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:sey WHAT?!


Hey guys,

Sorry it’s been a few days since my last post, I’ve been on the sick side. Bleh! I’ve found a few goodies though that brightened my mood and so I thought I’d share. 😀

I was playing around with a face emoter, and this expression just made me giggle. Reminds me of the face I use to always give my mother when she’d serve pork chops. (I hate pork chops, in case you didn’t realize)

This top can be found at Graffitiwear in the lucky…or I should say, UNlucky dip. Have you seen those things? A tub of goo with wiggling tentacles…ick. Still, two rotten apples and a shower later, I won the fatpack of these Exotic Tops which come in blue, green, purple (shown) and red. Well worth the wait and effort as long as you don’t mind a little monster lovin’ once in awhile from that tentacled guy!

Also newly released from Graffitiwear are these brightly colored art jeans, which can be found on the lucky board. I went to a sixties party wearing these jeans paired with one of the exotic tops, an I won 300L! Any of the tops pair perfectly with the pants and there you go! A perfect themed party outfit for a grand total of 0L! Of course, you don’t HAVE to wear these to a party; they’re great if you feel like wearing a splash of color while prancing around the grid. 😀 Be sure to slap the midnight mania board, which I saw is loaded with a new gift. Only 40 slaps needed to snag the cute “Urbanita” outfit, which includes a blue twisted tube top, cute mini jean skirt, and two-toned slouch boots. At the time of this post, the board was at 14 out of 40 so hurry!

Being the social butterfly that I am, *coughs* I attended another delightful little soiree with a good DJ pal of mine. We were chatting in local about stores we liked around the grid and she mentioned how much she loved :sey. Well, I’d never heard of this store. I checked past blogs and found Whisper had mentioned them before for some shoes. Turns out, there are a boatload of fabulous goodies for group members of that store. The group is free to enter, and I snapped a few pictures to display them for you!

Here we have a cute shirt. This :sey v-neck knit smile shirt is group gift 26, and also includes the top in blue.

What is a cute top without a pair of cute pants to go with it? Keep your tush toasty and stylish with these fun detailed Union Cross Jeans, which is group gift #14 from :sey. They pair nicely with several of the group gifts, as well as the Graffitiwear tops mentioned above.

Tired of those girly girl purses with glitter and tassles and all that…well, girly girlish stuff? Change things up a bit with this trunk set. I walked around wearing short shorts, a pretty pink top, and carrying this trunk and was pleased not only to get compliments and requests on where to find this trunk, but to find that it goes great with a contrasting casual look. :sey’s group gift number 8 will surely give you a grungy edge to your wardrobes. 🙂

For my final trick… er, I mean pic, I present to you this pretty Juno Golden Beryl Necklace, group gift number 16. Included with the necklace are three sets of earrings, not shown. There are a few other colors available as other gifts. Heck, there are SEVERAL other gifts at the store that I didn’t even get to. They are all set out under a glass countertop, waiting to be taken home. Make sure you are both in the group (again, free to join) and wearing the group tag to obtain these goodies. Happy shopping! 😀

:sey Mainstore – http://slurl.com/secondlife/GREED/173/164/26

Graffitiwear Mainstore – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sheol/119/221/130

Author: Ophelia Aldrin

┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ❤ Call me Ophe ┊ ☆ ┊ ❤ I believe in love, friendship, laughter, kindness, loyalty and trust. Music, the arts, and SL photography are my passions. My friends mean everything to me. I'm quiet, honest, thoughtful, modest, silly, funny, serious and many other things. I don't pretend, I am who I am in RL and SL. I'm also a proud blogger for Fabulously Free in SL! :D

5 thoughts on “:sey WHAT?!

  1. I’m so in love with those crazy pants. Might have to nab them and blog them on my own blog!


  2. Why am I not surprised? *laughs* 😀

    You’re funny!


  3. Hi Ophelia,

    I searched high and low forever to find the group joiner at the :Sey store and couldn’t find it anywhere! Any hints as to where it is? Really enjoying your posts!


  4. I went back to the store and checked and the group joiner appears to need a reboot. I am sending the store owner a notecard on the issue. In the meantime, you can join the group from my profile in world 🙂

    You can also join from the store owner’s profile: risey Arai