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April is Not for Fools at Vero Modero


The day before a concert, I like to explore interesting places with an element of danger to get inspiration.  So it wasn’t surprising to me when I found myself alone in the middle of a burned out section of town, examining the “artwork.”  To try to blend in, I tossed on some clothes I found at Vero Modero in the guys free section. They wouldn’t do much good at stopping a stray (or intentional) bullet, but at least I looked the part..  mostly. The jeans and tank top hoodie are the April gift are free for members (0L to join!). The gift was posted in the middle of the month so I’m not sure how long it will stay there but hurry up and get over there just in case!


I applied a little powder to give my skin a lighter color (current free gift Caesar skin for members at Akeruka – 250L to join but they have fabulous skins!)  so that it didn’t look like I hung out at the beach all day – a pastime not shared by most of the denizens of the neighborhood. A young street waif wandered by wearing a garbage bag for a shirt and I couldn’t justify not giving him my shirt since I had plenty more, plus it gave me the perfect opportunity to show off the great Caesar skin is offering!


After spending a few hours absorbing the ambiance and gathering my inspiration, I carefully crept back through the dozens of rusted, broke-down cars and abandoned shops to the edge of town, and quickly caught the train to Solelua Beach where I would be performing a sunset concert that evening.


I changed into a violet jacket and clean t-shirt  (another free gift from Vero Modero)… something a bit more palatable for the concert. I relaxed for a few minutes and read over my notes I had taken while in the city. As the sun sunk  lower on the horizon, I settled behind the piano amid streams of gold and red rays and let my fingers take over..


Cal’s Free stuff:

Male  hoodie and jeans – April Men’s Gift by Vero Modero  (0L to members/Free to join)

Blazer – March Men’s Gift by Vero Modero (still 0L for members)

Rolled up jeans by Airflow (previously posted by Kyle)

Skin – Caesar gift skin by Akeruka (Free for members/250L to join) (previously posted by Serena)

Cal’s not so free stuff:

Hair – Teeloh by Wasabi Pills

Boots – Mesh Greenhouse Jumpboots by DECO

Tennis Shoes – White E. Chucks by Energie

Author: Calgon Foxdale

Surfin my way around SL!

3 thoughts on “April is Not for Fools at Vero Modero

  1. Welcome back Calgon! Nice jacket!


  2. Welcome back Cal! Been working out I see…hubba hubba 😛 <3<3


  3. Thanks Love :p Thank you for the thumbs up, Xiu!