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From Russia With Love (Shaken Not Stirred Hunt pt 1)


I saw her across hazy atmosphere of the room, dancing on the bar.  She had unfettered  blond hair, a smile that could disarm a mercenary and legs that went all the way down to the floor. I was there to meet a contact for my present mission and I had a few minutes, so I figured I would use it effectively.  “May I join you?”

She looked me up and down and replied, “it would be my pleasure, Mr….?”

“Foxdale… Calgon Foxdale, and the pleasure is all mine, Miss….?”

“I am Love Muffin.”

“Of course you are,” I smiled back and offered my hand to help her down from the bar and into a nearby chair, then I took a seat next to her. I scanned the room, trying to spot my contact and then engaged Ms Muffin in conversation. During the course of the evening I discovered that she was my contact and looked forward to the possibilities….  Our mission was to locate a Russian operative and turn her. Love had already located her, and it was my job to convince her to come over to our side. We worked out the details and spent the rest of the evening enjoying ourselves (which included a really big bottle of champagne) before retiring to her apartment.


Scene 1 “Shakin’ and Stirrin'” Guess who’s doing the shakin’ and who’s doing the stirrin’!

Note the 007 shaker that you will be seeking in the hunt


Scene 2 “Rendezvous with the Contact”


Scene 3: “Making Contact”

The next morning we were on our way to the car, when we were ambushed by operatives hiding in the bushes. I had left my gun in my other pants so I quickly jumped behind Love (I couldn’t risk getting blood on my tux!) She made short work of the bad guys (she’s almost as good a shot as me) and we sped off to our destination with the Russian operative. Love and Cal will be back in the next post to tell you what happened next and to cover more stuff from the Shaken Not Stirred Hunt! Stay tuned!


Scene 4 “No! Please don’t hit the tux!”


Scene 5: “Getaway”

Love is wearing:

Scenes 1 through 3:

KOI Shaken Not Stirred Dress – Shaken Not Stirred Hunt Gift


Scenes 4 and 5:

Prism Domino Shaken Not Stirred – Shaken Not Stirred Hunt Gift


Cal is wearing:

Scenes 1 through 3:

Naughty Naughty Bond Tux – Shaken Not Stirred Hunt Gift


Scenes 4 and 5:

Exquisite Eye Decorations Image Tux



Scenes 1 and 2 – Bar in Rosewood by Ancient & Modern – Shaken Not Stirred Hunt Gift


Scene 3  – Rosengarten 007 Bottle (part of Rosengarten skybox hunt gift)


Scene 4 –  Co*Motion Bond Couples pose – Shaken Not Stirred Hunt Gift


Scene 5 – Creatif Designs 007 Car (driveable!) – Shaken Not Stirred Hunt Gift


Skybox ( Scenes 1 through 3) – Rosengarten Bond Skybox – Shaken Not Stirred Hunt Gift


Author: Calgon Foxdale

Surfin my way around SL!

2 thoughts on “From Russia With Love (Shaken Not Stirred Hunt pt 1)

  1. Great hunt to snag a free tux!


  2. Your posts are always entertaining Calgon! Keep em coming!


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