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The Captain!


With all the help from Renee, because I just can’t find my way back easy in blogging, I am presenting to you this amazing (!!!) outfit! The Captains Outfit! I absolutely loohooveeee it! I wish I had this in all different colors! It is a temporarily gift, so you need to grab it RIGHT NOW! I am not sure for how long it is goint to be out there! Enjoy xxx ^^
Farah for FabFree
Although the colors are quite dark, this is a very fashionable outfit, and I wanted it to keep it in the captain/millitairy style and pair up with boots (thanks again Renee, for the tip!) but I think you easily wear stilleto heels with this!Farah for FabFree

hair – !lamb. Heart – Honeycomb Roots – 0L (subscribogift, blogged earlier by Renee)
skin – AtomicBambi-Tania-Pale-LT-Nude – not free
outfit and hat – ::C’est la vie !:: – Captains Outfit (clothing and hat) – team A.S.H openning gift – 0L
boots – *COCO*_FlatAnkleBoots(Black) – 0L (groupgift in store)


xxx Farah

Author: Farah Palmer

I love fashion, freebies, second life and blogging about it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/farahpalmer/ http://farahpalmer.wordpress.com

8 thoughts on “The Captain!

  1. loo hoo vee? do that rhyme with too groovy? why must you ALL lose your brains just because you blog?


  2. It’s quite obvious that it was written for emphasis. “I absolutely loohooveeee it!” translation for those without common sense, I absolutely love it! Maybe a little common sense and manners would do some good. Not all of the writers for this blog speak perfect English. Farah learned her English in SL and I think she does an amazing job.


  3. She looks to be emphasising the word love. They way the new generation and younger generations like to emphasize their words. It’s not losing brains at all, it’s the way of communication like we do when speaking only in text form. Common sense is really only needed to understand it 🙂



    You are lucky girl got it ㋡


  5. I love it! You look so cute!


  6. Lol!

    @ Renee, Sabryne thanks for explaining! … hehehehe lol

    English is not my first language as you all might have noticed…. hence the spelling and often missing words! I type it the way I say it… sooo if ya dun undastand it, just watch the pictures!

    xxx Farah


  7. sorry Farah:))
    I missed name XD
    Super COOOOOL Farah❤


  8. hii Kitt, sweet of you! thanks!


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