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Ever since the worldcup started… it’s orange everywhere, here! It’s Orange Vuvuzela’s all day… now that we’ve reached the finals…. you can imagine, I am breathing orange atm. If you are Dutch or know Dutch people you can image how crazy they are… if not… i suggest you google ‘oranje fans’ to see how crazy everyone gets in dressing up all orange! Now, for the game… I wish the best to both teams! xxx Enjoy ^^

soccer final3

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

hair –fri.day – Carrie – Happy Blond – not free
skin -*CUPCAKES – Allure – Lace – Light Brow – Burst – not free
top –Dutchie queensdayshirt – 0L
jeans – **RibboN**Simple-Jeans- 1L
sneakers – *ordinary* Pickgiftsneaker – 0L (pick reward gift)
vuvuzela – Dutchie – Vuvuzela! Touch to make noise! – 0L
bangles and earrings–[chuculet] thin collection– bangles and hoops –silver 1L
tattoo ->>> moloko << – Star Overdose Tattoo Unisex – 1L
pictures taken here > see the octopus! LOL!


xxx Farah

Author: Farah Palmer

I love fashion, freebies, second life and blogging about it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/farahpalmer/ http://farahpalmer.wordpress.com

5 thoughts on “*finally*

  1. Lol, ik ga – als we de finale winnen – een gratis oranje gown maken!


  2. Dutchie all the way…. and that octopus will end up like Sushi being mangled and eaten up. Much like the Spanish team! WOOT!!!!!!


  3. I’m proud of our team, but I’m a bit more realistic about our chances of beating the Spanish team. They seem to be in top shape and have a better playstyle than our team does. I can only hope that the confidence and strong team fighting spirit will pull our team through once more!
    I love how no matter if they win or lose, they are getting an honor celebration when they come home ^^


  4. Hi Sascha,

    ty for making an Orange Gown if Holland wins!

    @ Escapee: one word: LOL! I’ll pass for that sushi!

    @ Tuli: True, that’s why I also say… ‘i wish the best to both teams’. I think it will be an exciting game! And the honor celebration is going to be amazing anyway!

    xxx Farah


  5. Nice post! And finally… Spain has won! yay 🙂 Viva España, que somos campeones del mundo *Smiles*


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