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Moonsong Lava Hunt


The Moonsong Caves opened this weekend and inside you will find some awesome stores such as Silent Sparrow, Trap and Lazy Days. To celebrate the opening there is a mini hunt going on. You have to search for little smouldering rocks of lava. Im not sure how many there are, but I picked up nine. There are hidden about the main landing area and inside some of the stores also. They are quite big so you should find them easily enough! Im not sure how long it goes on until, it might be only until the end of today so get your skates on if you want the goodies. Some are priced at 1L some are priced at 0L and I’ve made a note of which ones below.

The Salvani wings are the gift from Lazy Places and the Nethead hair is the gift from Discord Designs. The cute moon charm bracelets and the collar are the gifts from Schadenfreude. The top worn in this picture isnt in the hunt but is the opening gift from Graffitiwear that Renee blogged yesterday. Below is a better view of the Salvani wings from the back..

The Gutter Glitter Ruffle skirt is the gift from Silent Sparrow and comes in a set of five colours. Im wearing it here with the waistcoat which is part of the outfit in the gift from Gauze which is shown fully below.

You get the Waistcoat, the pinstripe pants and the gloves in the gift from Gauze for 1L and the best thing is its Unisex so the guys can wear it too.

Keiko Morigi recently released the new Hounds of Love skins at &bean and has set out a special skin for 50L called Del. You can get it in three tones.. Light, Dark or Tan. I am wearing it in Light and oh my god its so cute I just can’t stop looking at myself *laughs*

You can also see the Star Face piercings on my cheek that are part of the Moonsong hunt as the gift from Flipside for 1L! Arent they sweet!

Other Info
+ Black Ankle Boots by G Field ( not free )
+ Poses by Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses

4 thoughts on “Moonsong Lava Hunt

  1. Hello. Thank you so much for blogging this! I’m broke and you guys help me out so much! 🙂 I’m curious about the hair you got as a gift at Discord. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Did you get it recently? Thanks so much!


  2. Let me answer that, Ilsebil…

    The hair is by Discord Designs; rather than DISCORD. One’s Western, sells hair and beards only and has a shop in the Moonsong caves… and the other is Japanese and sells hair, clothing and other assorted bits and pieces, and doesn’t have a part in the hunt featured here.

    The Nethead 5e pictured here has been on my shelves, right by the main entrance in its solid color variants for around eight weeks now. The tipped version here is the Moonsong lava hunt gift and is not available anywhere else.

    Hope this helps and clarifies some…



  3. Thank you Kallisti for answering the question. Though I did actually state it was part of this hunt and say it was by Discord Designs and not by DISCORD.

    The hair is part of the hunt as stated in the post Ilsebil.. you have to find the Lava rock in the Discord Designs store in the Moonsong Hunt.

    I do remember being a little confused a few months ago when I came across Discord Designs as I have shopped at DISCORD, but yes, they arent the same store.

    Awesome hair though 😉


  4. Ah I see. I misunderstood. Thank you both so much for your responses. That clears it up! 🙂