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Are you Looking Casket Sharp?

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Love: “Go on, just stand by the coffin, I’ll take a picture”
Kyle: “You are always taking pictures…every time I turn around…AHHHH VAMPIRE!”
Love: “Oh yeah that’s a great face, hold that pose!”

The Casket Sharp hunt is still going on until Sept 18 and includes some nice gifts for 2L each. My outfit is the male gift at (#7) Wild Serenity and includes the red shirt with black pants. My muerto messenger bag is the male gift at (#14) Earth Bangles. The coffin behind me is the unisex gift from (#13) Decadent Courtesan and includes 6 built in poses. The hunt object to look for is a skull head with bow tie. A blue bow tie is a mens gift, a yellow bow tie is a women’s gift, and an orange bow tie is a unisex gift. Each gift is 2L each.

Get the Stuff!

*Wild Serenity- Casket Sharp Outfit (2L) (#7 Casket Sharp Hunt)

*Earth Bangles- Muerto Messenger Bag (2L) (#14 Casket Sharp Hunt)

*Decadent Courtesan- Photo Coffin (2L) (#13 Casket Sharp Hunt)

*Casket Sharp Hunt Blog:

Author: Kyle Beckett

*Blogger for Virtual Male in SL. *Second Life, SL, and in SL are trademarks of Linden Research. * No infringement is intended.

One thought on “Are you Looking Casket Sharp?

  1. Guess it was a real Vampire Kyle – it didn’t show up in the picture! Great post 😛


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