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My Pot of Gold

I went looking for gold and found it at Cilian’gel. Join the group for just $10L and look in the past notices. You’ll find a St. Patrick’s Day gift. Part of the gift includes Denim Pants and a Shamrock T-Shirt.

Cilian'gel Denim Pants &Shamrock T-Shirt ($0L)

Also in the gift are two sweaters. Choose the Dark Green/Copper Sweater.

Cilian'gel Dark Green-Copper Sweater

Or wear the Green/Grass Sweater. They both look and fit great.

Cilian'gel Green-Grass Sweater

But that isn’t the only group gift I found. GizzA Creations also has a group gift out for the holiday. Join the GizzA group and get Green Leather Pants, Hat, Shirt and Vest.

GizzA - St. Patrick's Day Male Outfit

I’ve found my pot of gold, I hope you find yours. 🙂

*Cilian’gel – Denim Pants, Shamrock Tee, Green Sweaters ($0L)
Group Gift – In Notices ($10L Join Fee)

*GizzA – St. Patrick’s Day Male Outfit ($0L)
Group Gift

*Poses – Glitterati
-Not Free-


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Diamond in the Rough

Stop by Zenith Fashions and look for the ring box in the Diamond Is Mine Hunt. Find it and Score the William Suit. This basic black suit comes with a pinstriped shirt and red bow tie.

=Zenith= William Suit Diamond Is Mine Hunt 2-

*Zenith Fashions – William Suit ($0L)
Diamond Is Mine Hunt 2

*Poses – Glitterati
-Not Free-



Have you been to 1-800-Bettie’s1-800-Bettie’s has vintage and retro clothing for men and women.  The best part is everything in the store is L$10 or less!  So here’s a few things I picked up to show you.

The Shimmer Swirls Dresses are L$10 each and come in berries, gold, mermaid, and pewter colors.  The chic hat and rolled hair is the perfect touch for any vintage look.  The hat hair is also L$10 at 1-800-Bettie’s.  The Fishtail gown was another must have for my inventory.  This gown also comes in a variety of colors.

With summer approaching a nice Onesie bathing suit is a must have for any vintage girl.  The swimsuit also includes the bathing cap with four hair colors to choose from.

I also picked up the tweed vintage swing coat and Shimmy hair for only L$10 each at 1-800-Bettie’s.

Also join the sub-o at 1-800-Bettie’s for the teal Cocktail Hour dress and earrings.  This is just a few of the items you can find at 1-800-Bettie’s.  Be sure to drag your male friends over because there is a section for the guys too.  *Maybe Carson will show us some of the male items later*



*1-800-Bettie’s: All Clothing & Hair (L$10)

*Duh!: Classic Patent Pumps (L$25)

*Exodi: Sylvan Skin (Not Free)

*Glitterati: Poses (Not Free)




Seeing Green for St Paddys Day

The grid is turning green with Saint Patrick’s day gifts.  Unlike Carson, I am Irish or at least a tad bit Irish.  Just like many Americans my veins flow with the blood from many nationalities.  It should come as no surprise that I love green so I’m all for any excuse to wear green!  Here are a few St. Patrick’s day gifts that have accumulated in my inventory.

Elemiah Design has the shamrock Pat dress and sculpted Cosmo ensemble as gifts near the store entrance.  The brown Milena boots are a group gift for Giereh members.  The Patricks Day balloon dress, clover tights, and clover earrings are in the free gift at G FIeld.  The slim fitting Fern color jeans and hearts tank were sent to the DCNY sub-o members

Has Been sent the green Sweet Sinner dress to sub-o members this month, while LooLoo sub-o members received the green sparkle net dress this month.  The twig Antlers are a group gift for Illusory members.  There is a L$100 fee to join the Illusory group while the gift is available.  The blonde Duck Curl hair, necklace, and hair clip were sent to the Avon+Alpha sub-o members earlier this month.  If you missed this gift click the sub-o and have the second notice (sent on March 6th) redelivered.  There is also a darker color available for L$1 near the front counter.

Attitudes has two really cute lingerie sets for the lucky ladies in the group.  The St. Patrick’s Cite bra and panty set has a cute shamrock print and the Jussieu lingerie is a delicate lace.  There also is a shamrock boxer set for the Attitudes male members.

For those who really don’t care for green, there’s still many goodies for you available!  The Lucky You gift was sent to Jane sub-o members and contains two styles of lil piggies socks, the rainbow tee in milk and powder blue, and the renew cutoff denim jeans.  Hucci sub-o members were sent the red Carrie tank a few days ago.  If you missed either of these they are available for redelivery.

The skin is from the new Sylvan line from Exodi which was released March 11th.  The skin comes in five skin tones and with light brows, dark brows, red brows, cleavage and freckle options.  A single skin is L$1000, a pack of 5 skins is L$3000 and the fatpacks are L$7500.  I think my favorite thing about these skins are the skin tones.  The vivante skin tone in the Sylvan skins is more peachy and realistic.


*G FIeld: St. Patrick’s Day Balloon Dress (L$0)

*Elemiah Design: Pat Dress (L$0)

*DCNY: St. Pat’s Outfit (SOM – L$0)

*Has Been: Sweet Sinner Dress (SOM – L$0)

*LooLoo: Green Sparkle Dress (SOM – L$0)

*Jane: Lucky You Gift (L$0)

*Hucci: Carrie Tank (SOM – L$0)

*Attitudes: St. Patrick’s Cite & Jussieu lingerie (Group – L$0)

*Giereh: Brown Milena Boots (Group – L$0)

*Illusory: Clover Antler Twig (Group – L$0)

*Avon+Alpha: Duck Curl Hair, Necklace & Hair Clip (Group – L$0)

*Exodi: Sylvan Skin (Not Free)

*Glitterati: Poses (Not Free)



P.S. I have a nasty upper respiratory infection and haven’t been on much lately but will try to catch up soon!