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It be me! Stolan!


Hello everyone!

So excited to be here on this blog, glad to be a part of something bigger then just myself.

I really wasn’t sure how I was going to do my first post on here. I don’t follow any styles or rules really, I have yet to find my “Look”.

What I am going to do today is show you some really fun stuff I have been lucky enough to put together in a totally me sort of way. You’ll notice tho I may not be big on any certain style, I do love me some colour, and playing with things that might not be ment for men.

I also love LOVE challenges!

So it all started with these pants. There are actually 3 different colours on offer, but these ones just popped out for me. “Grab me up Stolan, hurry HURRY!” I can’t really tell you too much about the store(called Rude Rebel) other then it’s somewhat newish. The port that worried me was the shirt. I did not have a thing to go with these pants. Then I was contacted by Song Grayson. She gave me the answer I needed, tho at the time I did not know it. Song gave me a bunch of giftcards to a few different stores that carried male product. I went to the first place, Grumble Grumble, and found this orange shirt. Now sadly I can’t share the giftcard with everyone, but never fear! This shirt is a mear L$25!

I completed my look with a skin from Towa, out as a newyears gift instore. Then I threw on hair from Scars. I did however tint it to make it fit with orangy goodness a bit more.

I thought it would be good to show the awesomeness of this skin a bit, so you get another great hair find! This one is the Amacci SoM gift, and it even has a chic hair in the pack. These eyes are a new release from MysTique Salon. They are set for free until later tonight, so you got to go grab them really fast!


Hair-Scars: Koiwai in Red (Instore Gift – L$0)
Eyes-MysTique Salon: New Moon Eyes in Amber (Discounted New Release – L$0 for a very limited time)
Skin-Towa: Free Newyears Skin (Instore Gift – L$0)
Shirt-Grumble: Vneck Tee in Orange (Not Free – L$25)
Pants-Rude Rebel: Asian Pants in Brown (Instore Gift – L$0)



Hair-Amacci: Marc in Brown Auburn (SoM Gift- L$0)


I even managed to find boots! Took me a bit to learn how to mod them, but hey that is a part of the process right?


Boots-PeppermentBlue Bar: Leather Boots in Redish Brown (SoM Gift – L$0)


Now I couldn’t just do one outfit, had to do two!

Photos Nikolaidis dropped me this awesome package, which I didn’t even need to see to know it would be top notch. I visited his store on my 2 day in, cause I heard he had guyliner. I then had to retell my story about my wonderful store find, all the while calling the store ass. I was then grilled and told, no it’s not ass it’s A.S.S.(Another Shirt Shop). Still one of my fav places.

This silk however is not from A.S.S. itself, but from Photos’ other project, Al Jamal. It is the gift for the hunt “What’s the News”. It started on Jan 1st. For more info on the actual hunt, visit the blog here: http://w-t-n.blogspot.com/

I felt I needed a darker skin to go with it, to really show it off. I was in luck when I got a notice from the Skinthesis group I am inn. They still had their Make Him Over 5 huntgift out! But only until the end of today! So if you wish to have this wonderfully dark skin, you better go hunting, it’s not to hard, and there are hints in the group notices. I gave myself an edgier look with the mini mohawk

I just had to do a close up shot of the detail and quality of this silkset. Honest, not trying to show off my kendoll manjunk. It just happens to be there.


Hair-Bryce Designs: GloBoy in Ink (Instore Giftpack – L$0)
Eyes-Edge Grafica: Diseased Eyes in Dim Yellow (The Marketplace Gift – L$0)
Skin-Skinthesis: “Make Him Over 5” Hunt Gift Skin (Hunt Item – L$0)
Silk-Al Jamal: Razi Silks (Hunt Gift – L$0)


All poses are from SHISEIDo


***Special Thanks~~~

To all those that have welcomed me today, to all those who have given me things, to all those who have sent me landmarks and links to great deals, to all those who have helped me out when I needed it.

Now I know that was long, sorry I like to talk, so if you all don’t want me talking so much I can l keep that to my own blog, and just do more simpler posts. I can say they all wont be this crazy. I think I may have gotten a wee bit too excited =)

Till next time!

30 thoughts on “It be me! Stolan!

  1. Please learn the difference between ‘then’ and ‘than’ and run spell check – it only takes two seconds to do.


  2. Please.

    Please, for the love of God. Use spellcheck. Please.


