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Serena’s Tips for New Residents: Joining a Group


We were all new SL residents, once upon a time. Perhaps it was many years ago, or possibly even yesterday. If you’re lucky, you have a friend to mentor you and help you find your way. If you’re not lucky, you have to figure it all out for yourself. I fell into the latter category, and let me tell you, the learning curve was steep. Even after a couple of decades of programming experience, it still took me time – and several books! – to figure things out. So now I try to help out new residents whenever I can, and this will be the first in what I hope will be a series of Tips for New Residents.

I was chatting with a new resident a few days ago, telling her that she really should go to a particular store and pick up the latest group gift. Unfortunately, she didn’t know what I was talking about. Seems she did most of her shopping on the Marketplace, and had never been to an in-world store to join a group. We’re always talking about “group gifts” here at FabFree, and it occurred to me that there may be new readers out there who also don’t know how to join a group. Sooo… let me explain! (For you “old-timers” who already know this, please feel free to skip ahead to find out what I’m wearing.) 😉


Since I’m wearing the latest group gift skin from HUIT, I decided to head over to their store to show you how YOU can pick it up too.

Step 1: Go to the in-world store of your choice. Locate the “group joiner.” These typically have the store logo on it or somewhere nearby, and the word JOIN. Left-click on the JOIN button.


Step 2: After you click the button, you will probably get a pop-up notice to open your chat window (that’s the place where you talk to other residents). The chat button is located at the bottom left of your screen, unless you moved it (sorry, I cut mine off in this picture). Click the hyperlink, which probably has the group name, or says “click this link” or something similar. A box like this one will pop up. If the group is free to join, it will say “free” next to the “Join Now” button. If there is a join fee, you will see it on the bottom right where it says “Cost to join” (if you choose to join a group that is not free, you will need to confirm in another pop-up that it is ok to pay the join fee). This group is free to join, and has a cost of 0L. Click the “Join Now” button. You should get a notice in the chat window stating that you have been added to the group.


Step 3: You should now be wearing your new group tag. You can see mine right over my head, next to my little birdie friend. With your tag on, head over to the group gift vendor and left-click the vendor to get your gift. VOILA! Your gift should appear in your inventory, either in a folder (probably with the store name) or in your Objects folder. 😀


Ok, now for what I’m wearing. 🙂 You already know by now that the skin I’m in is the free group gift skin from [HUIT]. I’m also wearing the Kiana outfit from {Liv-Glam}, which includes the mesh jacket and jeans, and tank, and is on sale for 49L for Secret Wednesday. I love these “skullie” boots from ::Duh!::, which I managed to pick up for free in their lucky chair. And my Berry Slushie blue hair is a free gift from a new-to-me store called [Raspberry]. You get the full “Aristocrat Pack” of Chai Anxiety, full of a whole lotta fun (and regular) colors. Enjoy!

* * * * *

Serena is wearing…

Skin – [HUIT] Group Gift Skin 2012/09 (group gift / 0L / free to join)

Eyes – IKON Ardent Eyes Clarity (not free)

Eyelashes – *Redgrave* 6-Natural (not free)

Hair – [Raspberry] Chai Anxiety (free gift / 0L)

Nails – Izzie’s Metal Stripe Nails (not free)

Complete Outfit – {LIV-Glam} Kiana (49L / Secret Wednesday)

Jewelry – Maxi Gossamer Jewelled Skull and Heart (not free)

Boots – ::Duh!:: Skullish Spike Boots (0L / Lucky Chair)

Poses by aDORKable and Glitterati (not free)

Location – [HUIT] in-world store

Author: Serena Snowfield

Just a girl who loves photography, shopping, coffee, and dogs. Not always in that order.

6 thoughts on “Serena’s Tips for New Residents: Joining a Group

  1. Very useful and helpful! I was just thinking about this today as I helped a couple people get gifts from group notices which they didn’t know how to do! You read my mind!


  2. Great tutorial Serena!


  3. I think this tutorial should be added to the Tutorials section as it has nothing but stuff on content theft and hasn’t got any tutorials in it (at least not on my browser – I don’t see anything else there under the top area labeled, “Tutorials”). It’s a good guide and I think it should be useful to newbies. 🙂


  4. It’s true. We often forget that our new residents are like new born babes. They’re overwhelmed. This is a page I’ll be saving in a NC for any new Residents I come across 😉


  5. Thanks, Leila! Glad you found it useful, and hopefully others will, as well!

    Glad you liked it, Love! 🙂


  6. You know, @Brooke, as many times as I’ve looked at this blog, I did not notice (or it didn’t register in my brain) that we have a Tutorials page! I’ll see about getting this one posted. I expect that you’ll be seeing more tutorials here at FabFree in the future. If there’s something in particular you’d like to see, please let us know!

    You’re so right, @Torrington. It would never have occurred to me that someone might not know how to join a group if this new resident hadn’t pointed it out to me. Sometimes we have to sit back and remember what it was like to be new, and hopefully find the patience to help others. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