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Hair Fair 2011 – Sim 1


As promised I am showing all of the many gifts and dollarbies from Hair Fair 2011.  Sim 1 has is packed with great designers.  Here are the L$0 – L$1 gifts I found on Hair Fair 1Independance Sim.  If I have missed any please leave me a comment and I will add it to this post when I can get back on the sim.

DERP. – Baggy T-Shirt, Sweat Pants, & Snug Socks

Digital Eyes – Classic Eyes (fatpack)

Esk-Imo – Vivi Hair (fatpack)

Fashionably Dead – Animal Print Swimsuit, Creeper Shades, & Cross Necklace

[Gauze] – Blue Nephra Pigtails, White Broken Hearted Obscura Hair, & Usa Rose Hair Ornimate (not shown)

Bliss Couture Hair – Orliang Hair in Caviar, Chocolat, Saffron, & Sugar

Donna Flora – MIGNON hair jewel

Pocket Mirrors – Melina Short Hair in Dark Blonde & Majestic

Split Ends – Ebony Vaneza Hair

WAKA & Yuki – New 170 Hair

MAD Designs Hair – Club Black Luz mohawk, Red Jude Short Hair, Ocean Deep Natural Eyes, Green Promise Eyes

Curious Kitties – Avyrinma [Type B] V3, Cindy [Type B] V3, Lemoria [Type B] V3, Lemoria [Type B] V3, Maylie [Type B] V3, Mhatter [Type A] V3, Viola [Type B] V3

Lelutka – PINNED Hair (fatpack)

Ivanka Akina – Romantic Poses (I had no one to pose with so you’ll have to imagine)

Hair Fair 1Independance

*Exodi: Sophie May Skin (Not Free)

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$100)



For a list of stores with gifts and direct slurls to each vendor see the FabFree blog:

Author: Renee Lowenhart

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11 thoughts on “Hair Fair 2011 – Sim 1

  1. You are one of the the ugliest and fattest model ever released in SL


  2. That’s your opinion Lilly and you are welcome to it. We do not use models in our pictures it is our SL selves. My shape is based upon my RL shape and I happen to be happy with the way I look. And really that’s all that should matter. I get complements about my shape often and also offers to sell it, but it is an original, one of a kind, based on my RL shape.


  3. then your RL self is terribly ugly and if people greet you by your shape then they honestly need to review their beauty concepts, your skin is cheap ass and you look like a noob and if your RL self has freebie skin and you look like a noob avatar I pity your partner, if you even got one, he or she must be either tard or blind maybe both


  4. haha, so pathetic you moderate comments now afraid people will call you an ugly fat cow


  5. We have always moderated comments, but I always approve them unless it’s spam.


  6. Thank you for posting these! I haven’t had a chance to go yet, but hoping to get there before the end. So much great stuff being put out.


  7. Great hairs! That body suit will come in great for fun at 80’s events!


  8. Thanks for blogging the hair fair freebies, it made it a lot easier to track everything down. Lilly needs to stop sippin the haterade.


  9. Lilly if you are so critical and insecure and feel threatened by a Beautiful person inside and out such as Renee then i think you need to show YOURSELF in the FABFree BLOG and lets put YOU up for display for the many people whom rave and read this blog while buying and going to places to get the clothing that RENEE and the other AVs wear so if RENEE looked so bad why does everyone go to the places she reccommends and dont say because the places are well known because they see it on people like RENEE to first catch their EYE. So in closing Lilly get you AV (Velumptuous or skinny) up here and display and model clothes for the rest of SL.. If you can’t do that then RENEE is more of an honest and i in MY OPINION a better person than you are. So if you can’t model then i would limit your comments to a small tweet instead of hiding behind your words,


  10. @Renee…you wear em well! Thanks for posting these!
    @lilly…Such immature, hateful words you do write…Renee is a beautiful avi and the fact that openly admits she based it on her real life shape shows true inner beauty and confidence, of which you have neither. Someday when you grow up, perhaps you will learn that outward appearance does not make the person, the inner light which you clearly lack, however does. Have a wonderful day! 🙂


  11. Thank you everyone for the nice comments!!! I don’t understand why in SL people think they can put down someone’s shape, where as in RL most would never do anything that mean.