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Foolish Love Letters


I have several awesome finds to show you.  The red Love Fool dress is the November group gift at Chrysalis.  The Chrysalis group is free to join.  The red Amsterdam heels are a past gift still available for Flax Pye for only L$10.  There is a L$250 enrollment fee to join the Flax Pye group and all three past gifts are available for L$10 each in store.  The black Yessenia Earrings are a sub-o gift from ELUZION.  The Zoe skin is one of 4 gifts from DeeTaleZ at the Vintage Fair.  The blond Pause Puff hair is a new freebie at Analog Dog.  There are 3 new free hairs in the bubbles on the beach (follow the red beacon light so you don’t get lost!).  Don’t worry if you missed out on the older Analog Dog gifts, they are still available free in one of the beach bubbles.  The 19 prim Old Fireplace and accessories is this week’s Taste of SL discounted item at Dreamscapes Art Gallery for only L$99.  Dreamscapes is the featured designer this week so the Cardboard box with Frames & Love Letter is a free gift for TOSL group members.


*Chrysalis: Love Fool Dress (Group – L$0)

*Flax Pye: Amsterdam Heels (Group/Fee – L$10)

*ELUZION: Yessenia Earrings (SOM – L$0)

*Analog Dog: Pause Puff Hair (L$0)

*DeeTaleZ: Zoe Skin (L$0)

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)

*Dreamscapes Art Gallery: The Old Fireplace (L$99), Cardboard w/ Frame & Love Letter (Group – L$0)



Author: Renee Lowenhart

Fabulously Free in SL ☆FabFree Blogger: www.fabfree.wordpress.com☆ ★Owner of the FabFree and FabLucky in world groups★

9 thoughts on “Foolish Love Letters

  1. I’ve been over this Flickr map again and again. I’ve spent at least an hour circling the fair today and I can’t find Deetalez at all. Can you tell me which store it is? http://www.flickr.com/photos/keiraseerose/6326972973/sizes/l/in/photostream/


  2. It’s exactly at the slurl posted. Follow the red beacon light.


  3. Thank you Renee. I have to admit I haven’t seen the beacon light in quite a long while. Do you know if there is an option to turn that off and on? I’m thinking that maybe I need to enable it again. I’ve been using the SL viewer and just keeping it up to date. (The new changes have been a hassle to get used to).

    Going to look again. Thank you.


  4. No beacon light I can find. I even tried to find that exact location on the world map and it said not found. I walked up and down both sides of that street (without crossing sims because I am assuming it is on the side the slurl dropped me) and I still cannot find that store.

    Is there another name that the store is listed at while at the Vintage Fair? (Grasping at straws but I just can’t find it. It isn’t even on the Flickr map!).


  5. I use Phoenix because I also do not like the drastic changes to the main viewer. I jumped on the main SL viewer to locate the beacon light. To enable the beacon go to the advanced menu (ctrl+alt+D), the Highlighting and Visibility, then finally make sure Cheesy Beacon is checked.


  6. I just went back and it definitely is still there. d.select or DeetaleZ is next to VCD and Bother. I would of TPed you but I need the full name. Hope that helps. But really enable Cheesy Beacon Light and it points right to the skins.


  7. I’d rather have Cheesy Bacon.


  8. I agree with Carson! One of the things I never liked about the beacon was that it never seemed to go away after I found what I was looking for.

    Thank you again Renee! I’ll find it now! 😀