  3. Great post 1st time out, Stolan! Welcome! Now, you are in some lofty company, with Renee, Carson and Whisper..lol

    BTW, the freebie Scars hair looks great on girls..at least on this girl *wink* 🙂


  4. Welcome to the world of FabFree, Stolan! Your first post was funny and informative, and had me giggling in RL. I may not be a guy, but I look forward to reading your future posts! 😀


  5. Boy, a couple, of commentators here need more fiber in their diets. If your purpose in life is to just leave negative comments; please be good at it and do it with correct grammar. Or better yet, you can just commend Stolan on a nice first post and keep the snark to yourselves.

    Nice post Stolan and welcome to the Fab Free Family.


  6. Woo, more bloggers! I look forward to seeing more of your posts here. Not only do we need more male bloggers, but we definitely need more fantasy-related content bloggers. 😉

    P.S. I must’ve skimmed on first read, cause I had to go and reread with my nose in the air to find these omgterriblypainful typos. xD


  7. @ Longtime Reader

    I *HATE* to do stuff like this, but I’m not the one to bring it up in the first place. The word THEN is used when linking certain events, and with matters of time. The 2 times I used it, it was used as such. Maybe you need to refresh yourself as to the uses?

    I did not connect it in the traditional sense of a proper sentance, which might actually be what threw you off, but I don’t blog in Essay form, I’d rather just write what comes to me.

    You will more then likely continue to see me blog starting time event sentances with THEN. If it’s going to bother you, I’d suggest you just skip my blog posts =)

    There are many other that will continue to enjoy them.

    @ both Longtime Reader and Emily

    Spelt check doesn’t always work it seems. The button was clicked, and you know what, who really cares, it really isn’t about that, and as someone in chat just said to me “What if english wasn’t your first language?” which as a matter of fact it isn’t. It is my 3rd.

    @ Ella

    Glad you liked the first post! And you know what? I wear girl hair often now, so you go ahead and where the dude hair all you want!


  8. @ Ophilia

    Thanks, I love a good laugh, and am always telling stories, so enjoy all you like!

    @ Common Sense

    I’d have to say I agree. It’s a blog about digital items, and as much as we love them, it’s not the end of the world if there is a few mistakes. It’s better just to enjoy it, and let little things be. Plus you never know how the other person would take it.

    Always remember, it could be worse.


  9. Stolan, you’ve made a great job with your first post, who cares what a bunch of snobs think? hehe!
    You do got some talent going on! Keep “polishing” it 🙂
    Looking forward for some new posts from you!


  10. Nice first try.
    Lets hope you can find better items than those awful low quality leggings and shirt. 🙂


  11. @ Lore

    Ya I had to too, and then found some that got left out in the mix. They are going to love me when I start with the slang from my country.

    @ Camilla

    I’m actually laughing mostly. But that being said, can’t just let it go. I mean, what if they attack someone with less of a constitution.

    I’m actually looking forward to who jumps me my next post!

    Glad you all liked it so much =)


  12. whoo cars how u spelll anyweigh?
    it dunt madder
    ur post was gud fer me!
    spellling dun care for any anglish ppls so just go girl u dun gudd


  13. Hi Stolan! Welcome to Fabfree. I think your post was cute! Always remember throughout your SL life that if it isn’t fun, don’t do it! So have fun, be yourself, and don’t worry about anything else.


  14. Unfortunately FabFree bloggers are met with a lot of critizim and negativity. I’m not sure if it is because of the blog’s popularity or if all SL blogger face this problem. People don’t realize that we do not get paid for what we do and that we are doing this to help others.


  15. Congrats on your first post, Stolan! Not bad at all as a first post :> I quite enjoyed reading it.

    I must agree with Renee. People don’t realise that you do something that is completely runned on idea.



  16. @ Max Headroom

    I’m sorry Max, but I’m not here to just bring you the top designers free items. That store with the leggings is new, I’d like to see you try to make better in your first attempt(those were in fact their first pants ever).

    Blogging is about promoting, just as much as it is about fun. Not every new store will be at top level when they start, it’s the potential that I blog about, and frankly I loved the colours of those pants.

    I hope you understand a bit more, or you will be vastly disapointed in my posts.

    Don’t let the fact that I’m a noob fool you, I know what is what.

    @ Superspeller

    I no rite? If I be good fer u, it be all that maters!

    @ Aemeth

    Makes me wonder how it’ll be when I start blogging with my ebil Twin Sister! FunFun for Sho!

    @ Renee

    If they only knew some of the trials bloggers go thru. I have been blogging, for other blogs and games mind you, for years. It’s much more about loving what you are doing, to be able to do it, then about making sure your University English Professor would mark it with an A.

