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Midnight at Travellers


Thanks everyone for helping with the midnight mania boards at Travellers! They finally locked down and I headed out to a jazz club in Downtown NYC to show off these two flashy suits. I think they both look stunning on the dance floor. Both suits come with the matching fedora and elegant shoes. Each one is on a midnight mania board and requires 50 slaps to lock down. You have to be in the Travellers group to slap them, but it’s free to join.


My Ronnie Sunglasses are the new group gift at SF Design and features a menu where you can change the color of the frames and lenses. This group has a 100L fee to join, but there are new group gifts every month. My Etoile Noir earrings are a group gift from Chop Zuey and I love how the diamonds shimmer and sparkle. This group has a 350L fee to join, but there are 2 gifts available at a time and new ones are added more than once a month. In fact, if you want these earrings you better hurry before they are swapped out for a new gift!


Get the Stuff!

*Travellers- Funky and Brown Suits (0L Group Midnight Mania) (Free to Join)

*SF Design- Ronnie Sunglasses (0L Group Gift) (100L to Join)

*Chop Zuey- Etoile Noir Earrings (0L Group Gift) (350L to Join)

= Photos shot on location at NY Jazz Club Ballroom =

Author: Kyle Beckett

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