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Avatar Bizarre - Monacle of the Dragon,  CoLLisions - Pandemonium Necklace, Grim Bros. - Mister Mechano Shoulder Guy

Our hero and his trusty sidekick Mister Mechano from Grim Bros. survey the city.  His Pandemonium Necklace from CoLLisions begins to glow. “Danger is afoot” he thinks to himself, as he uses the Monacle of the Dragon from Avatar Bizarre for a closer look.

Striking a pose in his costume, the Steam Pants, Shirt, Boots & Gloves found at A&S Visions, he sees his prey coming out of the bar.

Aftershok - Steam Pants, Shirt, Boots and Gloves

Taking careful aim using his Steam-Powered Arm Implant from MAJD , he fires his Land Of Nod Steam-Powered Grappling Gun and swings into action…

NoddyStuff  - Steam-powered Grappling Gun, [param]  - steam powered arm implant

* Land Of Nod – NoddyStuff –  Steam-Powered Grappling Gun ($0L)
Steam 5 Hunt

* MAJD – [param] – Steam-Powered Arm Implant  ($0L)
Steam 5 Hunt

* A&S Visions – Aftershok – Steam Pants, Shirt, Boots & Gloves ($0L)
Steam 5 Hunt

* Avatar Bizarre – Monacle of the Dragon ($0L)
Steam 5 Hunt

* CoLLisions – Pandemonium Necklace ($0L)
Steam 5 Hunt

* Grim Bros. – Mister Mechano Shoulder Guy ($0L)
Steam 5 Hunt

* Poses – Embody Shapes & Poses
Not Free

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