    I’m glad to be here, and am now curious to see what my next blog will bring!


  17. Welcome to the blogs Stolan. Loved your post as well as Stolan Life. I think you did a great job and its nice to have another guy on here. I found you blog funny and informative. I am not looking for typos and such, when frankly I can pick up the New York Times or a number 1 bestseller and find them there as well.

    No one or nothing is perfect, and it’s a shame that not everyone realizes that fact. You got the position to write a blog, one that I enjoyed, job well done. As for others and his or her pet peeves and irks, get over it and move on. It really is not that serious. Again welcome and keep up the good work.


  18. Welcome, Stolan, to Fab Free.
    I am so glad you are here. I look for great clothes ideas for my SL man, and will be reading your interesting segments whenever you post. You GO, Stolan. 🙂
    As for those pants, my guy loves wacky things…and so do I.


  19. OMG Stolan~you are a breath of fresh air!

    I love your chattyness (if that is even a word?)! I love that you take any item you find & make it unisex!

    This post was great & I look forward to more!

    Welcome to FabFree!

    Song & the grils (rissa, Carissa & Stormy)


  20. Welcome !
    Don’t mind the grammarians – they’re just jealous *grin*
    Your posts made me chuckle (much needed), then go out hunting for stuffs.
    Wonderful to see another Blogger who can make something out of almost nothing, for so little, and for everybody.

    Thankies !!


  21. Excellent Post! very detailed, I loved it and I look forward to more of your posts in the future!


  22. @ Korii

    Totally right!

    And no worries about my enthusiasm, I got it in spades.

    @ JazzySerenade Serenity

    Ya if I wanted to write a novel, I’d obviously work things a bit differently. Blogs normally are on the fly, they tend to have the most mistakes across the net out of anything I have ever read.

    What I do double check is peoples names and store names, that is what the post is about, and getting one of those wrong is something I would be miffed at.

    Correctness where it counts!

    @ Mystery

    Well glad you liked it, I plan on bring lots of wack!

    @ Song

    Thanks again for your awesome gift!

    Chattyness can very well be a word, you will see me do things like that. I love linking words, like SUPERAWESOMETASTICAL!

    When something is that good, you got to make something up!

    I think most of what I’ll be wearing will work both ways, so bring on the babes! I tend to steal your guys’ stuff to wear all the time now anyways, so it’s only fair.

    @ ChrysFox

    Ya, I had so much fun making my free outfits when I started, trying to look not like a noob, and have fun, that I decided to do my first month totally free.

    After the month is up, I’m not sure what I’ll do, but that is still a bit away.

    The challenge of finding stuff is something I enjoy.


  23. *gigglesnorts*

    “Honest, not trying to show off my kendoll manjunk. It just happens to be there.”

    Better it be there then in the middle of your chest? Sorry, I couldn’t resist! XD Love the first post! While I’m female and enjoy all the female freebies, it’s always nice to see male freebies too, AND from stores that aren’t on the lists everyone knows about. Welcome to FabFree Stolan!


  24. Stolan,

    You will more then likely continue to see me blog starting time event sentances with THEN.

    *coughs* “You will more than likely continue to see me blog starting time event sentences with THEN.”

    See. this is what we’re talking about…but thanks for trying.


  25. You mean sentences, right Emilly?


  26. Renee,

    Yes, I meant ‘sentences’ in that sentence. As I spelled it. Also as you spelled it.

    Same word, after all.



  27. You know its not that big of a deal right? I mean we do this for fun and I hope all bloggers out there feel the same. We blog for the fun of it, not to have others pick us to pieces and find all our flaws. Really isnt that big of a deal.


  28. Good luck with the blogging, Stolan. Nice to see someone blogging new designers and their wares. In addition, nice to see someone that reveals their intelligence by challenging snide comments about word usage and meaning.
    I look forward to reading more of your blogs. Keep up the great work. I am sure you will find your look in time. I am four years old in SL and still finding my look. =)


  29. Uppity bitches, if you don’t like his freaking post look elsewhere. Good job Stolan, keep up the hard work and great attitude!


  30. Thanks to all you guys who have decided to support me, and give me feedback that is helpful.

    It doesn’t take long to make a notecard or IM with suggestions, and I thank all those who may not have replied here, but have sent me some sort of blogging tip.

    There are better ways to get points across, and I’m happy to say for the most part my fellow bloggers/readers have been helpful in this new adventure of mine.