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Hey Mr.DJ

I really didn’t know how best to top my Octopus dress fiasco.

I took a few days to go about, trying to get inspired, and gave up.

When at DV8, I saw this kilt, and said oh yes, that is the one. It is one of the new group gifts from the store. The nice thing about the store is that the designers offer a lot to both sexes. Could be the fact that it’s a guy/girl team. I always see them talking in their group chat, sometimes just to shout the word bacon, and see who comes running. All the bits on this kilt are colour changeable. There is another colour in the MM board and a few different ones in the lucky chairs, if you not so up on Olive.

I for some reason thought that the kilt needed wings, and not really knowing where to go for free ones, I just hopped on to good old trusty SL Marketplace. I found a box that said Old Crap. I open said box. Throw on some wings.

Now these wings aren’t the best out there, this I know, even the designer says so on the marketplace ad. If you can’t handle glow on your computer, they wont impress your next date much, unless they are blind. But with glow, they are fab!

Now I’m not wearing my normal shape, it’s actually part of a package(not free) at the Dressing Room. Because of this I’m a lot shorter than usual, and it makes the kilt go into the floor. So you may need to mod it a bit to get it not to drag. It’s fine on my 7 foot shape(dude I’m really 7 feet, crazy!).

The tattoo is from Para Designs. They often are in hunts, and they have a very generous front desk filled with free and cheap items as a sample of the store’s quality goods.

Renee told me to go to Boon, and I already did, but sort of forgot to unpack the hair(probly, yes PROBLY,  got distracted sorting my makeup layers). I really like this messy look, and how you have to shift sideways to actually see my eyes. Oh! the eyes! they are made of real prims, and colour change. I’m wearing some headphones from SL Marketplace too, and tinted them to match the kilt. The skin is another offer at The Dressing Room(also not free).

I felt sort of spacey, and had been wanting to wear this necklace from Scars for a bit. I’m really glad it works and that I could share it with you. The necklaces come in both male and female sizes.

BOOTS! These bad boys you can get at KMadd’s Freebie Area. They are an offer from CheerNo. I don’t even take great photos and they look lickable. Don’t worry, I just took the tissue off them, so they aren’t even dirty.

Hair-Boon: IRK178 Hair in Chestnut (Instore Group Gift – L$0)
Headphones-Luminotic: (The Marketplace Gift – L$0)
Eyes-Primal Groove: Cyber Prim eyes (The Marketplace Gift – L$0)
Skin-CheerNo: Brent in Fireworks (Part of Discount Package – L$70)
Shape-CheerNo: SGAHOM Shape (Part of Discount Package – L$70)
Necklace-Scars: Saturn Necklace in Gold (Instore Gift – L$0)
Tattoo-Para Designs: Gypsy Tattoo (Instore Gift – L$0)
Wings-Luminotic: (The Marketplace Gift – L$0)
Kilt-DV8: Nihilus Cyber Kilt in Fallout (Instore Group Gift – L$0)
Boots-CheerNo: YAJI Boots in Monalisa-Two tones (Gift at KMadd Freebie Center – L$0)

All Poses by Purple(Not Free)

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