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Reila Nice

Reila Skins - Orange Sweater and Jeans ($0L) Group Gift

Look hot in the latest group gift from Reila Skins. The Orange Sweater and Jeans makes a great casual look. The group is free to join, so take advantage of the great find.

*Reila Skins – Orange Sweater and Jeans ($0L)
Group Gift

*Poses – BeScene Poses
Not Free


April Showers Bring May Group Gifts Early

I picked up a May group gift early at Wilson’s Designs for Men. The Grey Shirt and Black Jeans will help you make the transition from the cool spring mornings to the warmer days just ahead. Also remember former group gifts are still available if you haven’t already picked them up.

Wilson's - Grey Shirt and Black Jeans  ($0L)

The April group gift from SHIKI is still available. The Blue Tapa Outfit will make for great summer lounge wear or for just hanging out at the beach. The SHIKI group has a $100L joining fee, but like Wilson’s, their former group gifts are still available.

SHIKI-Tapa Blue outfit for men-vip April 2011

*Wilson’s – Grey Shirt and Black Jeans ($0L)
Group Gift

*SHIKI -Tapa Blue Outfit ($0L)
Group Gift – $100L Join Fee

*Poses – Long Awkward Pose
-Not Free-


Be Some Bunny

I’m a little late showing the VIP gift for + ezura + members but it is still available and besides it’s SL and we can wear bunny costumes any time of the year!  The Easter Bunny Set includes cuffs, ears, tail, and bodysuit.  It is currently free to join the + ezura + VIP group.  The black Damaris boots are not free but can be found at Purrfect 10.

Head over to the FabFree headquarters for the exclusive Lolita dress from + ezura +.  This dress is located in the back wall.

The peach Spring Dolly dress is the gift from  + ezura + for the Whiz Hunt.  The Whiz Hunt began April 15th and ends May 15th.  Search for the red flower to find the gift.  The Wolf hairstyle is a group gift at Me-I – Humanoidism.


*+ ezura +: Easter Bunny Set (Group – L$0) Spring Dolly Dress (Whiz Hunt – L$0)

*Purrfect 10: Damaris Boots (Not Free)

*Me-I – Humanoidism: Wolf Hair (L$0)

*Exodi: Sylvan Skin (Not Free)

*agapee: Poses (L$0 – L$50)




Happy Birthday Mynerva!

A very happy one year birthday celebration is going on at Mynerva right now 😀 You are looking for 5 cupcakes that are scattered around the ground floor and the second floor. There are four on the ground floor and one on the second 😀 You will have to join the Mynerva group (which costs 50L) and wear the group tag so you can claim the cupcakes.

Its not very often that I wear paler skins but these are so pretty and cute 😀 If you are a child avatar then there is a skin included in the prizes that is more suited to child avatars as it is from the childrens range of skins that Mynerva create.

The hunt will go on for three days, so I think that means that it will end on Monday 😀 The cupcakes are really easy to find so you should have it finished in no time at all!

~ Adele (B cup) Skin by Mynerva // Rhapzody Wilde – 0L

~ Adele (B Cup Tan) Skin by Mynerva // Rhapzody Wilde – 0L

~ Kiko Skin by Mynerva // Rhapzody Wilde – 0L

This is a much more flat chested skin. It has a very youthful look to the features.

~ Little Beckie skin by Mynerva // Rhapzody Wilde – 0L

This is a skin from Mynerva’s childrens skin range and is adorable. As you can see it works well on an adult size avatar also and would look equally adorable on fae or elven avatars.

~ Night Drow (B Cup Scar2 ) skin by Mynerva // Rhapzody Wilde – 0L

This is a gorgeous skin for those who enjoy being an elf or another fantasy creature in Second Life. There are 3 skins inside this pack which includes a cleavage option and another version of the scar 😀

The lingerie that I am wearing is called Applique created by Lovelace that isnt free but can be bought for 50L.

The hair that I am wearing is called Porcelain and is created by Magika. The hair isnt free but it can be bought for 220L. It comes with a HUD so you can change the colours of the little bows in the hair and make one half of the hair change to a different colour entirely just as I have done for the Night Drow picture 😀

I hope you have all had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend 😀

Best Selling Creations Hunt

I am writing today to tell you all about a hunt called The Best Selling Creations Hunt. It will be going on until 30th April so there are a few days left still for you to get the prizes. You can visit the blog for previews of items in the hunt and to get hints which will help you locate each prize 😀

One thing to remember is you must be subscribed to the LOW Group to be able to claim each prize. There should be kiosks around the stores for you to touch and subscribe before you start your hunting 😀

This is the item you are looking for 😀

~ Flirtini Dress by Vextra Fashions // Vextra Messing – 0L
~ Moonstone Necklace by Eden Jewels // Eden Galaxy – 0L
~ Light Box with poses by Glitterati // Katey Coppola – 0L

~ Heat Wrap Dress by Sassy! // Ivy Burner – 0L

~ Sweetheart Dress by Trendstyle // Emeliy Auer – 0L

~ Cupcake Seats by Indigo Oddities // Violet Draesia – 0L

The lighting made my feet go a funny colour in this picture :p lol

~ Sylvia Dress in Pink by Seldom Blue // IndigoBlue Dagostino – 0L

~ Batik Pamor Ireng Dress by Olegun // Billy Hadisson – 0L

~ Bisque Black Pants by Cynful // Cynthia Ultsch – 0L

The skin I am wearing is the Bitter Chocolate group gift skin made by Al Vulo which I can’t seem to take off at the moment. It is such a beautiful skin 😀

The hair I am wearing is called Baby and is free along with a few other styles inside the bubbles that you can find on the beach at Analog Dog 😀

I hope everyone is having a good week so far!

