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Twisted Sister


The Twisted Hunt started on September 1st and will run until September 31st. You are looking for a little spinning orange cube, if you’ve seen the Hellraiser films, its pretty much the Lament Box but shaded orange. The starting point is DV8 and there are 195 stores of pure twisted evilness for you to explore.

Be warned though, this hunt isnt one of the easiest ones on the grid. It is called Twisted for a reason.. There are decoys, tricks and plenty of reasons to tear your hair out and those who use Search Area function to hunt for the cube are going to be out of luck also as alot of merchants rename other things are their stores to throw you off.

Head Dress by Show me on the Doll and theFallen Wings by Favole

Twisted Topper and Voodoo Backpack by Burning Chrome ( pair of demon boots in the prize also by not shown plus a pack with the past 3 twisted toppers from the previous Twisted Hunts inside )

Skin and corset by Nightshade ( male prize inside also )

Die Romantic Necklace by Lolapop!

Twisted Dress by Alexohol

Wisp Sweater and Traumatic Skirt by Sn@tch

Eerie Female outfit by Blue Blood ( male prize available )

Twisted F2010 Gown by Dark Water Designs ( male prize available )

Lonely Night top hat and Vest with garters by LIKKA*House

Twisted Spooky Hoodie by Rasetsukoku ( male prize available )

Twisted skins with 3 make ups, also cleavage, freckle and beauty mark options by Heartsick

+ Glass Candy hair by Lamb @ the Hair Fair 2010 ( not free – 300L )
+ Platinum Skin & Ears by Mynerva (part of the Platinum Hunt, not available anymore)
+ Poses by Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses

6 thoughts on “Twisted Sister

  1. Oww and then you totally forget to mention the hair by Lamb… my totally favorite score at the hairfair!!!


  2. I did actually mention the hair but looks like the post ate that bit 😦

    *grumbles and goes into edit to fix it.. *


  3. What is the outfit in the 2nd picture? I really like it


  4. The landmark for Favole puts you underwater by DV8. Correct landmark should be: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Netherfield/106/199/478


  5. Well I took LM’s as I went.. I went from DV8 to Favole, I couldnt have taken the LM correctly from the copy/paste clipboard whatnot on the map. Silly me.

    Amended. Thanks!


  6. The outfit in the picture was from Luck Inc but I’ve looked since and cannot find it anymore. They do have similar chemise dresses there though so you might find something you like.