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Mmm, I love a good sour pickle ❤

I was chatting with Renee the other night, and she told me that her significant other (who shall remain nameless) was working on cleaning his inventory. My inventory is a wreck. Seriously, it’s a disgraceful wreck. I could hear my mom in real life nagging me and telling me that my clothes would all just get up and dance away if I didn’t get my bum in gear and clean. Well, dear old mom is NOT allowed in my Second Life!!! So to get her out of my head, I started to work on organization. Surprise, surprise… I found things I forgot I had! Allow me to show you…

I found a house! 😮 Thinking back, I recalled coming across a store called Sour Pickles. I had forgotten that I’d slapped a midnight mania board there for an adorable little house. Maybe my mom has a point about being organized, but shhh, I never said that. I rezzed the house and immediately remembered why I had slapped that board. Of course, I had to go and see if that store was still there and it is! Store owners Xandra Bressig and Virgo Panacek have a lot of new items there now, and the store looks different, but you can still find this block house on the midnight mania there. 30 slaps required to lock it down, and only 29 needed at the time of this posting.

The house has two rooms: a nice cozy size room and a smaller room. There are three etched windows that you can still see out of, and the home is modifiable. There is no front door, which can easily be remedied, OR I thought perhaps this would make a cute and interesting little store for someone. To make this space look more home-y, I rezzed out my furniture from my regular skybox. This furniture is NOT free, but it’s a great value. Everything is copyable, and there are a lot more pieces to this set that I did not show. I bought it at MB-CreationZ and the whole 16 piece set is $825L. There are many fantastic, fairly priced items and furniture sets at Minke Bailey’s store, and I highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t done so already. (**Note: The scenic view you see in the window is not a part of the house or the furniture set. It’s my own photo I took once and put up so that you all wouldn’t have to see the breedable horse butts that were pressed against the glass in ode to the moon!)

While I was bumming around Sour Pickles, I noticed a little gift box by the stairs. Of course, being the curious gal that I am, I inspected it. FREE GIFT! This cute mouth piercing is a charming but frustrating tease; sort of like dangling a carrot in front of a horse. I’ve got a nice cupcake in front of me, but my lips are pierced shut so I can’t eat it! It does make for an interesting conversation starter though. 😀

“Excuse me miss, did you know you had a delicious looking cupcake dangling from your lips?”
“Why yes, I did!”
“May I inquire as to WHY you have said cupcake dangling from your lips, and yet you seemingly have your mouth wired shut so that you may not partake of it’s sugary pink sweetness?”
“Because I can? I proudly display my love of pink sugary pastries!!” 😀

*** MB-CreationZ (Value Pack – 16 Piece Living Room Set “Sophistication in Winter” $825L) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Monevole/124/30/26

*** Sour Pickles Mainstore (Block House Midnight Mania, Lip Piercing gift by Stairs $0L) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Riemann/106/154/41

Author: Ophelia Aldrin

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