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I Partnered a Shopaholic

The S.O. loves to shop. If shopping is even mentioned in a conversation, you will see her *perk* right up. She is always finding new gowns. But occasionally, she will bring me a present. The other day, she treated me to the June Groom Tux with Tails from sf design . The tux can be worn with a bow tie and cumberbun or a necktie and vest. It comes complete with shoes. She then told me to go look at the add-on colors that they have.sf design june groom tux with tails ($600L) (2)

While I was there, I found a free gift that contained White Evening Scarf & White Gloves. I tried these with several different tuxes I own (I mentioned she’s a shopaholic, right?) and they looked good with each one. She had also picked out the June Tux Purple Add-On, saying that I didn’t have enough purple, but really it was to match the dress she had just bought. (I mentioned she’s a shopaholic, right?) 🙂 There are 20 add-on colors for this tux. One down and 19 to go.

sf design june tux add on purple (2)


Don’t even get me started about her Sploder addiction.  🙂

*sf design White Evening Scarf & White Gloves ($0L)
*sf design June Groom Tux with Tails –NOT FREE– ($600L)
*sf design June Tux Purple Add-On –NOT FREE– ($200L)
sf design , Penryn (88, 103, 36)

*Poses – Glitterati -Not Free-
Glitterati, Glitterati (128, 174, 22)


Fall Grab Bag

As I was going through my inventory I found a few items that I ment to post, but for one reason or another, I haven’t. So here they are….. The Green Cable V-Neck & Scarf is the monthly gift from sf design . Renee has shown the woman’s version earlier, but guys, you should hop on this if you haven’t. It’s perfect for the upcoming winter months.

sf design cable vneck and scarf green mens

For The Love Of Fall’s starting point is it’s Cake and you’ll like the gift. The Fall Twig n Berries T-Shirt will get you noticed, even when your twig and berries don’t. 🙂

FTLO - #1 it's Cake Fall Twig n Berries T-Shirt

Dead Bunneh is participating in the Y-DuCk FALL-WINTER Top Models Hunt. Find the hunt item and receive the Y-Duck FWTMH 2010 Guy’s Skin.

Dead Bunneh  Y-Duck FWTMH 2010 Hunt gift



*sf design – Green Cable V-Neck & Scarf ($0L)
sf design , Penryn (88, 103, 36)

* it’s Cake – Fall Twig n Berries T-Shirt -FTLO Hunt- ($0L)
it’s Cake, Gleaming Waters (201, 45, 86)

*Dead Bunneh – Y-Duck FWTMH 2010 Guy’s Skin -FWTM Hunt- ($0L)
Dead Bunneh, Crawling Zombie (206, 203, 21)

*Poses – Glitterati -Not Free-
Glitterati, Glitterati (128, 174, 22)



You are the summer I’ll feel forever

Cillian Gel are taking part in the MoMoSL Hunt right now with this adorable PomPom outfit, which is a hunt to raise awareness about mens health.

This month is Movember (formerly November) and all month long there are things going on in SL and RL to help men become more aware about their health and how important it is for them to get regular check ups. It also allows women an opportunity to learn more about mens health issues so that we too can help the men in our lives to stay healthy. This is vitally important as Mens health doesnt seem to get as much publicity as womens health and as a result men do not often know what to look for. There are donation kiosks all along the route and all the funds raised go to the Prostate Cancer charity

There are heaps of awesome items for both men and women along the way, including these beautiful earrings by AIDORU. You can find out more about Movember in Secondlife by checking out the offical Movember in SL Blog.

Sassy Kitty Designs has this cute chunky knit sweater and vintage jeans on their Midnight Mania boards right now.

Mariposa are having a closing down sale with heaps of special prices.. be sure when you visit you slap the Midnight Mania board for this gorgeous Noche gown that comes complete with necklace and earrings. If it isnt on the board any more, you will certainly find something equally gorgeous to slap the board for.

Purplemoon Creations has a new group gift of this dress. The group is 50L to join at the moment.

Heartsick are having a 10L anniversary hunt to celebrate 1 year of being open. You have to search for 14 little gift boxes all priced at 10L each and inside are individual skins in an exclusive make up, 8 Enchant skins and 4 Ayame skins.

Ayame – Illusion & Reverie

Ayame – Bliss & Rapture

Enchant – Illusion & Reverie

Enchant – Bliss & Rapture

Enchant – Cassis & Sable

Enchant – Mirage & Obsidian

+ Hair by Junwave ( not free )
+ Peridot eyes by Umedama ( not free )
+ Drops shoes by Heart & Sole ( not free )
+ Poses by Lovesick, Del May, Flowey, Marukin, Don’t Freak Out!, Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses

Silky Jewels

Swing by Robbish for two different hunts this month. Find the Silk Road Hunt item and receive the Silk Road Hunt Jeans. The other hunt happening there is the Family Jewels Hunt. In the gift there are three items. One is the Lion Jacket, complete with a prim collar.

Rob Lion Jacket FJH and Rob Silk Road Hunt Jeans

Also included is the Robbish Advertising Shirt. Show off where you shop!

Rob Advrtising Shirt FJH

The final item in the Family Jewels Hunt gift is the Super Jewel Jacket. The jacket layer shows the underlying shirt and belt.

Rob Super Jewel jacket

*Rob – Silk Road Hunt Jeans -SRH- ($0L)
*Rob – Lion Jacket -FJH- ($0L)
*Rob – Advertising Shirt -FJH- ($0L)
*Rob – Super Jewel Jacket -FJH- ($0L)
Robbish, A New Beginning (229, 24, 21)

*Poses – Glitterati -Not Free-
Glitterati, Glitterati (128, 174, 22)


7 Mushrooms & a Pullover

I went to Aimesi earlier initially to check out the Fall Hunt, but I got a bit side tracked by the beautiful black knit pullover sweater and silver leggings!  This outfit is a group gift in store for Aimesi members.  The long Nettie ponytail from Amacci isn’t free, but has a very put together look that I couldn’t resist showing.

While at Aimesi I found all 7 of the hidden mushrooms in the Fall Hunt.  The Aimesi Fall Hunt began November 6th and continues until the 20th. Each mushroom is L$10 and the prizes include the Fall eyes, Glamour Cream skin, shape (not shown), Fall Leggings, beige knit pullover, dark brown fall boots, and eyelashes!

The poses used are from agapee.  There is a group gift of 12 poses in the entrance.



*Aimesi: Clothing, Boots, Skin, Eyes, & Eyelashes (Fall Hunt – L$10)
ICON Lifestyle II ( 84/202/22 )

*Amacci: Nettie Ponytail (Not Free)
Amacci ( 203/96/22 )

*agapee: 12 Poses (Group – L$0)
GABRIEL ( 173/103/23 )