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Erika Belleza Group Gift

Belleza have released a new female group gift called Erika which is a preview of the upcoming skin release. If you are in the Belleza group, then check the notices… if you are not in the group, then you will need to pay a 250L joining fee to get the skins.. and yes I am going to stress that it is well worth joining the group for the gifts. Tricky Boucher is extremely generous and this year alone there has been severeal gifts for males and females.

+ Lua Hair by Analog Dog ( not free )
+ Frozen eyes by Umedama ( freebie )
+ Poses by Lovesick, Del May, Flowey, Marukin, Don’t Freak Out!, Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses

Elemiah Berries

The Joujou Santa Clause dress is a new gift from Elemiah Design and perfect for the holidays!  The Xmas boots are a new gift for Berries Inc. group members.  The Silly Goggles glasses are another gift at the front entrance of Berries Inc..




*Elemiah Design: Joujou Dress (L$0)
Av Champs Elysees ( 46/188/702 )

*Berries Inc.: Xmas Boots (Group – L$0)
Sweet Strawberry ( 86/147/24 )

*EMO-tions: Dana Hair (Not Free)
HAIR ONLY ( 125/131/23 )

*Exodi: Isolde #18 Skin (Lucky – L$0)
The Warehouse ( 165/170/23 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 100/154/21 )




Santa Baby is Seldom Blue

Santa baby, the Rosa lingerie looks hot,
And really it doesn’t cost a lot,
Been an angel all year,
Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

The Rosa Xmas lingerie from Seldom Blue is just L$1!  The lingerie set includes thong, short basque top, a snow bolero (not shown), suspenders, stockings, and bows.  The red Nutcracker Ballet boots are part of the Peace on Earth hunt gift from Shoe Fly Shoes.  There are about 6 other shoes in the Shoe Fly Shoes hunt gift, slightly less kinky by just as wonderful.

The Just A Pose Santa Baby poses aren’t free but are available in the Toys for Tots charity event.


*Seldom Blue: Rosa Xmas Lingerie (L$1)
Angelheart ( 105/47/28 )

*Shoe Fly Shoes: Nutcracker Ballet Boots (POE – L$0)
Greystone ( 199/216/92 )

*EMO-tions: Juliet Hair (Not Free)
HAIR ONLY ( 125/131/23 )

*Exodi: Isolde #18 Skin (Lucky – L$0)
The Warehouse ( 165/170/23 )

*Just A Pose: Santa Baby poses (Not Free)
Sugar Shores ( 55/187/21 )




Tottally Random Delicious Fashion Rocs

So I’m sorting inventory and have a lot to show you!  First off the champagne color Delilah gown (shown above) is the welcome gift for new [ROC] sub-o subscribers.  The brown swept over the shoulder Silence hair will be a group gift for EMO-tions members on Saturday, so keep a look out for it!

The black denim pleated skirt, sheer tights, shortcake sweater in wine, and striped gloves are part of the winter group gift at Delicious Designs.  This gift also includes a gray striped matching scarf and earmuffs.

The black flower dress and glittzy silver Armania dress are gifts at Herby Loire.  The color change pearl stud earrings are the December sub-o gift from Dark Mouse.

The purple and aqua Pammy dress is only L$10 at Totally Random.  I was thinking how cute this dress would be for sisters or best friends since you can create two different looks with one dress.

I know a lot of you love purple.  The purple butterfly dress is a group gift for VA Creations members.  The dress is L$120 for non-members.  For all you in the holiday decor mood, the pierced Snowman was sent to [-iPoke-] sub-o members recently.

Felicia’s Fashions is offering the Pepper Minstix outfit in purple for only L$10.  These outfits include shoes, hat, dress, and stockings!!!  Other colors are L$375 each.


*[ROC]: Delilah Gown (SOM – L$0)
The Secret Gardens ( 202/168/22 )

*Delicious Designs: Black Denim Skirt, Shortcake Sweater, Striped Gloves, & Scarf (Group – L$0)
Coconut Beach ( 246/36/21 )

*Herby Loire Fashion Design: Black Flower Dress & Armania Dress (L$0)
Nimrod Yaffle ( 147/44/22 )

*Totally Random: Pammy Dress (L$10)
Bal Harbour ( 107/164/23 )

*VA Creations: Butterfly Dress (Group – L$0)
Nanda ( 59/23/1001 )

*~*~Felicia’s Fashions~*~: Purple Pepper Minstix Outfit (L$10)
Pioneer ( 161/196/27 )

*Dark Mouse: Color Change Pearl Stud Earrings (SOM – L$0)
Amira ( 74/59/21 )

*EMO-tions: Silence Hair (Group Gift Coming Saturday)
VALHAL ( 219/199/503 )

*Exodi: Isolde Skin (Not Free)
The Warehouse ( 165/170/23 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 100/154/21 )

*[-iPoke-]: Snowman (SOM – L$0)
van ( 38/85/22 )