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City XY


Just off the shuttle, he steps off the platform and into the streets.

He is waiting.

For what no one yet knows, though the street lamps cast shadows on his face, playing at the look of longing set there.

Papers flutter in the wind, through the dark allies splashed with colourful signs. Nearby a telephone rings on the wall. He looks at it. It rings again. Does he dare lift it? Is this what he has been waiting for?

He picks it up, eagerly awaiting something, anything, to get him away from his dull life from beyond the wall.

A rat scuttles along the wall, not paying much mind to the soft whispers omitting from the receiver. There are things to do, food to find, in the vast maze of The City.

Hair-EMO-tions: Wild at Heart Hair (Instore Gift – L$0)
Hairbase-Arcavim: Crescent 75% (Gift at KMadd Freebie Center – L$0)
Eyes-Roly-Poly: Glass Eyes in Charcoal (Instore Gift – L$0)
Skin-Essences: David 2 (Instore Item – Not Free)
Goatee-EMO-tions: Darren chin goatee (Instore Gift – L$0)
Necklace-Deviant Designs: Serial Killer Necklace for the “Serial Killers” Hunt (Hunt Gift – L$0)
Finger Tape-Luck Inc: Finger Tapes (Instore Item – L$1)
Hoodie-Upper Man: Yellow Striped Hoodie (Instore Group Gift – L$0)
Pants-KamreK Creations: Black Pants (Instore Group Gift – L$0)
Boots-Edge Grafica: 31 Engineer Boots (The Marketplace Item – L$1)

Poses by Purple(Not Free), Sterling Artistry(Not Free), Static Beauty(L$1) and Di’s Opera(free for Pro Posers Hunt)
Location: Next South Sim for City of Doom RP

4 thoughts on “City XY

  1. Great blog post and I love the pics!


  2. Okay love this look and the goatee 😉


  3. @ Abra

    Glad you liked it! Ya it was a good set of shots. Somewhat easy to do when you have such a great background. I think you will enjoy the sim very much, as I know you like exploring too. Can’t wait to see if you use it on your feed. I know you will create the most wonderful womens look, so perfect for it.

    I think I forgot to put these up on flickr. OOPS!

    @ Renee

    It’s always a pleasure when I make you enjoy something enough to get you to comment. Means I’m doing something right.

    Thanks for the tip on the goatee, they ended up having the perfect hair to match it, so naturally threw that up too.


  4. Nice post Sto’
    goatee is great, thanks