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Random Freebies @ TART


I found out that Tart has random freebies scattered all over their store in cute black and red boxes. I think I found most of them, if not all of them. They plan to change freebies frequently so go grab these now and go back again to see what else they put out. I got these cute dresses for a night out or you can wear them as a long shirt with jeans or shorts underneath (I often do that).

details coming tonight or tomorrow

details coming tonight or tomorrow

And I also found a short leather top.

details coming tonight or tomorrow

I won’t tell you where each item is because part of the fun is wandering around the store and finding them for yourself – usually on their own little shelf.

red dress: Paris – red (L$0)
black dress: angie – black (L$0)
top: Roxy – black (L$0)

all found here:

* hair & skin are the same from my last post

3 thoughts on “Random Freebies @ TART

  1. Hello Magenta ,I saw your blog (http://magentaandel.wordpress.com/) and in there you wrote something about some settings that make snapshoots to be more good.. Can I get them? Thank you so much for replay,if you do.


  2. I thought I had figured it out but apparently my pictures are still a bit pixelated. Once I figure out the right formula, I’ll definitely share (maybe on my blog) – I just don’t want to tell you what I’m doing now if it isn’t working for me. 🙂


  3. You’re right,thanks again,i will check your blog !