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Surfer Boy – part 1

It’s time to hop on your board, either on the waves or the asphalt. The Skate ‘N Surf Hunt starts at 22769 Casual Couture on this 86 store hunt. The hunt object is a small surf board. Here are a few of the many gifts you’ll find along the way.

22769 - Vintage Surfer Shorts and Tank

22769 Casual Couture – Vintage Surfer Shorts and Tank


Apricot Paws - Echo Shorts

Apricot Paws – Echo Shorts


Brat! Brown Hawaiian Board Shorts and Surf Board (2)

Brat! – Brown Hawaiian Board Shorts and Surf Board


.~subVersion~. surfsuitwetsuit - (2)

subVersion – Surfsuit/Wetsuit


Naughty Naughty - Island Wear (2)

Naughty Naughty – Island Wear


Dark Vision - Surfs Up Bar (2)

Dark Vision – Surfs Up Bar


.I.J&T Pose&Animations - Surf Pose

.I.J&T Pose&Animations - Surf Pose (2)

J&T Pose & Animations – Surf Poses

I have more beach wear to show you in my next post. And then we’ll move on to the skate park. 🙂 *shaka*

*22769 – Vintage Surfer Shorts and Tank ($0L)
Skate & Surf Hunt

*Apricot Paws – Echo Shorts ($0L)
Skate ‘N Surf Hunt

*Brat! – Brown Hawaiian Board Shorts and Surf Board ($0L)
Skate ‘N Surf Hunt

*subVersion – Surfsuit/Wetsuit ($0L)
Skate ‘N Surf Hunt

*Naughty Naughty – Island Wear ($0L)
Skate ‘N Surf Hunt

*Dark Vision – Surfs Up Bar ($0L)
Skate ‘N Surf Hunt

*J&T Pose & Animations – Surf Poses ($0L)
Skate ‘N Surf Hunt

*Poses – Glitterati
-Not Free-


Author: Carson Caiben

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