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Lois Allen’s Cart

Lois Allen Designs has many goodies on the cart at the Car Wash.  The Poised in Pink dress has matching shoes and jewelry on the cart.

The Beaded Blue Sapphire gown includes shoes, earrings, and necklace.

The Lois Allen Designs cart also has the Floral Gem skirt and top, the Roses Grow On You Fairy costume, white lace dress, and unisex leather pants and shirt.

If you are planning a wedding or just looking for a special dress for the night, pick up the Grooms Delight wedding gown and Wonderful in Mid Blue lace ball gown from the Lois Allen Designs cart.


*Lois Allen Designs: Clothing & Accessories (L$10)
Car Wash ( 104/165/24 )

*Analog Dog: Hair (L$0)
Analog Dog Hair ( 104/219/22

*ORTA: Lola LeLutka Skin (SOM – L$0)
Heartless City ( 195/91/45 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 129/175/23 )



Have You Heard?

I have lots to show you!  GryphonWings has new Theta tops in store.  The black gold feather top was sent to GryphonWings sub-o members earlier this month.  The GryphonWings sub-o does not have a redelivery function, so sign up to receive future offers.  The black and gold Theta tops are on special during this new release.  The plain glitter top is only L$68 and the feathered top is L$88.  The The azul jeans were sent to Equilibrium Design sub-o members recently this month.  The floral print Ballerinas were sent to the Indie Rose sub-o members yesterday.

When I put on the knit brown and green open dress from Wrack it went straight into my permanent closet!  This dress is a dollarbie throughout the month of July at Wrack.  Slap the midnight mania board while you’re there for some really adorable grunge black boots!

I showed the amaretto Cocktails and Lace mini dress from the OoEas! midnight mania a few days ago.  The other midnight mania has three Racer Back mini dresses in cream, lime green and poptart.

The Chaos by Design cart at The Wash there are several cute t-shirts and some eyes for L$10 each.  The Bunny tee is available in purple, red and teal.  The Daddy’s girl shirt can be purchased in blue, pink, or white.

Posh has a new location on The Rumor sim.  To help celebrate 17 hairs in complete colors are in the gift box under the sub-o.  The huge hair gift will be available through the weekend only!  The hairstyles are Baby, Bang Baby Bang, Gardenia, Egotistical, Long Way Baby, Morning After, Oh Darling, Melody, Pom Pom, Rosey Love, I’m a hipster, Super Pumped, Superficial, Superficial II, The Affair, Take you out tonight, and Vendetta.


*GryphonWings: Theta Tops (L$10 – L$88)
Marshmellow ( 171/38/28 )

*Equilibrium Design: Azul Jeans (SOM – L$0)
Ubatuba ( 196/170/23 )

*Wrack: Brown & Green Dress (SOM – L$0)
Clement ( 82/201/62 )

*OoEas!: Cocktails & Lace Mini, Racer Back Dresses (MM – L$0)
Arylissa ( 223/51/26 )

*Chaos by Design: T-Shirts & Eyes (L$10)
The Wash ( 175/20/29 )

*Indie Rose: Floral Ballerinas (SOM – L$0)
Tohono Island ( 54/198/22 )

*ORTA: Lola LeLutka Skin (SOM – L$0)
Heartless City ( 195/91/45 )

*Posh: The Rumor Exclusive Hair Pack (L$0)
The Rumor ( 192/182/31 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 129/175/23 )




*little miss witch*

LW… or little witch is has a lotss of free and cheap clothes and accessories… like this cute ‘spring dress’, although not spring anymore.. still cute! Enjoy xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

hair – PoshThe rumor excluvise gifts – all old hair full color packs – 0L$
skin – [ROCKBERRY] Kalista D natural/BLD brows/CLV – not free
dress – *LittleWitch* spring dress denim skirt (pelvis) – 0L
shoes – fri.day – Basic Flats (White) – not free
bag – [chuculet] maya bag – white – 5L
earrings – [chuculet] thin collection – hoops earring – silver – 1L
scarf – [chuculet] summer scarf – sky flower – 1L (gacha machine)
poses by dismorph.
picture credits –  taken at D!va mainstore, polaroid effect added with picnik.com!


xxx Farah

Lazy Summer Dayze

It may be a lazy Sunday, but I wasn’t too lazy to go on the Lazy Dayze Hunt at the House of Rfyre. This 6 piece hunt costs $10L each, but in the end you get this great mail outfit. Make sure you look all over the store to find all 6 pieces. My Black Leather Boots come from In Her Shoes and are free for the taking.

