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Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Teddy Bear Picnic

Ok, more like an afternoon garden party, but you know what I mean. 🙂

Linden Labs is gearing up for Second Life’s 10th Birthday (SL10B), and the presents have started flowing! Today they released this… ummm…. interesting, limited edition, Commemorative Bear Avatar:

“Starting today, you can get a free, special-edition SL10B avatar on the Marketplace. This avatar is made with some of the new Materials features and will look even better once that Materials Viewer launches (you can also check it out with the Materials Beta Viewer). Visit the SL10B Marketplace and get your commemorative avatar today – they’ll only be available until the end of June!”

(If you don’t feel like celebrating, you can wear the bear sans party hat and t-shirt.)

So there you have it. You can read the full article here. And LL promises more gifts to come, so keep your eyes open!

Oh, if you’re wondering about my little bunny friend here, she is not free, but is a special Relay For Life item from the Virtual Kennel Club, released for the Home & Garden Expo. The H&GE ended yesterday, but if you’d still like to donate to RFL, you can find the bunny on the Marketplace as of this posting, but not for much longer. I know: Not free Serena, what are you thinking?! You’re right… I just have a personal interest in seeing cancer’s fanny get kicked as soon as possible.

Oh shoot, my claws just poked right through my newspaper! Grrrrr!

* * * * *

Serena is wearing…

Complete Avatar – Shopkeeper Linden SL10B Commemorative Bear Avatar (0L)

Other Items…

Table/Chairs/Accessories – {what next} Garden Cafe Table (not free / H&GE)

Bunny – Virtual Kennel Club Rabbit Relay 2013 (not free/limited availability)

Pose & Props by {what next}

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