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Look What Rispetto’s Got Under the Tree!


A few days ago, Khayman Karlsvalt asked me to check out what he put under his tree at Rispetto’s.  And just in time too.. I was about to go do some shopping of my own for some winter clothes! If you check it out for yourself, you’ll find he’s got the first 5 gifts for men under the tree with more to come! I know you’re not supposed to open your presents before Christmas, but if you’re like Love you can carefully unwrap them, check them out and wrap ’em back up without anyone noticing!

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the two really nice mesh knit sweaters (green and blue) and three pairs of comfy mesh jeans (blue, black, and brown)! The combination has a loose comfortable fit that is perfect for cold weather and great looking to boot! So start your Christmas shopping at Rispetto’s and raid his Tree!





Cal is wearing:

Hair – Truth Drake (Not Free)


Eyes – IKON Eternal Eyes – Peak Member Gift (Free/Free to join)


Skin – Belleza Johan Tan 3E (Not Free)




Outfit – Rispetto Men’s Christmas Gifts 1 – 5 (Free)





Author: Calgon Foxdale

Surfin my way around SL!

4 thoughts on “Look What Rispetto’s Got Under the Tree!

  1. Just so you know… I have totally outgrown that whole thing. SHOOSH!


  2. Lookin’ good, Cal! Unwrap and re-wrap… brilliant! 🙂


  3. haha I bet you still do it Love! Nice mesh mens clothes! I’m going to drag a friend of mine there..he is having a fashion emergency and is in denial about it! Men!


  4. Thank you Serena and Lyric 🙂 And you sooo still do, Love :p