Excuse Me, Please??

Wetcat - WC

There are times a guy wants a little privacy. Now he can have his own space in his very own W.C. ( that’s water closet for those of us from across the pond). This fun group gift from WetCat Builds and Poses includes 6 poses and a swinging door for those…ummm.. private moments.

Wetcat - WC GG

I am wearing a $99L find on Marketplace. The Unisex Cut up Coveralls are from Made in the UK. It seemed only fitting I wear something British in the W.C. 🙂

Mi-UK NEw  Unisex 2011 Cut Up Overalls   $99L

*Made in the UK – Unisex 2011 Cut Up Overalls ($99L)

*Wetcat – “W.C.” ($0L)
Group Gift


Lucky Bukka

Bukka has new lucky chair gifts.  I won the navy and white border shirt and the denim wash skirt in the Bukka lucky chairs.  Click the shirt to change the length from long to short.  The sneaker wedges are L$30 at HOC Industries and include 8 colors.


*Bukka: Border Shirt/Denim Skirt (Lucky – L$0)

*HOC Industries: Sneaker Wedges (L$30)

*Amacci: Andrea Hair (Not Free)

*Exodi: Sylvan Skin (Not Free)

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)




Playful Bunny

LaVie Skins & Shapes has sexy male and female gifts to celebrate Easter.  The female Playful Bunny gift includes the Playful Bunny Hope skin, pale pink teddy, stockings, ears, and tail!  Carson showed the male Easter gift from LaVie earlier today.  Both the male and female skins are wearable all year long.  The Hope skin is a tan skin tone with pretty pink lips.  The male skin (shown earlier today by Carson Caiben) has two small playboy bunnies, one on the chest and one on the fine firm bottom.  🙂  The LaVie Skins & Shapes is free to join until May 31st.

The umber Saartje updo is the gift from Mina for the Slegghunt.

The Easter Poses are a free gift at exposure for a limited time only.


*LaVie Skins & Shapes: Playful Bunny (Group – L$0)

*G FIeld: Lace-Up Boots (Not Free)

*MINA: Saartje Hair (Slegg Hunt – L$0)

*exposeur: Easter Poses (L$0)




A Taste of R.icielli Chocolate

R.icielli is having a chocolate covered Easter hunt.  There are twenty large chocolate eggs priced at L$15  each hidden throughout the sim.  The eggs contain clothing and poses.  There are signs everywhere that show what the eggs contain, so you can pick and choose which eggs to buy.  The Easter hunt at R.icielli began April 18th and continues until the end of the month.  Normally I do not post hunts that cost, but the L$15 R.icielli gifts are of exceptional quality.  Here are some of the eggs I picked up.

13 – Maroon Paris Coat

3 – Pink Paris Highwaisted Skirt

5 – Sweet Green Margot Belt

7 – Sweet Green Marietta Mini Top

10 – Brown Maxine Poncho

1 – Purple Lindsay Coat

9 – Rose Scarllet Satin Vest

15 – Hot Pink Jeane Dress

12 – Indigo Alda Dress

16 – Capuccino Courtney Jacket

20 – Wine Chantal Jacket

18 – Fumme Lucretia Leather Jacket

17 – Coral Ivy Mini Blazer


*R.icielli: Easter Hunt (Hunt – L$15), Clarissa Jeans (Not Free)

*Fri.day: White Basic Cami (L$0)

*Purrfect 10: Cherry Blossom Gemini Heels (L$390)

EarthStones: Marquessa Jewelry (Group – L$0)

*EMO-tions: Dana Hair (Not Free)

*Exodi: March Sylvan Skin (Past Group Gift)

*Just A Pose: poses (Not Free)



Channelling His Inner Bunny

I found two different bunny looks for you to enjoy this Spring season. The first comes as a group gift from LaVie.

LaVie - Happy Easter Skin (2)

A free gift to LaVie members, the Happy Easter Skin comes in two tones and also comes with Ears, boxers, a Vest, Tie and Arm Cuffs. Treat your special someone to a night she won’t soon forget. The LaVie group is still free to join.

LaVie - Happy Easter Skin

For a fun bunny look, stop by sf design for their Monday Mania item.

sf design mens bunny costume - blue

The Blue Male Bunny Costume is a hopping good time. You can wear the hooded ears up or down.

sf design mens bunny costume - blue ($25L)

Don’t pull my tail. 🙂

*LaVie – Happy Easter Skin, Ears, Shorts, Vest, Tie & Cuffs ($0L)
Group Gift

*sf design – Male Bunny Costume ($25L)
Monday Mania

*Poses – Glitterati
-Not Free-