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It’s oh so magical…


Hey! I’m Ophelia, nice to meet you all! *shakes everyone’s hand* Okay, now that the formalities are out-of-the-way, let’s get started on the goodies!

Oceane’s Body Boutique is having a Magical Makeover Hunt. Woots! It began on December 30, 2010 and runs until January 15, 2011. There are 15 tiny little colored jars/bottles (whatever you want to call them) hidden around the village. The jars are really tiny and all different colors, so you will have to be patient and look hard, although they aren’t TOO difficult to find. There are no hints for the hunt, so don’t ask! Oceane herself stated that there are 2 upstairs in her main store, 6 downstairs in the same store (Got that? 8 jars in her store :D) and 7 more in the village. Included in the hunt are Seldom Blue, Dragon Lady’s Closet, and Chop Zuey.

This pretty Colors – Out of the Blue bracelet is one of the 15 gifts available in the hunt from Chop Zuey. It can be worn formally or casually. I personally really like the pretty textures and the different shades of blue. They complement each other nicely, don’t you think?

Moving on, you will find this lingerie set, which as you can see is uh…somewhat revealing. I love the color! The skin I am wearing is the new group gift from Exodi, Sylvan in Vivante. The VIP Exodi group is 250L to join, but the gifts from the generous owner Ryker Beck are well worth it. The hair is free at Truth and is called Jess. It comes in a fatpack full of a variety of colors. If you don’t have it already, I recommend checking it out, as it’s a very well made hair. This lingerie has made me realize I have a new-found need to find tattoo layer pasties! 😮

Ooo… butt shot! 😀 Just in case you didn’t realize, this is the back view of the same lingerie. —–>

BAM! My eyes make a BIG statement! I’m wearing hunt gift Oceane’s Eyes in Yasmin Green. These are nicely realistic looking. The pretty skin is yet another gift. It’s called Jade – Walk in the Woods in the color Honey. A more full body picture of the skin is coming up. Want to get someone’s attention? These eyelashes should do the trick. Roses n’ Thorns Lashes Green by Oceane… sounds painful, but don’t worry. These modifiable lashes can be placed just where you need them so you don’t get pricked in the eye 😉

Well here it is. A better idea of what the skin looks like overall. Nicely detailed shading and pretty makeup make this skin easy to use as a casual everyday skin, or a night on the town skin. The lingerie is from Seldom Blue in the hunt, and comes with an extra pair of pants and also stockings. Detachable frills under the bust add a fun little flair to the ensemble. My hair is not free. It’s Kira Hair 2 from LAQ Hair.

Girls, do you remember being young and playing in your mother’s makeup? If you were anything like me, you always went for the boldest, brightest colors. Feel like a pretty princess again with this bold skin from the hunt. The Shye Star Struck Glitter in the Coffee color is perfect for the girl who loves making a statement, or who just loves a variety of makeup choices in her inventory. Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of that one! 😀

Just another picture here of the same Shye skin as shown above, but here you can see the whole skin. Well… at least for the most part! Also, if you look at my hand, you will see yet another hunt gift 😀 The glove nail polish in the Walk in the Woods color adds a fun little flair to any outfit!

Tada! I’ve shown you a nice sampling of the goodies you will find on the hunt. There are still a few other gifts for you to find that I decided not to show you, because I don’t want the element of surprise taken out of the experience! This beautiful dress is a hunt gift from DragonLady’s Closest and it’s called Eva in Champagne trimmed in Coffee Bean.

Remember, there are 15 jars to find, and you have until January 15 to find them. All of the stores are on the same sim. You will not need to teleport outside of it to find any of the gifts. Just start at Oceane’s main store, and work your way around. Best of luck! 😀

Oh! P.S… Oceane’s group is free to join, and she is very kind and generous with her monthly gifts. There is a sexy black lingerie dollarbie at her store too, along with a lucky chair and a lucky cupcake. Seek those out too while you’re hunting around 😉

*** Exodi –  http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Warehouse/169/186/26

*** Oceane’s Body Boutique – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wunderville/38/95/22

*** Truth Hair – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Truth%20Hair/113/35/27

*** Laqroki Hair – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Laqroki/79/144/30

Author: Ophelia Aldrin

┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ❤ Call me Ophe ┊ ☆ ┊ ❤ I believe in love, friendship, laughter, kindness, loyalty and trust. Music, the arts, and SL photography are my passions. My friends mean everything to me. I'm quiet, honest, thoughtful, modest, silly, funny, serious and many other things. I don't pretend, I am who I am in RL and SL. I'm also a proud blogger for Fabulously Free in SL! :D

5 thoughts on “It’s oh so magical…

  1. Welcome to the team!

    Great first blog post ever! Keep your writing like that, and everyone will flock to read your posts, people want to have a laugh.

    I look forward to evolving on the blog with you, me the noob, you new to blogging.

    And yay! you found pasties.

    *ponders if he could get away with wearing pasties*


  2. Stolan – the pasties I was wearing, the bandaids, I already had. The two black dots were curtesy of my photo editing software. I still have to find some. And yeah… you could probably get away with wearing pasties… find some pink ones to go with your octopus skirt 😀

    Persephone – Thank you! I’m glad you like my post 🙂


  3. Wow, nice job Ophelia, I think you are a natural blogger. I loved the detail and the laughs, not to mention the flow of your writing. Looking foward to reading more from you. Keep up the good work, Renee has put together one really good team that reflects the entire group as a whole, or so I think.

    Again, Great job and looking foward to more..


  4. Thanks for posting the slurl’s like that, very handy! Works so much better with the viewer I use. Nice blog, hope to hear more from you soon!