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The Devil has lots of numbers, why the hell does he need yours?


Hi everyone!

So there was a bit of drama last week, some of you may know about it, some of you may not. Either way it doesn’t matter much. I do have to say in response to all of you that sent me notecards, RL came up, and I was across country for the week for work. It had nothing to do with the above said drama.

Altho the drama itself was very negative, it has allowed me to sit back and look at a few things I’d been doing differently on this blog, from my own blog.

I hope you enjoy the changes I will be implementing.

So here I am, The Devil, come to tempt you. I have done so with the whole Senior Team of FabFree, you know The Devil is a manwhore at heart? People don’t understand why I got the job here. I could yet again say it’s due to me being The Devil, oh wait, I guess I did just say it again. I’m so good that Renee, Whisper and Carson don’t even know why they accepted a noob like me on the team to begin with. There are rumors of how I got to the top, like with most professions. You don’t become the devil overnight. Could explain why I always seem to have my shirt off in these posts. You know, after my first post and all, that orange shirt, I’m told it’s best to keep them off, the viewers would rather see my nipples then that sort of shading again. But what do I know? Noob remember, ’cause that explains all. At least you can tell I’m clean(whilst wearing no shirt), and not that dirty guy sitting in the corner of that party, with some O Dur Toilet(yes I know it’s really Eau de Toilette, kkthanxbye).

The Devil is wearing:

Hair-Bryce Designs: Icarus in Ink (Instore Gift – L$0)
Horns-Tekeli-li: Efreet Horns (Instore Item – L$1)
Eyes-Birth: Demon Eyes (Inworld Group Gift – L$0)
Piercing-Dark Desires Custom Tattoos: Ankh Cross Lip Piercing (Hunt Item – L$0)
Skin-Birth: Demonskin (Inworld Group Gift – L$0)
Tattoo on Arms-NeoIcanadi: Elements Tattoo (The Marketplace Gift – L$0)
Tattoo on Chest-XWD Studio: Stay far from Me in medium tone (Part of a Gift at KMadd Freebie Center – L$0)
Wings-Material Squirrel: Mercure Galant Wings in Red (Lucky Board – L$0)
Dagger-Tekeli-li: Efreet Dagger (Instore Item – L$1)
Kilt-The Maniac: The Crusher (The Marketplace Deal – L$10)
Tights-Snatch: Goth Tights (Instore Gift – L$0)
Boots-In Her Shoes: Leather Boots in Deepest Red (Instore Gift – L$0)

Poses by Purple

Location: Devil’s Labrynth by MadPea

8 thoughts on “The Devil has lots of numbers, why the hell does he need yours?

  1. Great post!
    Thanks for adding the location too 🙂


  2. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I love that you find so many free skins for guys. And new freebie at Tekeli-li? BTW, the kilt look good on you.


  3. @ Khalania


    I’m glad to ber back, and will bring you guys some more outfits soon,

    @ Lillbish

    ya, I do that on my own blog, figured you guys would enjoy it too, the build is actually really crazy, the first room in the volcano is all fire and brimstone. If people hadn’t been playing in there, I would have done the shots there. But it’s worth a good look anyways.


  4. @ Marianne

    Ya, well it helps having an all free account(finding the free skins), I really don’t have a choice, unless a friend deems they want to help and get me something. I was going to evaluate getting some lindens brought in, but sort of like that my posts are all for the most part free. I did win 4 lindens on a lucky board, so that is where the money came from for the Tekeli-li items. The Tekeli-li items were originally from hairfair it said in a notecard. So if you went, and still haven’t sorted all the gifts, you probly have it in your inventory.

    The kilt is fab, it was free, but it got update, it’s even better now.

    I keep hearing too that for the most part, the ladies pick up everything in the posts too, so I’m glad that I’m helping both sexes.


  5. Ignore the haters, Stolan. I enjoy your posts–you have a unique perspective on guys’ clothing, and I like your fresh eye. Keep up the good work!


  6. Great post! That location is cool looking, so is the avi.


  7. @ Sindyr

    Ya that was just me having a bit of fun, a mild getback you could say. I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t want to, so thanks for the support!

    @ Sabryne

    Ya, I do location shoots for my own blog, and it’s one of the things I am going to cross over to here. It’s a bit harder to see detial that way, but people seem to like it more, and I like the traveling.

    You’ll be seeing as many great locations as I can find!