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Morning Decisions


LashWare- Lucas  LAP

I don’t know about you, but I hate the decision every morning of what to wear. With the Lucas Outfit from LashWare, you have five different styles to choose from. Maybe I’ll go with the red button down shirt and Pinstriped pants.

I could wear he dragon shirt, but hat might be a bit much for work.

LashWare- Lucas Dragon

I could cover it with a vest. Hrmmm… I can’t make up my mind.

LashWare - Shirt and Vest
The Turtleneck looks nice. I may go with this one.

LashWare - Turtleneck

But the turtleneck and the vest looks good too. All these combinations for just $25L.  What a deal!

LashWare Turtleneck and Vest

I’m dressed and I STILL have time before I leave. That NEVER happens! I’ll just relax on the Black Lounge Set I found for just $1L at Ocean View Apartments.  This set is only five prims and there are sit poses and the couch can hold up to four people. The table and rug are modifiable to fit any space.

Ocean View Apartments - Black Lounge Set ($1L)

* LashWare- Lucas Outfit ($25L)

* Ocean View Apartments – Black Lounge Set ($1L)

* Poses – Long Awkward Pose
Not Free

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2 thoughts on “Morning Decisions

  1. Great outfits! Question… Were you late for work? lol


  2. Naw… I’m never late to work. My dog shoves me out the door so she can get her morning treat.