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Home Defense

Home Defense

I’m settling in at my new home. I just want to thank all the people who offered me various kinds of assistance in the past couple of days and to the good people at Linden Labs who promptly answered my ticket and helped me get my objects back.

With all the confusion I’ve dealt with, my inventory is overflowing with items I’ve picked up, but not had time to get posted. Poison has two items that I liked. The new item on the Midnight Mania Board is the White Rock Shirt. And while you are there, there is still time to find the To Rasgao Jeans, the hunt gift in the Ocio Xtreme Hunt that ends on August 21st.

Poison - White Rock Shirt, To Rasgao Jeans

I also picked up some added defense for my new home. Join the Sub-o-Matic at [BUKKA] and look in the past notices for the Buttle Belt. The belt is battle ready with a gun and bombs. No one is ever going to take my things again.  🙂

[BUKKA]  - Buttle belt

* Poison – White Rock Shirt ($0L)
Midnight Mania Board
*Poison –  To Rasgao Jeans ($0L)
Ocio Xtreme Hunt

* [BUKKA] – Buttle Belt ($0L)
Sub-o-matic Gift

* In Her Shoes – Black Sneakers ($0L)

* Poses – Bescene Poses and OoO Studio
Not Free

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