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I sense there’s something in the wind..


Lots more goodies for you to find around the grid on this beautiful October day and I am in such a wonderfully happy squeeky mood.. Halloween is marching ever closer! Can you hear the murmurs on the wind?

AZUL has a new group gift out for October in their mainstore. Perfect if you want to be a glam witchy this Halloween

Lo Momo Mainstore have two group gift outs. You will need to join the main group just near the counter and you will get this adorable Halloween Dress

To get the hat at the Lo Momo store at Petit Pas you need to join the Petit Pas group (which you can do through my profile) then click the little poster on the window just above the group of pumpkins to get the Witchy hat to complete the outfit.

There are also two more dresses you can get as old group gifts through the Lo Momo Mainstore..

Don’t forget to pick them up, they are right next to the group gift sign where you find the Halloween dress.

Hal*Hina have this gorgeous dress available at their mainstore as their group gift. You can find it just inside the door between the noticeboards.

Over by the Lucky Boards in one of the pumpkins set out for decoration you can find this Check Tunic for 1L. Don’t forget to try your luck on the Lucky Boards as they have some great gifts there. My letter didnt come up though *pouts* but I will be back to try again

The Dressing Room Blue has their new collection out.. here are some things you can pick up at bargain prices..

Skin by Dekade – 70L
Nina Dress by Mimikiri – 70L
Leah Hair by LoQ – 70L ( 4 colours included )
Sheena Jacket by Emery – 70L

Look how pretty the DeKade skin is close up. You get dark brow and light brow versions, both with hairbase options.

Kouses Sanctum has another couple of days open on their Halloween advent calender

Pumpkin Empire Gown – 50L

Sabrina Empire Gown – 75L

CMore have two 1L Halloween costumes out in their mainstore right now also..

Little Red Riding Hood – 1L

Goldilocks (comes with cuddly bear but I couldnt find a pose that would show him off very well) – 1L

Heartsick are taking part in Super Bargain Saturday with this gorgeous Elf Skin and ear set called Luna..

The ears ARE included, as is  a cute shape (which I am not wearing, this is my usual shape) and a set of hair base layers for V2. You get three cleavage and beauty mark options also! The eyes are from Umedama but are not free.

+ Frankie hair by Truth ( not free )
+ Black Ankle Boots G Field ( not free )
+ Poses by Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses

5 thoughts on “I sense there’s something in the wind..

  1. The Hal*Hina link (and maybe some others since I have not yet read your entire post) points to a welcome area just like the link to GField in your previous post.

    I think the problem is that there is no region name in the slurl. The slurls that go to the welcome area read sort of like “slurl.com/secondlife//123/35/678”

    Hal Hina’s main store is here.


  2. This is really odd because all those links work for me and I try them all before I post so they don’t fail. I take them directly from the map when I am at the store so there can be no mistake, I don’t go near any welcome area at all.

    I have had my friends try them too and they all work for them so why you are having issues I don’t know 😦

    The SLURL address you have posted in your comment is exactly the same as the one I get when I click on the Hal*Hina link and it opens a new browser window. I would really like to know what the issue is here as it is clearly a glitch.


  3. As it was really bugging me, I have had a few more people try the links and they arent having any problem with them taking to the places they are supposed to whatsoever. The problem you are having isnt being reproduced by any of them.. None of them ended up at a welcome area but at the place it is linked to.. so whatever the problem is, it is on your side, possibly a problem with your viewer reading the SLURLS I really don’t know. I don’t know how to fix it for you either 😦


  4. “The SLURL address you have posted in your comment is exactly the same as the one I get when I click on the Hal*Hina link and it opens a new browser window. I would really like to know what the issue is here as it is clearly a glitch.”

    I’m getting the correction to Hal Hina now as well. I figured you corrected it.

    Could it be that you have it cached in some way? If not then this is a browser issue and not a viewer issue.

    The slurl to Gfield shows up as “http://slurl.com/secondlife//167/130/24” still when I checked just now in your previous post. It’s missing a region name.

    I’ve cleared my cache and refreshed. I checked in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome and it’s still the same – missing anything between the “/secondlife/” and “/167/130/24.”

    Also, someone named Bng posted about this too so it’s not just me.

    It’s fine though. I can always run a search on a store’s name.


  5. Nope I didnt correct it at all, so I have no idea whats going on.

    My computer is regularly cleared of browsing history every morning when I switch on and I clear my SL cache manually every morning too. Like I said I havent been near a welcome area since I first started SL several years ago, so why its giving that out I have no idea.

    I tried the G Field one again and it works fine for me too *sighs*

    I know how to make the SLURLS work, I’ve been doing this for over a year and Im not doing anything differently to what I have always done and it has always worked for almost everyone… this is really frustrating. All I can say is it is working for the majority.. I can’t really do anything other than what I am already doing and for the few that have problems with them, they are just going to have to search in the SL search window 😦