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I didn’t see the reef. It was dark and a heavy fog had set in. So, here I am, stuck on this island until another ship passes by. I’ll stay warm and dry in my Gavin Outfit from CandyMetal . I found these cool Men’s Pirate Boots on the gift wall at Duh!

Wrecking your pirate ship – $5,000L
Dressing the part – $0L
Having fun – Priceless



*CandyMetal Gavin Outfit ($0L)
CandyMetal Store, X (76, 115, 36)

*Duh! Men’s Pirate Boots ($0L)
Duh! , Katachi (216, 30, 22)

*Poses, Glitterati, -Not Free-
Glitterati, Glitterati (128, 174, 22)


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It seems a lot of sub-o gifts have fallen into my inventory today, so I decided to show a few of them.  a piece of candy sub-o members were given the green Dani babydoll dress and a fatpack of Crystal tops in red, butter, black mint, and baby blue.

Prim & Pixel Paradise sub-o members were surprised with the Peach Floral top in the midrift and mid lengths.  The Eleanor highwaist shorts are not free, but fabulous from R.icielli.  These shorts in the sea color are still a free group gift at R.icielli.

The white Miranda and black Lara tops are a dollarbie each to celebrate the grand opening of VLIET Shapes.  I put on the moody blue Flight jeans from GryphonWings, because I knew Carson was missing them sooooo much.  These jeans are L$10 in the sample gift bag at GryphonWings.  The two swimsuits (previously blogged) are still available at VLIET Shapes so grab those as well if you haven’t already!

The Sweeter Than Candy sub-o members were sent the blue Gingham Amy Jo shirt today.

The primrose Summer Tie Up blouse is another gift that was sent to the Prim & Pixel Paradise sub-o members this afternoon.  The Clarissa highwaist jeans are another not free, but hadtohavethemrightnow find from R.icielli.

Graffitiwear sub-o members were sent the gold sequin dress today!  The Victoria jewelry set is from Burroughs Jewelry.  Each piece is an introductory price of L$99.  The earrings (which I’m wearing but are hidden behind the hair) are free for 72 hours only!

The beautiful sunkissed Brooke skin is the newest sub-o gift for [dekade.] members.  The skin comes with and without hair base.  Jazmyn D sub-o members were sent black and white shorts and a fatpack of tanks as the July gift.  The tanks come in black, blue, green, pink,purple, red, and white.  The Watermelon Seed Peeptoe heels are the prize in the Prize Roulette at She’s So Unusual Shoes.  Here’s how this works.  Get you and 5 friends to sit on the stools. Last one left sitting WINS!

The short yellow top is the newest prize puzzle dollarbie for the women at INDI Designs.  If you missed the black leggings from last week they will be available for L$5 once the puzzle is complete.


*a piece of candy: Green Dani Babydoll & Crystal Tops (SOM – L$0)
Oamaru Bay ( 183/53/22 )

*Prim & Pixel Paradise: Peach Floral Tops (SOM – L$0), Summer Tie Up Blouse (SOM – L$0)
Rebels Haven ( 182/192/29 )

*R.icielli: Beige Eleanor Shorts (Not Free), Sea Eleanor Shorts (Group – L$0), Clarissa Jeans (Not Free)
Creed ( 93/199/27 )

*VLIET Shapes: Lara Top (L$1), Miranda Top (L$1)
Holidays ( 84/171/22 )

*Sweeter Than Candy: Amy Jo Gingham Top (SOM – L$0)
Mextli ( 100/78/25 )

*GryphonWings: Flight Jeans (L$10)
Marshmellow ( 171/38/28 )

*Graffitiwear: Sequin Dress (SOM – L$0)
La Jolla Village ( 102/106/38 )

*Jazmyn D: Shorts & Tanks (SOM – L$0)
Travelers Island ( 52/221/24 )

*INDI Designs: Yellow Top (L$1)
INDI Designs ( 52/85/57 )

*Burroughs Jewelry: Victoria Jewelry (Not Free)
Ohana ( 70/115/24 )

*She’s So Unusual Shoes: Watermelon Seed Peeptoe (Roulette – L$0)
Agard ( 145/148/25 )

*MINA: Lotte Hair (L$1)
Koh Mina Beach ( 139/114/29 )

*[dekade.]: Brooke (SOM – L$0)
Dekade ( 44/135/25 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 129/175/23 )



Eclectic Sweet Tooth

Has anyone else noticed how Renee likes to challenge me to get lucky board finds? She knows how I hate standing at them. But, like good soldier, I went to E! – Eclectic Accessories and waited for the Carter Turtleneck. Fortunately, my wait wasn’t that long. At Sweeter Than Candy, the Unisex Jeans are on the gift board. These could become my favorite jeans. In Her Shoes has the Black Sneakers for free.



*E! Carter Turtleneck -Lucky Board- ($0L)
E! – Eclectic Accessories, Marsco (75, 85, 343)

*STC Unisex Jeans ($0L)
Sweeter Than Candy, Mextli (101, 78, 25)

*IHS Black Sneakers ($0L)
In Her Shoes, Vignette (124, 101, 55)

*Poses, Long Awkward Pose -Not Free-
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale (93, 154, 26)


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A million and one candle lights

If you are looking for some awesome Punky or Mohawk hair then you have to get over to Black Maria. All of the hair there is now free and there are so many different styles to choose from which all come in fatpacks too! I will be showing some in the following pictures.

The clothing shown is by KAT who have recently changed their Lucky Chair and Midnight Mania items so I stalked those yesterday to show you whats available, plus some of their regular priced items as I just love them. I am also showing you some more of the new Dahlia Skins from Cupcakes in the Cameo tone which is my favourite. These skins are available for 800L per skin.. not free, but Fabulous regardless!

