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Happy 1st Anniversary, Petites!


Hello Fabulouses – Petite Serena, here! Can you believe petite avatars in Second Life are 1 year old already? It seems like only yesterday that I bought my first petite avatar… and it seems like I’m still getting the hang of how to use it! 😉 To celebrate the big event, Petite Avatar Kingdom has set up a special Anniversary Market where petites vendors are selling items at reduced prices, and in some cases selling special edition items just for this event. I did some scoping to see what goodies could be found for free or at a very good price!

WHAT: PetitesFest 2013
WHEN: February 1-10, 2013
WHERE: Petite Avatar Kingdom


You can find this cute Minnie dress in a free “swag bag” at the Sn@tch cart. It includes the top, skirt, and hair bow. While you’re there, take a look at the great items Sn@tch has on sale; most are fatpacks with 3-8 items included at a discounted price – a really super deal! These sweet Fairy Flower Sandals are available for 1L at the *G Field* cart, so don’t forget to pick up a pair!

Dress – :::Sn@tch Petite Minnie (free / 0L / PAM)

Sandals – *G Field* Fairy Flower Sandal (1L / PAM)


MacMoragh & Muse has a huge gift box of various gifts “from the past” available, including the outfit I’m wearing here. It includes the top, jeans, and shoes. There is also a male outfit in the box, as well as a pair of eyes, fairy wings, and assorted other items. My jewelry, which you can’t see very well here (sorry!), is all from !Elemental Petite Jewelry, and is texture-change with gold/silver metals and 4 different gem stones. It’s not free, but it is on sale at a very good price… although only for a couple more days.

Complete Outfit – MacMoragh & Muse Petite Female Clothing (free / 0L / PAM)


This beautiful fairy dress is not free, but I wanted to show it to you anyway! The Fairy Dress RED is a limited edition from *G Field* just for the Anniversary Market: you get the dress, wings, head wreath, and leg ribbons, all for 100L. If you’re looking for a cute fairy dress at a great value – in the perfect color for Valentine’s Day – you’ll want to check this one out. It will only be available at the sale price during the Anniversary Market, so don’t delay!

Complete Outfit – *G Field* Fairy Dress RED (100L / PAM)

Lots more freebies are available at the carnival, located upstairs from the Anniversary Market. I’m sorry to say that I was not very good at any of the games, although I did mange to score a hula hoop and a jelly bean shooter. There are some really nice prizes available, so I’m sure I’ll go back and try my luck again! Also, some of the vendors in the regular sales areas have freebies set out, so be sure to take a look around. I even found a couple of the crystals still out from the Crystal Hunt held several months ago!

FYI, if you land at the regular landing spot, look or fly around to find the floating, purple cake – that’s where the Anniversary Market and carnival are located. I couldn’t find a way to TP over, but there is a long suspension bridge to walk across… or you can just fly. That’s why fairies have wings, right? 🙂

* * * * *

Serena is also wearing…

Petite Avatar – Al Vulo Livia Fairy (not free)

Eyes – Al Vulo Autumn (not free / included with avatar)

Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ Monique Petite (not free)

Necklace – !Elemental Petite Drew-Darks (on sale / 70L)

Earrings – !Elemental Petite Drew-Darks (on sale / 50L)

Armlet – !Elemental Petite Gold & Red Rose (1L / RARH)

Poses by {exposeur} (not free)

Location – Petite Avatar Kingdom

Author: Serena Snowfield

Just a girl who loves photography, shopping, coffee, and dogs. Not always in that order.

10 thoughts on “Happy 1st Anniversary, Petites!

  1. With the “cheapest” petite base avatar costing more than L$1000, many people won’t even start. And not having it, of course they will not get these clothes even for free.


  2. Just love those petites and yours is adorable <3<3


  3. Thank you, Love & ~Xiu~! I tried on quite a few petite avis, but I really liked the one from Al Vulo. 🙂


  4. That’s certainly understandable, Whisper Blue. I have seen complete avatar giveaways and hunt items, but nothing much recently. I do know there are a couple of good hunts for petites coming up, so many there will be some avis available to find. I’ll keep my eyes open!


  5. @Serena, perhaps not everyone has or can afford a petite avatar…but Fab Free serves everyone in SL…including those who already do have or ARE a petite avatar. One of the best things about SL is that you can be anything you want to be…it isn’t just limited to being a human avatar. To that end, it is wonderful that you took the time to be helpful for that segment of our SL world. Isn’t it a wonderful place with such diversity. Thanks again for posting these great items for petites. I don’t have one but I think they are just adorable. <3<3


  6. Wise words, ~Xiu~, and I couldn’t agree more. We do try to serve as many different segments of the SL population as possible here at FabFree. I actually got into petites because my RL daughter LOVES seeing me dress up like a fairy and fly around… although, I’ll admit now that it brings out my inner “little girl,” and I enjoy it too. 😉 I even have a purple hamster avi that I pull out to make her giggle. Neither were free, but I try to consider the time and huge effort that the designers put into making these items… especially for petites. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to make such detailed items that are so TINY! While many, many designers are very generous with their gifts, they do deserve to be compensated for their hard work whenever possible. Thank you for your kind words, ~Xiu~! ❤


  7. Did I see a free petite avatar in the new Mad Pea Love Potion #9.9Hunt? Or is it an outfit for the petite avatars? I couldnt tell from the prize preview.


  8. Good question! From what I could tell, it looked like a skin (or avatar?) for a regular-sized avatar. There was a petite outfit that looked cute, though. 🙂


  9. No its a free outfit from the Mad Peas Love Potion Hunt.

    ~Synful Aeon~
    Mad Pea Crew