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Oh noes not again


Well its time for another “but why are you blogging things that arent all free or under 10L?” post from me. Want to know why I do it? Because I want to give people who are on a budget the option of supporting designers financially aswell as getting the amazingly awesome and extremely appreciated freebies. Yeah yeah I know its a freebie blog and I blog freebies like 99% of the time. This is my good deed for the amazing designers.. if its annoying, then scroll right on past.

Heartsick sent out a notecard last night with details of not only a new set of 50L skins but a Moving Sale! Seems they will be moving to a new sim in the next few days and they have reduced all of their skins currently out to 100L per single skin and all fatpacks to 500L!




These are the 50L Skins called Very Berry, they come in 3 tones for 50L each and each tone comes with freckles, beautymarks and 3 cleavage options!

Dutch Touch have a preview of their new skin called Josje which is available for free for group members. If you arent a group member you will have to pay 250L to join but its well worth it.

Also Iki Ikarus has put a note on the Dutch Touch blog asking people to send in suggestions on notecards for make ups for the skin as soon as possible and to submit your pictures wearing the skin to the Dutch Touch Flickr Group so she can see how the skin looks on a variety of different shapes! I love this idea as it really is helpful to the creators when making new skins as shapes play a huge part in making skins look different. The idea behind the skin is that she is a girl next door type.

The hair worn in the Heartsick pictures is the Takumi Treasure Hunt gift from Waka & Yuki @ Tsukiji. You can’t miss the two huge clams almost as soon as you walk in. The hunt is only on until 31st August so you only have a couple of days to snag them before they are gone.

Glam Affair’s 10L discount area is a great place to find some amazing bargains. There are skins, shapes and clothing for males and females and the best bit is that it is constantly updated!

The Philadelphia basque top is 10L at Glam Affair’s 10L discount area and comes in six other gorgeous colours.

The Janess corset top is also 10L and comes in nine colours. There are heaps of other things here to tempt you so be sure to pay a visit. The shiny leggings worn in the pictures are an old group gift from COCO which is still available aswell as heaps of other awesome freebies on their freebie wall instore. The hair worn in both pictures is the other hunt hair prize from the Takumi Treasure hunt from Waka & Yuki @ Tsukiji.

And simply because I adore lingerie in SL and I really love this set available at Blacklace for 100L as part of the Taste of SL event.. isnt it just smexy. Yum!

+ Poses by Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses

5 thoughts on “Oh noes not again

  1. I understand and totally agree with you posting this – it costs designers money and time to make freebies for us, once newbies have some money they should try and buy a little bit from the people who so generously give out freebies.


  2. By all means, show us the good deals as well as the freebies – thank you! 50 or 100 $L for a gorgeous skin is a pittance compared to many places and it’s great to support the content creators financially.


  3. I like that you post things at a little higher price but still good value. Just my 2l


  4. I ❤ your freebie posts *and* your cheapie posts. You always show such high quality items, and I love your sense of style. I think you do a fantastic job, Whisper! Keep it up!


  5. I love the links that you provided today. Thank you so much for sharing your unique sense of style.

    P.S. Where did you get the tattoos?