Lucky Chair Charlotte Blue worn with Black Maria “hea-hea” hair in pink. The skin is the Dahlia Skin in the Cameo tone and the Wild make up.

Rose Sand top from the Lucky Board worn with the MM Board Ripped Jeans Grey and the Black Maria “Mohawk_H046” hair in Black Type 2. The skin is the Dahlia Skin in the Cameo tone and the Dusk make up

And because I love the clothing so much, here is a preview of a few more of their full priced items..

Lavender Lace Body – 50L.
Black Maria Ruby Hair in Black – 0L
Dahlia Skin in the Cameo tone and the Violet make up – 800L

Red Lycra Body – 50L
Black Maria Ruby 2 Hair in Red – 0L
Dahlia Skin in the Cameo tone and the Day Make Up – 800L

Tera in Red – 150L
Black Maria Rius Hair in Black/Red2 – 0L
Dahlia Skin in the Cameo tone and the Poppy Make up – 800L

Eve in Blue – 200
Worn with Black Maria Eco15 hair in
Dahlia Skin in the Cameo tone and the Swirly Make up – 800L

The bracelets are the gift from The Sea Hole in the Good Sh*t Hunt!

Other Info
+ Cosmic Dream eyes from Poetic Color ( free )
+ Elf Ears by Gauged ( not free )
+ Poses by Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses


Tanks a Lot

With the summer heat, I thought I’d spend the day at the ocean. Under the ocean actually. INDI Designs latest puzzle piece is the Sand Tank. The new piece comes out on Saturday and I have neglected to show it to you this one. My White 4th of July Trunks are from the Lucky Chair at SWIM.

INDI Sand Tank Top Swim White 4th of july trunks

SWIM also has the Blue 4th of July Trunks on the Lucky Board. There is also a red pair, but I haven’t been able to get those. If anyone happens to be stalking the lucky chair and “C” comes up, please IM me (I’m a completist that way). Over at Graffitiwear a new release of Casual Tank Tops have just been released. These are on sale today only (July 1st) for just $10L each.



Or, you can by the fatpack of 7 colors for just $50L. That’s a bargain.


Did I just see a mermaid swim by? *shrugs*


INDI Sand Tank -puzzle board- ($1L)
INDI Designs, INDI Designs (83, 50, 56)

*Graffitiwear Casual Tank Tops ($10L) each or Fatpack of 7 ($50L)
Graffitiwear, La Jolla Village (101, 106, 38)

*Swim White 4th of July Trunks -Lucky Chair- ($0L)
*Swim Blue 4th of July Trunks -Lucky Chair- ($0L)
SWIM, Naberrie ( 158/80/42 )

*Poses, Glitterati, -Not Free-
Glitterati, Glitterati (128, 174, 22)


I stepped on a Goldfish!!!

I enjoy casual wear just as much as the next girl.  Honestly, I usually can be found around the grid in a classic pair of jeans and t-shirt.  When I saw the new gifts available from E! – Eclectic Accessories I already had the accessories picked out in my head!

The purple hankerchief top is in the midnight mania board at E! – Eclectic Accessories.  Only fifty slaps needed to fill this board, so get there fast!  The Starlight necklace is a gift at Burroughs Jewelry for the next 24 hours, I believe.  All other pieces of this jewelry set are an introductory price of L$99.  This is a limited time offer so get there quick!  The Denim Dream skirt in the top picture is only L$99 at OoEas!.  The Patina color shown below is one of the midnight mania gifts at OoEas!.  The pink and purple Fallen top is the new pick reward gift at E! – Eclectic Accessories.

There is also a unisex Carter turtleneck sweater on the lucky board at E! – Eclectic Accessories.  I bet this sweater looks even better on men!  Maybe Carson can win it and show us the look soon!

OoEas! has two midnight mania boards.  One of the boards has the Denim Dream skirt.  The other board has a pack of three Racer Back tanks in grape, lavender, and petals.  As of this post the boards haven’t locked yet, so get on the list before midnight!

The pink Velvet Embrace corset top is the June gift at OoEas!.  I suspect that this will change soon since it is now July, so get it while you can!

The gift back in the front window at OoEas! has the short bustier corset top still available for those who may have missed it!

The other day I showed the dark brown Lotte hair from Mina.  This hair is a dollarbie in celebration of the grand opening.  There’s five opening gifts mixed in among the regular priced items.  The Lotte hair for women, a style for the men (Carson blogged a few days ago), The Dixie print top, Rotan Dixie bag, and bikini are dollarbie gifts you will find at Mina.  The beautiful Apple Sunblush skin is from AtomicBambi in the Good Shit Hunt.  Whisper blogged this skin a few days ago and I had to get it immediately.  She always finds the GOOD SHIT!!!

You may be wondering by now what I have on my feet!!!  There are fish swimming around in my heels!  The Goldfish platforms are from She’s So Unusual Shoes.  The heels are not free, but what a great conversation starter at only L$195!


*E! – Eclectic Accessories: Hankerchief Top (MM – L$0), Fallen Top (Pick – L$0), Carter Sweater (Lucky – L$0)
Marsco ( 76/85/344 )

*OoEas!: Denim Dream Skirt (MM – L$0), Racer Back Tanks (MM – L$0),
Arylissa ( 223/51/26 )

*Burroughs Jewelry: Starlight Necklace (L$0)
Ohana ( 70/115/24 )

*She’s So Unusual Shoes: Goldfish Platforms (Not Free)
Agard ( 145/148/25 )

*MINA: Lotte Hair (L$1)
Koh Mina Beach ( 139/114/29 )

*AtomicBambi: Apple Sunblush Skin (GSH – L$0)
Le Cirque ( 86/156/24 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 129/175/23 )