House of RFyre Lazy Dazie Hunt


*RFyre Men’s 1: !RFyre Mailed Mens Black: Shirt ($10L)
*RFyre Men’s 2: ! RFyre Mailed Mens Black: Leather Pants ($10L)
*RFyre Men’s 3: ! RFyre Mailed Mens Black: Jacket ($10L)
*RFyre Men’s 4: ! RFyre Mailed Mens Black: Belt II ($10L)
*Rfyre Men’s 5: ! RFyre Mailed Mens Black: Arm Guard Right ($10L)
*RFyre Men’s 6: ! RFyre Mailed Mens Black: Arm Guard Left ($10L)
House of Rfyre, Isle RFyre (96, 164, 23)

*IHS Black Leather Boots ($0L)
In Her Shoes, Vignette (124, 101, 55)

*Poses, Glitterati, -Not Free-
Glitterati, Glitterati (128, 174, 22)


*rumor has it..*

.. well it’s not a rumor.. it’s true! Posh has set out her whole old haircollection for free!! All old hairstyles in all different colors! Yay! Thank you Jeanie! ❤ xxx Enjoy

Farah for FabFree

hair – PoshThe rumor excluvise gifts – all old hair full color packs – 0L$ (wauuwwiiee!! buy the gift package on the table!!) – (hairstyle shown is posh – vendetta – blonde)
skin – [ROCKBERRY] Kalista D natural/BLD brows/CLV – not free


xxx Farah

These Lazy Dayze

There is a Lazy Dayze Hunt going on at RFyre.  There are 9 blossoms hidden for the women and 6 for the men at L$10 each.  The blossoms contain the Mailed pieces which can be worn alone or together.  This hunt started Friday and ends today at midnight SL time, so head over there soon!

The Belle skin was sent to the Cupcakes group on the 16th.  The skin comes in the cameo, carnation, copper, lace, and tiramisu skin tones.  The Cupcakes group has a L$100 enrollment fee, but the group members are often showered with gifts!  The Lydia hair is the newest group gift for EMO-tions members.

Hopefully Carson shows us the Mailed RFyre outfit for the men soon, otherwise I will slap on a male shape and show you later today!


*RFyre: Mailed Ensemble (Hunt – L$10)
Isle RFyre ( 108/86/22 )

*Shoe Fly Shoes: Gladiator Boots (Not Free)
Greystone ( 199/216/92 )

*EMO-tions: Lydia Hair (Group – L$0)
VALHAL ( 219/199/503 )

*Cupcakes: Belle Skin (Group – L$0)
Cupcakes ( 68/196/22 )

*Diesel Works Animations: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Brooklyn ( 132/177/502 )



One Hell of a Cart Sale

Hell Bop Clothing has a full cart of men’s clothing at the Cart Sale.  Items are just 10L each. The Wyatt Shirt with the cow print shoulders is just one of the many items on sale. The Max Jeans in black has ripped knees and cuffs.

HB - Wyatt - Black - Cow HB - Max - Black Jeans

The Madden Shirt has a retro feel and the Manny Twill Work Pants should be a staple in every man’s closet.

HB - Madden - Black HB - Manny - Twill Work Pants Black

The Fletcher Shirt in brown can also be purchased for just 10L.

HB - Fletcher - Browns

The checkered grey Gilbert Shirt is accessorized with a pack of Hell Bop Cigarettes.

HB - Gilbert - Checkered Gray

You can also purchase the Hank Undershirt Tank, the Sammy Shorts 4 Pack and the Glove Socks 6 Pack for 10L each.

HB - Hank - Undershirt Tank white wifebeater HB - Sammy Shorts - 4 pack HB - Sock Golves 6 Pack

Also on the cart is the Von male poses 6 pack.


*HB – Max – Black Jeans ($10L)
*HB – Wyatt – Black – Cow Shirt ($10L)
*HB – Madden – Black Shirt ($10L)
*HB – Manny – Twill Work Pants Black ($10L)
*HB – Fletcher – Brown Shirt ($10L)
*HB – Gilbert – Checkered Gray Shirt ($10L)
*HB – Hank – Undershirt Tank ($10L)
*HB – Sammy Shorts – 4 pack ($10L)
*HB – Sock Gloves – 6 Pack ($10L)
*Poses, Hell Bop – Von -6 Pack ($10L)
Hell Bop Clothing Cart Sale, The Wash (90, 73, 22)