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Ok, so this really isn’t MY desk.. Jac Mornington was kind enough to lend me his place so that I could log in and get some info for the Server Side Baking (SSB) stuff that you all have been hearing about. Love asked me to share what little I know on the subject with all of you since, if you’re reading this blog, you care about the appearance of your avatar 🙂  So I tossed on some clothes I picked up from the monthly gift vendor at PeKaS Urban and sat down to draft up the info. The clothes include snazzy pin-stripe pants with loosened suspenders, a tank top, sweater draped over the shoulders, and a fedora (not shown.)

Well.. time to get to it. I hope this helps. If you have any questions… please by all means, pelt Love with them (kidding!)

Server-side Baking3_001

<Starts scribbling…>

Linden Lab has finished working on the Server Side Baking (SSB) improvement. I am not a representative of Linden Labs nor am I an expert (except in my own mind) but I thought I’d share with you my answers to the questions that I hear most people asking:

Q. What is server side baking?  

A. It is a modification to the LL code which will move baking (or rendering) of your avatar to the region server that your Avatar is currently occupying.  Previously all avatars were rendered on your client (or personal computer, Mac, etc)

Q. Will I have to do anything to my computer to take advantage of it?

A. Yes.  All viewers will have to be updated to use it.

Q. Do I have to update my client?

A. No, you do not have to update your client, but your avatar will continue to render the “old way” which means that there may be white masks for some parts of your avatar or clothing because some textures from  the SSB code will not be recognized by the older client.

Q. What viewers have been updated?

A. The LL Second Life V3 viewer will be updated as well as most major third party viewers. Check with your particular viewer website for updates.

Q What are the pros and cons?

A. Pros – Faster avatar rendering with less resources needed on your computer. This means your computer will be able to do things in SL a little more efficiently.

Cons – It will require you to update your viewer, assuming an update is available.  As with any change, there is likely to be some issue that hasn’t been discovered through the beta testing that may adversely affect your experience within SL.

Q. Why Why Why?

A. Because it will make avatar rendering much more efficient since now the baking will not have to depend on connections and computers of individuals which can be very laggy at times.  If you have a slow computer it will not matter to everyone else. They will see a beautifully rendered avatar  a lot more quickly.

Cal’s Free Stuff:

PeKaS Urban Rikko –  Monthly Guy’s Gift at PeKaS Urban (OL/Free to Join)

Cal’s Not So Free Stuff:

Skin – Johan Tan 3-E by Belleza

Hat/Hair – Hunting – Naturally Wavy by Argrace

Shoes – RG Classic Loafers by Redgrave

Author: Calgon Foxdale

Surfin my way around SL!

8 thoughts on “From the Desk of… And PeKaS to Boot!

  1. VERY nicely explained Cal…thanks for the informative post. <3<3


  2. Thank you Xiu! 🙂 🙂


  3. Lookin’ good, Mr. Foxdale! 🙂


  4. Thanks a bunch, Serena 🙂


  5. I am loving the Suspenders/Pants look. But, if I were the creator, I would have used a different texture for the suspenders. Otherwise the outfit flatters your avatar nicely!

    As for the client information? AWESOME!! I may just have to change viewers just so I can experience the change (as I’m sure it’ll take a while for CoolViewer’s creator to update it – if it can be done) for myself!

    Thanks for the info, Cal! I wouldn’t have known otherwise!


  6. Thanks for the nice comments, Laoise and very happy to help with the SSB info 🙂


  7. Well I just learned something for today!!! Thanks Cal… Great Post big guy…. I dig the hat!!! Can I borrow??? perty please?


  8. Thanks Caresia! 🙂 Back away from the hat… it’s mine!