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Only you know how to hear me through the silence


Hoping you are all having a good holiday season, here are some goodies to keep you occupied ❤

+ Holly Dress – Purplemoon – Group Gift in store (50L Joining fee)

+ Hope Dress – Purplemoon – Group Gift in store (50L Joining fee)

+ Dec Group Gift – AZUL – Group Gift in Store

+ Artemis Angel Dust Hair – Exile – Free under the Xmas tree

+ Truth Subscribo Group Gift.. join, check notices, should be notice number 1. Please note this could be available for a limited time so be quick. It was still available at the time of posting this.

+ Xmas Skin (presant 02) – Chaisuki – Free ( also check out the lipstick tattoo layers available around the tree in the gift boxes )
+ Xmas Eyes – Umedama Holic – Group Gift in Store

+ Candycane Skins – Heartsick – Xmas Freebie
+ Xmas Eyes – Umedama Holic – Group Gift in Store

+ Poses by Lovesick, Del May, Flowey, Marukin, Don’t Freak Out!, Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses

7 thoughts on “Only you know how to hear me through the silence

  1. Gooorgeous! I LOVE the newest purplemoon group gift dress; that was the best 50L I spent, getting into that group!
    Off to Exile for that hair now! Woo! Thanks for the post. 🙂


  2. The Heartsick skin is so pretty… how do you hear about these? I am in both inworld groups and it seems neither groups nor their site have updates anymore…


  3. Kay, Amesha sent out a notice on Friday about the skin through the subscribomatic. The VIP Group only sends out notices about the group gifts I think.


  4. Whisper, the beauty shots of the skins just rock! Your avatar is amazing!


  5. Oh thanks, Whisper! I feel dumb… I’ve only been in the ParaNoir group, I didn’t even think about a SubO. I haven’t been online enough lately, I guess. 😛


  6. Please excuse me for being a stupid head, but I’m having the most difficult time getting my grabby little hands on those gorgeous xmas eyes. I went to Umedama and couldn’t find a group joiner except for the sugar store on the other side. I also couldn’t find the actual eyes, but I guess it would make sense that they wouldn’t be lying around.
    Could anyone please help?

    By the way, Whisper, you totally rock!


  7. Sadly it appears the eyes have gone now.. they were out in the middle of the floor but they have been replaced by a blue tree.

    The group joiner is on the wall… and there are still some free eyes in the basket on the counter along side Kermit. There are two free eyes and a tip jar.