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Make Him Over Hunt 4 #131 – 140


OK, I’m getting tired, 140 stores in less than a week *WHEW* Here are locations #131 – 140 on the Make Him Over Hunt 4.

#131 Soho 103 MHO Gift  Fedora and Scarf

#131 House of SOHO Fedora and Scarf


MHOH4 # 132 - Zenith Fashion Feather Necklace

#132 Zenith Fashion Feather Necklace


MHOH4 # 133 - RFyre Gothic Couture Clothing Wanderer Outfit

#133 House of RFyre Wanderer Outfit


MHOH4 # 134 - Connors Clothing Store Wool Dark Legwarmers  MHOH4 # 136 - ~~Tangled~~Exxxquisite Bare Feet (2)

#134 Connors Wool Dark Legwarmers
#136 Tangled Exxxquisite Bare Feet


MHOH4 # 135  -  .Poise. Poses and Props, Slob Chair, TV and Beer Can

#135 Poise   Slob Chair, TV and Beer Can


MHOH4 # 137 - JORDANS   JEWELRY  Bruin MHO Chocker

#137 Jordan’s Jewelry Bruin MHO Chocker


MHOH4 # 138 - -Divine- & GQ Fashions For Men Large Bone Tribal Necklace

#138 GQ Fashions for Men Large Bone Tribal Necklace


MHOH4 # 139 - Dogstar Mens Casuals Freedom Double Layered Tank Top

#139 Dogstar Freedom Double Layered Tank Top


MHOH4 # 140 - GABRIEL Drape Shirt and Stole

#140 GABRIEL Drape Shirt and Stole


*Make Him Over Hunt 4 Gifts #131- 140 ($0L)

*Additional Poses – Long Awkward Pose -Not Free-
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale (93, 154, 26)


Author: Carson Caiben

Blogger, troublemaker, (according to certain fellow bloggers) can be quite vexing, but an all around good guy. Please send review copies in a folder with any information necessary such as, Hunt, Lucky Chair, Midnight Mania Board, Group Gift and dates the item will be available.

4 thoughts on “Make Him Over Hunt 4 #131 – 140

  1. Wow, thank you for taking the time to go through all of them for us – love the look of a lot of them. Do you know offhand if some of the necklaces featured in this post are modifiable?


  2. Thanks Carson, for all the hard work you put in your posts, helped a lot!


  3. Not without looking. But I do know several of the necklaces came in both male and female sizes.


  4. Thanks – I’ve been heading over and trying to find them now – appreciate all your work showing us all the prizes!