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~Goodbye Jill~


One of my favorite shops in SL is closing tomorrow.  JILL has decided to close up shop on August 11th.  There are three new gifts available in the store as well as all the past group gifts.  In addition to all the gifts available the entire store is 50% off.

The three Thank You Gifts at JILL have many different pieces that can be mixed and matched to create completely different looks.  Grab the TYG-A box for the knit short sleeve sweaters and the TYG-B box contains two pants and one pair of shorts.  Each of these include many options, like the ribbon sleeves and suspenders.  The Thank You Gift C can be seen above.  TYG-C has a black corset top, pants, choker, and headdress.

I’ve shown all the past group gifts from JILL before on FabFree, but here they are again in case you’ve missed them.  There are the MB retro bikinis and short sets in brown and navy.

There are several nice dresses for JILL group members, like the black polka dot CCD dress and black and white RD cocktail dress.  The RD dress includes classy black gloves and a halter style dress as well.  The black Straw Basket purse is another group gift still available for JILL members.

JILL group members can also pick up the GGBC pants and button up sleeveless top, as well as, the long sleeve black dot shirt.

There’s also several adorable tops still available as gifts for JILL group members.  There is a light blue floral tunic top, blue argyle sweater, and WLTD Tunic top.  The blue JBA sweater comes in sizes for the men and women, so ladies drag your male friends over for this one.  The bracelets come with five different styles and are another past gift at JILL.

There is also a nice charcoal short set for the JILL group members.  The button top has big silver heart buttons and the gift comes with the pink and yellow fishnet stockings.  There’s also pink ribbon gloves for JILL group members and a pack of leggings in black, blue, brown, khaki, and purple.

The black and white summer capris and tunic top is a gift available in the lucky board.  If you didn’t pick this up when it was first blogged, it’s now last call.

I did mention there is a 50% off sale before JILL closes on August 11th.  Here’s a few things I couldn’t live without.

JILL has always been one of my favorite stores in SL.  I find the clothing classy and highly detailed.  The quality of the clothing has never been compromised, whether it be a gift or regular price item.  I for one will miss  JILL!


*JILL: All clothing and accessories (Group – L$0)
Kapia ( 215/118/24 )

*Maitreya: Pumps (SOM – L$0)
Maitreya Isle ( 224/215/24 )

*Junwave: Marie Hair (L$80)
Innocent Pearl ( 128/202/21 )

*Tuli: Audrey Skin (Group – L$0)
Journey ( 21/112/302 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 92/154/22 )



Author: Renee Lowenhart

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5 thoughts on “~Goodbye Jill~

  1. Aw, I’m so sad to hear it. Jill is one of my favorite stores. Beautiful, classy designs. It will be missed.


  2. Sorry to see Jill closing. The blue argyle sweater was one of my favorite items from her store.


  3. The question is…why is it closing?

    I suspect the answer lies in a RL global recession which DOES have an impact on our SL spending power. Smaller footfall and purchasing while the tiers remain the same (or probably go up).

    JILL is not in isolation. It feels, to me, that stores are closing up all over the grid, and I suspect that for many store owners and designers, it is a labour of love in which the sums no longer stack up.

    Why run a classy store which is costing you x RL dollars a month? While some stores may be breaking even or showing a small profit, they’re relatively few and far between, and for many the chance to designs clothes is the thing…the challenge of attracting a clientele is satisfying…the sheer fun of designing and selling is the motivation.

    However, when you’re having to meet those tiers each month, with fewer customers to offset your costs, there comes a point when people -like JILL, like others- simply say ‘enough is enough’.

    So what happens? We lose talented people. We lose beautiful clothes. We all lose a little bit of the fun, the glamour and the excitement of SL.

    ‘It’s the economy, stupid!’.

    So where does this leave us? With less choice, one less talented designer, and a shrinking SL economy. What we need, in times of RL belt-tightening, is a more imaginative approach to SL from Linden Labs. Smaller shops, smaller tiers, affordable rents.

    If you’re like me, you’re playing SL for the fun of it. There’s no point otherwise. And the RL cash you convert to Linden dollars are disposable income. It’s a few real life pounds that you can throw at SL, up to a point, and then questions begin to be raised as to whether or not you really, really, really want to spend them on SL or something else. Right now, I NEED to spend my RL cash elsewhere, as bills rise, but wages don’t. So I CAN’T just throw US$30 at SL like I used to. It’s still, relatively speaking, chump change, but maybe my US$30 could go on a night out in RL, to help me forget that my council taxes (UK) increase year on year, my job isn’t as secure as it once was, my kids need ridiculously expensive shoes they outgrow in months, etc etc.

    I can still play SL and have fun with it, but the dollars I used to spend? Not right now, thanks. So my decisions invariably impact on JILL and others too.

    I also enjoy designing clothes, having finally mastered the art of Photoshop and Gimp. How good are they? I don’t know. I like them, and others might too, but am I going to think of increasing my SL spend right now to open even a small store? No.

    Things are not, from my perspective, looking that hot in SL right now. The likes of JILL is closing, the likes of me isn’t going to invest away a heap of dollars right now. So I believe it is incumbent on LL and we, the users, to begin to rethink the entire SL economy.

    Time for us to drift away from what is, largely, the ‘American Dream’ in the metaverse, the large detached condo with swimming pool and motor cruiser on the lake and the full wall TV with our designer furniture, and think about embracing a different, more socialist and social SL, with lower rents (and tiers further up the food chain), smaller, more affordable shops -boutiques as opposed to multi-floored designer layouts- and actively encourage users to a) put down ‘roots’ (and return play) by having a low-rent (and relatively lower prim count) home of our own, built around smaller community based sims wherein the bars and coffee shops provide a social element in each micro-village, and wherein designers can open low-rent boutique shops which, while they may not make money, only LOSE so much to make SL a ‘pocket money’ experience. In doing to, we encourage global users for whom some of the SL prices are simply unrealistic.

    Does the Indian user, for example, consider what he or she is getting in exchange for rupees to represent the same value for money that an American or European player imagines it to be? I don’t think so.

    The entire SL economy needs to be rethought to encourage more and new designers, builders and players into the world we enjoy.

    The trickle of shops closing may, unfortunately, become a flood otherwise. And that benefits none of us.


  4. Designers leave for different reasons, sometimes RL needs to take precedence, sometimes it’s financial reasons, sometimes its because of SL drama, sometimes it is because the creative bug hasnt bit in a while, sometimes it is because they are rebranding. we do not know the reasons. But for every one designer that leaves there are hundreds opening businesses. Each day new creators enter SL.


  5. Sad news! Jill Lemon is a very talented and classy designer. May she find success & happiness in her future endeavors. Thank you, Jill, for sharing so generously your vision and talents with us.