Wrath lion (Group gift)

Candy mountain also has a ton of free eyes! All of them totally unique and equally gorgeous! The detail in these eyes are wonderful and definitely worth picking up! The lastest pack that was released, Wrath, contains 13 different coloured eyes…for free! If you want to see a larger image, click the picture and it will take you to my Flickr page!

Eye candy

Eyes: Candy mountain – Wrath (Group gift)

If you want to see what the Orb eyes look like, you can find my post here.

Eye candy

Eyes: Candy mountain – Dew (Group gift)

I should also mention that on the back wall is a LM to the Candy Mountain satellite store, where you can pick up a cute group gift version of Mynx’s new Oria mesh avatar! It’s perfect for those of you who like creepy, kooky and adorable things!

Eye candy

Eyes: Candy mountain – Zommie (Group gift)

Phew that was a big post. I hope you all agree that it’s definitely worth joining the Candy Mountain group to get all these fabulous gifts! I think it’s such a small investment to make and you can already see that you’re making your money back just by picking up even one of these gifts!

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Fab Free Designer of the Day 11/07/2013 – *SLAVE* DreSSing RooM

HelenDreSS vend
Score this adorable little dress at the SLAVE Dressing Room. This is their current Free Group Gift, and the Group is Free to Join.


**Each day, here on the FabFree Blog, we will be featuring one of our Fabulously Free in SL inworld Designers. Photos are work of the designers.**