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I close my eyes and just let it all fall in line


Some goodies for you to get your teeth into! Hooray!

Renee already showed these beautys the other day but I couldnt resist showing them to you again as they are uber smexy and daring. You can find the Baby Got Lace Dress as the subscribo gift at Sassy Kitty Designs. Join up and check the notices. Both are in one parcel.

Imabee are part of the Good Sh*t hunt and you will see their prize in my next post, but while you are there seeking the soda bottle, don’t forget to pop into the Freebie Cafe and join the group to get this adorable free skin called Lucy – First Sight Love. The eyes worn in the picture are the freebie eyes you can find at Poetic Colors called Cosmic Dream and are so pretty. They have gorgeous little stars in them.

The Starlight short necklace worn in the picture above is currently free for the next 72 hours at Burroughs and you can buy the matching earrings and bracelets there also for 99L during this time.

There is also a longer version of the Starlight necklace and non dangle earrings available for 99L as part of the same offer. These really are gorgeous so get them while you can!

If you are in the mood for some real statement pieces, then you really need to get over to GaNKeD where you can find the Mistress Jeans and Belt set as a freebie set out by the couch near the tp in point. The Mistress jewellery set which includes necklace, bracelets and bellyring are also set for free and can be found down the stairs to the left.

Another quickie from the Geekgasm hunt is this t-shirt and glasses set as the prize from Tasty

And while I was scouting skin places I found some dollarbie tops at Tres Blah. If you walk through to the stair well, there is a little vendor on the wall that contains them all. I fell in love with this hearts t-shirt so I thought I would show you it.

The red Sarah hair worn in the pictures is by Rezlpsa Loc and was a prize from their Lucky Chair. The skin worn in all the pictures is the new Dahlia skin by Cupcakes in the Retro make up and the Cameo skin tone. This isnt free but it is very pretty so go take a peek as Cupcakes always have some amazing offers on that are worth checking up on.

Other Info
+ In Your Arms hair by Tiny Bird ( not free )
+ Nude Lace Overlay Lingerie by OoEas! ( not free 95L)
+ Blossom Black Lingerie by Lingerie by Hollee ( not free – 60L )
+ Frozen Eyes by Umedama (free found in the room next to the one you land in, on the little table)
+ Poses by Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses

6 thoughts on “I close my eyes and just let it all fall in line

  1. Omg!! I love Ganked but had given up on new stuff coming out any time soon. Thanks to you I won’t miss those great jeans and belt!!


  2. I’ve been trying to find the free “Lucy – First Sight Love” skin that you mention in this blog, but can’t find it anywhere. I got the Umeko one on the GSH, but the only Lucy ones I can find are for sale in the store, & none are free other than the demo’s, or named First Sight Love. Can you give me a clue as to where it is please????
    Many thanks!!

    PS Love your shape, it’s fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I can’t find the ‘Lucy – First Sight Love’ skin either. I can’t find the ‘Freebie Cafe’ either. There are only 2 places that !Imabee is located and that is at their main store and at The Circle Project. Can you please give a lil more info on where you got this skin.

    Thank you


  4. The Freebie Cafe is at their mainstore location. When you TP in you will see the Octopus, their mainstore is to the left if you are facing the Octopus, the Freebie Cafe is right infront of you with the big bunny peeking over the wall.

    Go in there, there will be a board with the skin on it, join the group and tap that board.


  5. Hi again,
    Just went back to !Imabee to check on the Lucy skin, and still can’t find it. I’m not sure if they moved things around, but when I land at the main store, facing the octopus, I see the main store behind him, and no other buildings (apart from another store behind me in the distance). I can’t find any big bunny either :((
    I think they must’ve taken the freebie cafe away, oh well I guess I’ll have to live without that one :(((
    Thanks for your great blogs Whisper, keep up the good work 😀


  6. Well that just amazes me how quickly things change in a couple of days, because I just went there to check it out and they have indeed moved everything around… wow..


    There is just the Umeko Grass Field freebie now where you tp in. So I do apologise for that. I must have caught it just when they were about to change around.