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Caution… Step Away From the Turtles


I was wandering around that beach that Love dragged me to for a photo op… and I came across an interesting sign…


Wasn’t sure what to make of that… as I drifted off to sleep dressed comfortably in the great shirt/shorts combo that is still available as the March gift at GizzA!  The group is free to join and they have some really great gifts for both guys and gals. I was awakened by some talk about saving the turtles at the beach.  By the time I had shaken the wool out of my head I had been deputized as a Turtle Protector o.O   Didn’t get a cool badge or anything, but I did chase off a guy bent on making turtle soup out of the poor denizens on the beach.  You don’t have to be a Turtle Protector to grab the great March gift at GizzA. So get your bums over there if you haven’t already!



Cal’s Free Stuff:

Outfit – March Group Gift by GizzA (OL/Free to join)


Shoes – Mesh White Boat Shoes by Gabriel (OL for group members/free to join)


Cal’s Not-So-Free Stuff:

Hair – Drake Sahara by Truth


Skin – Johan 3E Tan by Belleza


Author: Calgon Foxdale

Surfin my way around SL!

4 thoughts on “Caution… Step Away From the Turtles

  1. /me dumps a bucket of icy cold ocean water on you while you sleep! I *so* did not post that sign, you big turkey 😛


  2. /me tries to “not approve” Love’s comment but fails miserably


  3. How did you get onto a nude beach fully clothed?? /me backs away quietly


  4. I had to have somewhere to hang my badge! :p