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Life at the Alirium

The pinky Fawn dress was sent to the Bells Boutique sub-o group this morning.  I also stopped by Petunia for the smoke Chino shorts and orange lace trimmed tank.  These pieces are a dollarbie each through the weekend.

Head over to SYSY’s and pick up the cherry Sayang top for only L$1!  Don’t forget the ProPoser Hunt3 begins tomorrow!  The poses used in this post are the hunt gifts from HelaMiyo.  All the pictures were taken on the whimsical alirium sim.



*Bells Boutique: Fawn Dress (SOM – L$0)

*Petunia: Chino Shorts (L$1) Lace Tank (L$1)

*SYSY’s: Cherry Sayang Top (L$1)

*Shine: Monet Iris Eyes (L$0)

*Exile: Maureen Hair (L$0)

*Exodi:  Sylvan 2011 Skins (Group – L$0)

*HelaMiyo: Poses (ProPoser Hunt3 – L$0)




Then my date turned into a pig…

Isn’t that how it always happens?  You’re out having a wonderful time, dancing the night away, then the damn thing turns into a wild animal!  Anyway, I saw the wild boar at Petunia I had to pose with it.  The black leather chiffon sequin gown is the newest group gift for Hudson Clothing VIP group members.  The dress includes two different lengths and even shoes!

Try your luck for the white feather wrap dress from the lucky board at Hudson Clothing.  This outfit includes the dress, bangles, pumps, hat, and ciggy.



*Hudson Clothing: Leather Chiffon Sequin Dress (Group – L$0), Feather Wrapped Dress (Lucky – L$0)
Paektu ( 48/151/94 )

*Shine: Monet Iris Eyes (L$0)

*Exile: Kendra Hair (L$0)

*Exodi:  Sylvan 2011 Skins (Group – L$0)

**hate me and eat me*: Poses (ProPoser Hunt3 – L$0)




Suitably Yours

The What’s The News Hunt is yielding some great finds. At Lash-Ware , you can find the Leather Pants and Black Turtleneck. Whether casual or clubbing, this is a great look.

LW What's the news - Hunt Leather Pants and Black Turtleneck

Also part of the What’s The News Hunt, KamreK Creations has as the hunt gift, the White V-Neck Henley.

KamreK Creations WTN Hunt Henley (2)

Another hunt happening at KamreK Creations is the ADNY Hunt. I modeled the Acid Mold Jeans earlier but the gift also comes with a Leather Jacket and Green Polo.

ADNY #37 KamreK Creations Black Leather Jacket, Green V Polo, and Acid Mold Jeans


Finally, my friends at Aqua have given their latest group gift to their members. The SuitablyYours Lowrise Jeans & Blue Shirt with Tie found an immediate spot in my closet. The shirt and tie are versatile that also looks great with a jacket and dress pants.

AQUA - SuitablyYoursLowrise Jeans - Gift - Male


*LW – Leather Pants and Black Turtleneck -WTNH- ($0L)
Lash-Ware, Realm Wars (240, 174, 23)

*KamreK Creations – Henley – WTNH- ($0L)
*KamreK Creations – Leather Jacket, Green Polo, & Acid Mold Jeans – ADNY Hunt ($0L)
KamreK Creations, Gigli Terrace (220, 91, 1503)

*AQUA – SuitablyYours Lowrise Jeans & Blue Shirt w/ Tie – Group Gift – ($0L)
Aqua, ICON Lifestyle (36, 65, 21)

*Poses – Glitterati -Not Free-
Glitterati, Glitterati (128, 174, 22)



I am Heartsick without you near me

Heartsick sent out another VIP Group Gift today.. another preview of their upcoming skin line Spirit. Whereas the last preview sent the other day was a freebie for all, this one is exclusive to the VIP Group which you have to pay 250L to join.

There has been more work done to the skin since the last preview beta which is interesting as it shows the progression and the work that has gone into creating what I think is one of the most beautiful faces in SL. I have adored Heartsick skins right from the Wish range and these I think are my favourite to date. I can’t wait for the whole line to be released.

You get two skin tones, Reverie and Rapture and inside is choc full of options… You get the usual three cleavage, freckle, beautymark and V2 hair tattoo layer options but now also there are 3 eyebrow options (blonde, red and dark brown) and you can also choose to wear teeth or no teeth options. Now, teeth for me on skins have always been a love hate relationship as most can look odd, but there is a pouty cuteness to the teeth on these skins that Im finding myself liking more and more.

Anyways, enough of me yakking.. here are the pictures!

+ Spirit – Reverie +

+ Spirit – Rapture +

Remember you will need to pay 250L to join the Heartsick VIP Group. You can go instore to click the poster to join or look in my profile. The skins can be found in the group notices. They arent out in the store.

+ Spirit Preview Skins by Heartsick
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Viana%20Tropicana%20Island/44/226/1002 – Group Gift
250L joining fee or Free if you are in the VIP Group


Other Items

+ Bo Hair by Maitreya
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Maitreya%20Isle/178/175/23 – Not Free

+ Frozen eyes by Umedama
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Elderflower/64/124/23 – Free in little basket on the table

Take a Change in Exile

I was checking through group notices earlier and found this black mini dress that was sent to the Kunglers Fashion Design group almost a week ago.  I love how the dress looks with the white cut-out leggings from COCO Designs.  The Jane hair is one of the 9 new gifts at Exile.  When you walk in you’ll find the fatpack gifts on the left wall.  The tan Ilayda skin is the grand opening dollarbie for Change.  Strike the pose with one of 4 poses from *hate me and eat me* for the Proposer Hunt3.  The Proposer hunt begins tomorrow and is filled with amazing poses and props from over 50 designers!  The picture was taken while on a stroll at Battery Park in New York.



*Kunglers Fashion Design: Black Mini Dress (Group – L$0)

*Paris Metro: Fushia Avalon Gown (L$0)

*COCO: Cut-Out Leggings (Group – L$0)

*$GaNKeD$: Black Sherbet Jewelry Set (Not Free)

*Purrfect 10: Isabelle Boots (Not Free)

*Shine: Monet Iris Eyes (L$0)

*Exile: Jane Hair (L$0)

*Change: Ilayda Tan Skin (L$1)

**hate me and eat me*: Poses (ProPoser Hunt3 – L$0)