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I Gatcha!

Have you been to the Gatcha Festival?  All of the clothing and jewelry shown is from the Doppelganger Inc. Gatcha machine at the Albero Festival.  The two Layer Cake dresses in Orange Sherbert and Mint Chip are the rare items in each machine.  The aquamarine hoop earrings are an uncommon gatcha prize.

There are several uncommon things in the Doppelganger Inc. Gatcha machine.  The Popsicle stripey dress shown in the top picture is one of the uncommon outfits.  The pink stripe shorts and Hawaii tee shirt are uncommon prizes.

Other items in the Doppelganger Inc. Gatcha machine include the emerald hoop earrings, ruby hoop earrings, the Fiji and Malibu tees, Stripe shorts in every color combination imaginable, the Cotton Candy Stripey dress, Snow Cone Stripey dress, and Watermelon Stripey dress!  The Denisa skin is the latest sub-o gift for BD members.  The Fable braids are from ALHAL and I absolutely love them!

There are Gatcha vendors set up all over the festival.  Each machine is priced differently.  The Doppelganger Inc. gatcha vendor is set at L$50 a try and of course everything is transferable.  So you can pick up some things for yourself and perhaps a few things for friends!  By the way, if anyone happens to win several of the adorable KatatOnik boots in pink hollar at me!  I tried several times for the pink boots, but gave up.


*Doppelganger Inc.: All Clothing (L$50)
Hyssop ( 72/203/60 )

*katatOnik: Sweetheart Boots (L$75)
Hyssop ( 98/199/61 )

*N-core: Prelude XtremeHeels (Group – L$0)
Heels ( 166/116/26 )

*EMO-tions: Fable Hair (Not Free)
VALHAL ( 219/199/503 )

*CandyDoll: Denisa Skin (SOM – L$0)
Sedna ( 205/43/27 )

*ImpEle: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Holland ( 95/101/25 )



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