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Return To The Library ~ Part 4

This is the final post of the newest library items. It’s been fun discovering all of the avatars that were already in my inventory that I knew nothing about… robots, vehitars, furries, and more human avatars! I saved the human avatars for my last post because it not only includes the newer ones but also some of the ones from Renee’s library post incase you missed them.

From left to right are the female and male versions of the: Average avatar, Bollywood avatar, Student avatar, and rocker avatar.
female avatar collage 1
male collage 1

The second set, from left to right on both the male and female collages include: Party avatar, Goth avatar, Fantasy avatar, and Cyborg avatar.
female avatar collage 2
male collage 2

The final collage includes: Cosplay avatar, City avatar, Designer avatar, and Action avatar.
female avatar collage 3
male collage 3

I hope you enjoyed discovering all of the new library items along with me! Sometimes we lose the things we knew were in our Inventories and sometimes we miss the the things that are right under our noses. 😛

Remember that all avatars need to be moved into a new folder outside of your Library to be worn.

You can hide your Library by going to advanced (ctrl+Atl+D) then debug settings, then type in noinventoryLibrary and set it to true.

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