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It’s A Cold Winter Nights Recap!

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Fabulously Free in SL - SL Hunts PageThe Cold Winter Nights Hunt is ending soon… February 15th to be exact, and if you haven’t already checked it out, you should really take a few minutes and peek at the prizes Serena and I have shown over the last month!

This hunt includes 54 stops and each of the prizes are 10L. You can visit their official blog for a list of slurls including prize previews, so you don’t have to hunt until you are sure you want to pick up that prize, which I sure appreciate when you do have to pay a little for them.

OFFICIAL COLD WINTER NIGHTS HUNT BLOG – http://coldwinternightshunt.wordpress.com/

HUNT ICON – Blue Snowflake (10L)

Below are some links of prizes from the hunt that we have shown here on FabFree:

FabFree Coverage – https://fabfree.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/it-was-a-cold-winter-night-hunt/

FabFree Coverage – https://fabfree.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/it-was-a-cold-winter-night-outside-these-four-walls/

FabFree Coverage – https://fabfree.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/a-cold-winter-tuesday/

FabFree Coverage – https://fabfree.wordpress.com/2013/01/31/afternoon-ice-skating/

COMPLETE PRIZE PREVIEW – http://coldwinternightshunt.wordpress.com/stores/

To find more information regarding active hunts in SL, visit our SL Hunts Page  – https://fabfree.wordpress.com/sl-hunts-advents/


Author: Love Trill

Hey, :) I'm Love and have been a resident in SecondLife since March of 2010. I love to shop and explore in SL - and share my adventures with you! I am currently blogging at Fabulously Free in SL and on my personal blog - Slovesadventures

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