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Pearls under the Sea…


Well hello again my fellow Fabulous ones!!!


Today I headed over for the opening of the Under the Sea Expo @ Hanalei/206/136/9, There I found the Lost Pearls of Hanalei Treasure Hunt!!  You find this by looking at the sign with all the EXPO destinations on it.  (Says in big letters TREASURE HUNT).  Click on it, and it will take you to a letter from Mishell scribed on a parchment on the ground with a pearl on it.

It also has a HUGE exclamation point … Ahhhh Reminiscent of my World of Warcraft days…. *Happy Sigh*… To continue…. You clickie on the parchment and it will give you a hint in your LOCAL chat.  pretty much telling you where to head next. (Hint:  You need to find this parchment and pearl in all your stops)

WARNING:           This hunt takes EVERYONE on a different route…. so be prepared to go on this little adventure.. solo.

This is a free hunt that takes you to every shop in the Expo to get all kinds of free goodies… Here are just a few of the ones I found… ❤


Hunt items  (These credits are for the first picture as well <3)

light beam: Botanical – Free Underwater Light Beam (FREE)

fountain:  [Cerridwen’s Cauldron] Seahorse Fountain (FREE)

kelp with silver fish: meadownWorks Kelp Forest FX Sunrise + Pretty PERCH (FREE)

kelp with gold fish bubblesBoudoir – Undersea Grass (FREE)

chest tattooFior di Perle – Undersea Hunt Female Tattoo (FREE)

eye makeup: Beautiful Freak  Free Gift – Die in Winter eye makeup – forest (FREE) (You can find this inside the EXPO store)

outfit: the muses . Siren . Red (FREE)

skin: ~*By Snow*~ Sea Sprite Skin (Pearl) *PROMO* (L$ 10) (I found this on the Marketplace @ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/By-Snow-Sea-Sprite-Skin-Pearl-PROMO/2292926)  I will be honest, I found this skin a LONG time ago…. and I was going to wear it anyways, but then I saw the price and got even more excited to tell you all!!!  Yay and stuff!!!

hair: Boudoir – Morana Hair(L$ 200) (How COOL is this hair???!! *laughs* I so love it <3)


Hunt Gifts

outfit:  :{MV}: Eve Outfit Sand & Sea Gift (FREE) (It is mesh and has a whole bunch of sizes to choose from… it moves really well and it looks adorable…. a MUST grab!!)

tattooFior di Perle – Seahorse Heart Tattoo (FREE) (You can find this item sitting in the actual store itself @ the Expo, it is in a giftbag near the middle shell.)

Other Credits

These next three items you can get as free group gifts from Lazuri @ their main store.  Their group is free to join.

Lazuri:  Group Link

Store Link:   Lazuri @ 5th Avenue/119/120/22

Necklace: Lazuri Delia Necklace Ruby (FREE)

Earrings: Lazuri Delia Earrings Ruby (FREE)

Bracelets: Lazuri Delia Bracelets Ruby (FREE)


Hunt Items

Mermaid Tail/hip tails/claws: *!Tarnished :: Teal Seafoam Mermaid (FREE)

shoulder petCetological Museum – Orca Pet 20cm “Wakaba” (FREE)

EXPO items

Poses: Curio Obscura – Mermaid Animation Set  (L$ 650) (I used Mermaid sit 2, 3 and tread to take my mermaid pictures)

shirt: !Fior di Perle –  Mermaid Outfit Yellow (L$ 225) (I’m just using the shirt from this, but it IS a full mermaid outfit)

Other Credits

skin w/ spines: ~*By Snow*~ Sea Sprite Skin (Pearl) *PROMO* (L$ 10) (I found this on the Marketplace @ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/By-Snow-Sea-Sprite-Skin-Pearl-PROMO/2292926)

Gonna leave you all with one final picture… Mainly because I just love how it turned out!!!  I mean, what little girl doesn’t wish they were a mermaid at some point….


*big hugs to all*……………………..till next time………………care ❤

Author: Caresia Adored

Some days, I just have to close my eyes, breathe in deep, and remember how amazing every day is to just live... Life is good...

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  5. Thank you for such a great post. And wow, that first and last picture are just so breathtaking!! xoxo

    ❤ Cortez


  6. awww.. thankies Cortez… You know i love blogging events for you 🙂


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